The Earth's New Galactic Portals and the Netherlands Stargate

Dearest Lightworkers, Archangel Michael has informed us that at this incredible time of transition and change, the Earth is being "re-wired" to its own "Galactic Lightbody". In June, July and August of 2007, several inter-dimensional portals, vortexes or stargates will be aligned between Earth and the Galactic Center. These will serve as future corridors for inter-dimensional travel once Earth is fully aligned with the Galactic Consciousness. The first of these is now in the process of aligning, at this Solstice time, in Europe, over the Netherlands. We have called it the "Netherlands Stargate".

Several more of these corridors or stargates will be aligned and activated around the planet at this time. This is a part of the Earth's re-connection with the Galactic Consciousness and the Cosmic Consciousness. These portals will serve as conduits for inter-dimensional travel within the Galaxy and beyond into the Cosmos.

These are powerful times and powerful energies. While it is a time of great celebration, it is also a time of turbulence. Powerful energies are entering the planet and colliding with the Earth's energies. Holding your center in peace and calm will help you to work with these energies and to align with them positively.

We have compiled a short video "movie" of the energies of the Netherlands stargate. The graphics were created by Fons Koopmans and Jan Custers of the Netherlands. Fons created his images in the last few days, and they do hold the energies of the new vortex. The ocean pictures were taken by me and are from the Southern hemisphere, but we sense a strong connection between South Africa, the Southern Oceans, Antarctica, the Cetaceans, and the new Galactic portals. They are a gift to the Earth at this time.

The opening of the Netherlands Stargate has gone along with usual weather patterns, storms, rain, lightening, and the appearance of blue electrical clouds in the sky at night. Evidence of the power within this vortex and the activity of the elemental energies as this vortex aligns and stabilizes.

Please click here to see the movie.

Please allow the images time to load! Enjoy!



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Celia Fenn

Celia Fenn is an International Spiritual Facilitator and Channel. She works primarily with the Archangel Michael energy to bring information about the transformation and ascension of the planet, and the work of the Indigo and Crystal beings at this time. She holds MA and PhD degrees in English Literature, and has also studied Art and Music. She lives in Cape Town, South Africa.


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