New Year’s Ceremony – Invite Your Blessings In

There is an old New Year’s Eve tradition that my daughters and I have adapted and used in our lives for many years to invite the blessings we desire into our home.  I want to share this tradition with you so that you may begin the New Year with a strong intention and allow all of your blessings to come to you this year!

On New Year’s Eve Day do some cleaning and clearing. Sweep the floor, take out the garbage and straighten up and clear excess clutter.  Before midnight, cleanse and purify your home to clear the old energy using incense or sage.

Make your space inviting, as if company is coming to visit.

Then just before midnight say “thank you” and “good-bye” to 2016.  You can do this in a ceremonial way by mindfully turning out the lights in your home while saying the following:

“Thank you, to this year, for all that has been.

Thank you for all I have learned.

I let you go and wish you well.

I forgive and make amends.

2016 brought blessings, lessons and times to remember.

2016 brought opportunities to love, forgive and to grow.

I release all that I do not wish to bring forward with me.

I surrender to the Divine all that was

and let 2016 be a memory forever more.”

Say the words as you go from room to room, extinguishing any candles and turning off the lights.

Just before midnight one person will step outside with a candle and matches or a lighter. If you are alone, you get to do this part as well.

This person outside will be bringing in the New Year.  Traditionally this was the youngest bringing in the new.

As you do this, whatever age you are, invite your inner child to bring in the New Year.

Light the candle and at midnight knock on the door and announce, “2017 is Here!”

The door opens and you bring in the New Year announcing all the blessing that are here!

Whatever it is you are hoping this new year will bring, announce it in such a way as, “It is here!  Abundance is here!  Health is here!   Love is here!”

The person with the candle will go through the home bringing the new light into the home and declaring the blessings that come with this new year.

As they go in each room let the candle light the way, and turn on lights as they go through the room.  They may also wish to light candles as they go.

Announcing, “I am 2017 and I bring you prosperity.”  And “I am 2017 and I bring you love.” State all that is good as you go through and you may want to make it pertinent for each room.

In the living room, “I am 2017 and I bring you good times with family and friends.”  In the kitchen, “I bring you healthy foods and more than enough to share.”

Make it whatever you desire for 2017!

Eventually the light will have gone through your whole house and the house will be lit up!  Filled with all the blessing you desire in energetic form.

After the house is filled with light and blessings, break bread, or pop open the champagne.  Whatever you choose to eat and drink to celebrate and anchor this positive energy into your life.

I hope you enjoy this simple New Year Ceremony.  And I wish for you a New Year filled with bounty, love, good health and joy!

Have a beautiful New Year’s Eve!