The Great Divide

That which we would term “The Great Divide” is now upon you and as such will affect all levels of your present existence, on personal and collective levels. Know that the days to come bring some necessary chaos and upheaval, but know too that such upheaval will pave the way for the creation of heaven on earth. This chaotic energy serves to destabilize the distortions and miscreations within the human and planetary system at present. As the rumblings continue know that they are as birth pangs which work to provide the open passageway for the emergence of a new creation. This is the scenario which lies before you in this present moment. You cannot disregard or wish away the process which brings forth new life.

We suggest you deal lovingly and compassionately with yourself and others as the new timeline unfolds In your midst. This is a time of choice for those on the earth plane in this moment. Know that choices are being made at the soul level as well in these moments which affect the out picturing of your experiences in the physical realms. There is much at play here that would set your ego minds into drama and chaos and yet it behooves you to remember that there is much going on behind the scenes of such dramas that is working to bring alignment to all of your systems in an effort to deliver you into the new reality in a way that is for your highest good. Do not look around upon your 3D structured reality as truth. What can be seen at present is merely the residual energies of a crumbling reality which no longer serves your emerging self. Know that this is so. Feel the truth of this in your heart

The way is being paved for a tomorrow that is bright with possibility. Here is where your courage and faith in the Divine Plan come to bear. Now is the moment where we ask you to stand strong and tall in your knowing of what is so. All that has supported you in the invisible realms will now be seen in truth. All that you have worked for for eons of time is upon you now. Do not allow yourself to get mired in the chaos of a world gone mad either globally or personally.



LoveBeing 19th November 2009 5:44 am

Here is where your courage and faith in the Divine Plan come to bear.

Thank you.

Convalia 19th November 2009 4:50 pm

Yes. Thank you.


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