What a Wonderful World This Will Be

I admire Walt.  He was a visionary who followed up his dreams with action.  He created a place where families could come together, where parents would unwind and put behind their day to day troubles, and actually play with their children, as if they were children again.

It works.  It is a wonderful world.  And I had the opportunity to be a part of it.  At a gallery in Downtown Disney I offered readings.  In a corner of the gallery, unbeknownst to Disney Executives, I was sharing my healing and intuitive gifts with Disney guests.

And it was grand.  I met many wonderful people and experienced many miraculous moments.  One young man comes to mind, as one of the best moments ever.

A family was browsing the store.  A young boy, maybe 10, 11 or 12 years of age,  stared at the angel cards on my table.  Then he looked up at me with big eyes but he didn’t say a word.

I saw the angels around him, and they told me he needed healing.

I asked him if he would like to pull an angel card.  He grabbed his mother’s sleeve, tugged on it earnestly and pointed at the table.

I explained to his mother that I was an intuitive, who was offering free angel readings.  And if her son would like, he could pull some cards.  I also assured her that the messages were always positive and uplifting.

She nodded to the boy, and thanked me.  The parents and the young boy’s siblings gathered around my table.  I asked him if I could hold his hands for a moment.  Again he just gazed at me with wide eyes, nodding, yet he remained silent.

I removed myself from my stool, where I sat perched watching the crowd, and stood facing the boy.  Taking his hands in mine I said out loud what I usually said with each guest, “Take a deep breath.  Just relax.”  Then I wait a moment until I feel them start to relax, then I continue, “Now I invite in all of your guides, angels and ancestor spirits to be present with us at this time.  I ask that they bring in and through me whatever you need for your highest and best good.  And so it is.”

And then I remain for another moment holding hands, allowing healing energy to flow through me.  I wait patiently for a picture to come to my mind, or words to be whispered in my ear from a guide, an angel or a loved one on the other side.  I wait and hold hands until I receive what needs to be shared.

I received the message his guides wanted me to give to him, and so I tenderly squeezed his hands and opened my eyes.

Then I invited him to pull three cards.

Very mindfully he pulled the first card.  His eyes got big, again.  He stared at the card in amazement as if it were a magic trick.  He held it up for his siblings and his parents.  They all remained silent and nodded affirmatively.

I offered some wisdom about what I felt the card was telling him, even though he already seemed to understand everything.  He didn’t say anything, but I could tell he was wise.  His silence gave that away.

Then he repeated two more times to pull a card, look at it with awe, and then he shared it silently with his family.

I felt his parents concern for their son.  I felt stress from worry running through the family, while I also saw great love and compassion.  It felt like a special vacation for a young boy who was fighting furiously to overcome something.

So I waited for the right time to tell them what I saw and heard.

When he was done taking in the messages of the three cards I looked into his big, wise eyes and said, “And I want you to know what else I saw, when I was holding your hands.”

His silent gaze was sweet and kind.  He was listening and looking with his whole body, taking in every word I said.

“I saw a birthday cake.  A big birthday cake with many, many, many candles on it.  And I saw you about to blow out those candles.   And your guides told me to let you know you will enjoy many, many happy birthdays.”  As I shared very slowly, I saw out of the corner of my eye his parents wiping away tears that were creeping down their face.

And I continued to make sure he heard the truth clearly and that it really sank into his heart, “I saw you as an old man, a very happy, healthy old man, with many beautiful happy people celebrating your many, many years.”

His eyes were about to pop out.  His mother and father hurried to wipe away their tears before he turned around to look at them.

As he turned around to look at his family who stood all around him and right behind him, his mother wrapped him in a big hug.

He looked back at me once, as he walked away with his mother’s arms around him tightly.  He smiled and waved.  His siblings followed him but his father hung back and waited until everyone else was out of earshot.

“You have no idea how much this means to him, and to us,” his father opened up to me, “Thank you so much.”

I told him again his son was going to be all right.  He nodded and smiled and thanked me again.

And who can I thank for this opportunity?  Spirit?  Yes.  The Angels, Ancestors and Guides?  Yes.

And I also would like to thank Walt.

He had a vision.  A vision of a world where families would come together; to laugh, to play and to heal.

Now let’s envision the whole world laughing, playing and healing together as one big family.

What a wonderful world that will be.

In love and healing,



michaelcharley 14th August 2014 10:30 am

((((((( Cat )))))))))) That's an e-hug.

I've so, so much more I thought I wanted to write in response (among other things, Disney's magic has played a big part of my life as of late) -- but it was too much, too little for words. So I patiently waited -- just as you did before speaking to the boy (thank you for that) -- and my guides just said to send you a hug for now.

What a wonderful way to start a wonderful day. Thank you.

Michael Charley


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