Dive In – The Water’s Fine

I was standing in waist deep, crystal clear, warm water and I was afraid to dive in.

I wanted to experience swimming in the warm, beautiful Gulf waters.  But I was afraid.

Longing to stop the thoughts that were limiting my life experiences, I had waded out more than 100 yards from the safety of my beach towel.

Now I stood paralyzed.  Waist deep I looked back…

All the fear-based thoughts that had been passed down for generations needed to be put to rest.

Growing up with many days on sunny shores did not mean I grew up swimming in these waters.  Instead I grew up being told all the reasons why I should never swim here.

Story after story of bad things were passed down to me.

And so I have spent many, many days sitting on the beach, admiring the water, but too afraid to swim.

And now I longed to swim, and splash and play like I never did as a girl.

My guides had lured me into the water to cool off, so I had waded in with my top still partially undone for tanning, and my sunglasses on top of my head.

But now there was the taunt from my guides, “Dive in…dive in.”

The voices grew more powerful than the negative old tapes.

The desire to enjoy my life grew stronger than the desire for safety.

There was no time to make a wardrobe adjustment.  I would have to dive in with my sunglasses on my head and my bikini straps altered for maximum sun exposure.   I knew if I went back to shore even for a second to fix my suit and take off my glasses I might not return to the water.

I pictured my dolphin friends around me, and put my hands over my head as if I was going to dive from a platform…and I did it.

I dove in and submerged myself, swam under the sea, and came up feeling reborn.

“Why oh why didn’t I do this years ago!?”

It felt so good I began to contemplate the years I could have been swimming, instead of just staying safely on shore.  But instead of focusing on regret, I dove in again and again and again.

I retrieved my sunglasses from the ocean floor easily as the water was clear.  I returned them to my beach towel, retied and tightened my swimsuit and rushed back in to the water for more.

Quite often the thing we fear doing  most, will be the experience that will bring us the greatest joy.

It is imperative that we keep growing.  To do so we must push past old limiting beliefs on a regular basis.

Do not accept the safe path.   Erase the old tapes, and dive in to that which you long to experience.

Confront your own fears and find the joy that lives right on the other side.

Dripping wet I plopped down on my towel sometime later.  Licking the salt water off my lips I was able to laugh at my old fears.

You are free to dive in – you are free to live the life you long to experience.

Dive in to whatever is calling you today.

In Joy and In Love,

Cat RunningElk



Judi J 16th August 2014 8:03 am

Excellent...Thank you so much for this wonderful reminder Cat RunningElk...I've been standing on the shore far too long...and I'll dive in and join you...:) I can see it in my mind's eye and feel it in my spirit as I read your story....:) Asking self, what's just past the fear...how would it feel to move beyond...Yes, Excellent


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