Embracing the Dark – Finding the Light

It is Winter Solstice and while we know the days will begin getting longer, that the sun is returning…we also know that it is a slow process.  It is the first day of winter and so we must make peace with the dark cold days of the season.

This year rather than pretending it isn’t dark and cold, I am embracing it.  I have taken off my pastel bedding and placed a dark brown bedspread on top of extra winter blankets.  A few extra pillows, dark curtains and I have my own hobbit hole for hibernating.

Rather than keeping the overhead lights on, I find it better to go with the flow of Mother Nature and light candles.  Our bodies long to stay in touch with the natural world and so low-lighting in winter is healing to mind, body and soul.

We often find ourselves ‘under the weather’ in the winter time, as our bodies naturally long for more rest and less activity.  Just like our relatives in nature, we need a hibernation time.  So instead of waiting for a cold or flu to put me into bed, I voluntarily spend more time resting and taking it easy.  From my cave like bedroom I do my work, propped up on pillows yet feeling healthy I am giving my body lots of tlc through the dark days of winter.

We need time away from the rest of the world to consider what has been, what is finished and what we wish to birth in the new year.  In my own sacred space I spend extra time meditating, dreaming and visualizing how I can be a brighter light in my own life and others’.

The Winter Solstice is an opportune time for deep contemplation and meditation.  We make peace with the dark parts of life and we wait for the light to return.

And just as our ancestors did, deep in meditation beside a fire we find the light that is eternal.

Rather than resisting the darkness, embrace it.  Go into the deep dark space inside yourself and make peace with it.

Rather than resisting any seemingly negative feelings, dive in.  Instead of putting on all of the overhead lights in an attempt to pretend it isn’t dark and cold, light one candle and be at peace.

Shine the light of truth on every aspect of life and find the good in it.

Just as one candle in a dark space is enough, one positive thought can turn your world around.

One act of kindness, a willingness to overlook a wrong, an ability to forgive one hurt…one light in the dark makes all the difference.

Be at peace with the darkness in you and around you. And as we drop the resistance to the dark, the light returns.

Wishing you a peaceful Solstice –

in darkness and light,



Toni 22nd December 2016 6:55 pm

I gather if I'm on the other side of the world in summer solstice its sun, surf, sand and sweat.


Cat RunningElk 23rd December 2016 12:07 pm

How beautiful that you are reminding us of the beauty and balance in our world! Enjoy the sunshine where you are and for you, yes, you are probably feeling quite the opposite and more active than my article!
Blessings and thanks for the reminder!

QSUSA 23rd December 2016 5:14 pm

Wishing U a Happy, Peaceful Solstice As Well.


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