The Unopened Bottle of Rescue Remedy

I used to carry around this unopened bottle of Rescue Remedy, the flower essence for stress.  Every time I moved, from one side of the country to the other, I would unpack it from a box and put it on a shelf in the medicine cabinet.  Months later I would find myself moving again, and I would put that still sealed bottle of rescue remedy back in a box. When I would find myself able to stay somewhere long enough for it to collect dust, I would take it out, look at it, and wonder why I hadn’t used it during my last move.

In every life there are those dark days, times of death, destitution, divorce and other challenges.  And yet that bottle sat on the shelf, unopened, as I coped with whatever was going on, all by myself.

I suppose the ego mind wants to know it can survive all by itself.  I have certainly proved myself a survivor, but at what cost?  What if I had allowed myself to reach out and ask for help now and then?  What if I had learned sooner to be a bit more vulnerable with friends, and let them support me during the difficult times?  What if I had actually broken the seal on that bottle?

In the last few years I have learned how to do just that.  Oh, the Rescue Remedy came out of the box one last time, and I noticed the expiration date.  So it went in the trash.

But I realized that there is always a rescue remedy around.  There are people who are always happy to listen.  There are friends all too happy to encourage and cheer me on.  And there are individuals eager to send a tithe just when I need it most.

There is a bottle of rescue remedy in everyone’s life.  God has given each of us the medicine we need to make it through this life with more grace and ease than we realize.  We all know what it is, and where to go to find it.  It may be a support group that you are putting off attending.  Or a minister that you are too shy to contact…again.  Maybe it is a good friend with a compassionate heart eager to be there for you.

We have to remove our ego pride and be willing to ask for help.  We can prove ourselves capable of going it alone, or we can learn how to live in a world with others, as humans, with weaknesses, insecurities and vulnerabilities.  We will make this a better world when we all learn  how to open up and share our burdens with another.

In order to create a united world, we have to work through things together.

We all love to be needed.  We all want to be of service.  So it goes both ways.  We have to let others give back to us now and then.

Let’s remember to open that bottle of rescue remedy, and share our burdens, as well as our joys.

Here’s to opening up, and sharing.

In love,
Because I am Here For Your Healing and Mine,

Cat RunningElk



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