Fake it 'til you make it

In the sacred site of Palenque Mexico, we can see the light returning in a very powerful way. It is a sparkly, kind of weird, iridescent, almost see-through kind of light. This is all very familiar to me as this was the same kind of energy I felt 20 years ago in this very site when the Star Elders shared a prophecy, a vision of the future, with me. I had forgotten about this, because I have been waiting so long to see this manifest. I had given up on the dream of this vision. But it is clear that Palenque is coming alive, being birthed into a new world, and so are we. This is going to trigger things in us that are totally unexpected and new to us. We will not know what comes next. I can sense other event and transformations coming, because I can feel them cooking, but I don't have anything to share about them just yet. The energy is still too new. But something is shifting, and Palenque is definitely being elevated.

This new light has something to do with the earthquakes which have been occurring across the Earth. This new light has accelerated activity in the ring of fire. The Haitian earthquake was about letting go of global karma. Thank God for the brave ones there that took this on for the entire planet. By the time the huge earthquake hit Chile, the Earth had emptied out a huge space for this new light to come in, and I could feel a tremendous amount of light pouring in.

On March 20th (Equinox), while we were in Palenque, we were sandwiched between two earthquakes . . . one of which we felt. One was to the north of us (Offshore Jalisco, Mexico 03/20/2010 at 21:33:04 - 4.7 magnitude), and the other was immediately south of us (Chiapas, Mexico 03/20/2010 at 21:55:50 - 5.3 magnitude). These earthquakes also released a huge amount of negative energy from the earth. This is what earthquakes do. When the negative energy is released, it allows space for new light to fill this void.

After this event, many began to feel tightness in the chest, because this new light is clearing out the bridge between our heads and our hearts. All this light coming in is accelerating humanity, and is rocking our world for sure. It is activating our new hearts. This is one of many reasons why travel to sacred sites, that carry a certain quality of heart, is so important. They offer us an inoculation of pure, future frequencies that will help us adapt to the new world emerging. Palenque is one such site, and one reason why I come back here over and over.

This is a time for humanity to have courage and not be afraid. We are going to have to be clear headed and opened hearted for what is coming next. When we are fearful, we lose our ability to hear our own truth. We know that we have lost our connection to our own truth when we have to call our friends and ask "What's going on?" or "What should I do now?" In these unpredictable times, it is understandable that we might need some help getting clear by calling trusted friends. This why we need each other so much right now, because we will have these momentary lapses of time where we lose it for a little bit. We are human. But remember, we only ask for help, because we doubt ourselves, and doubt is a form of fear. As soon as you allow fear to dominate you, you cannot heal yourself, you cannot access your truth, and you are temporarily cut off from the light of spirit. We doubt ourselves, but we also know we are full of light.

Our DNA holds memory in our bodies, and memory is incredibly mechanistic. We are used to doing things certain ways. We have many unconscious habits which keep us in our ruts. When we break out of that habit and do something different, the first thing we will feel is some form of fear. Our pulse goes up, our senses are heightened, and we might get sweaty palms, etc…. This is simply human nature. As this new light floods the planet, we are going to be encountering a lot of new and exciting things in a very quick succession. It is a new world with new ways that are emerging now.

If you can get past being afraid of fear, fear can actually be a good indicator to reveal the very place you need to go. I think there is a book called "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway." You don't actually need to buy the book, because the title says it all. Obviously there are things to be afraid of . . . you don't pick up the coral snake in the jungle or pet a howler monkey, but when you feel a little frightened, it means that you are doing something new. It means that you are dancing a new dance. It means that you are learning something new. So if you are committed to growing, life is always going to feel a little scary. Did you know that fear and excitement are exactly the same frequency in the body. It is just that fear is excitement judged. It is all the same physiological reactions except excitement is a good feeling, and fear is a not so good.

I wanted to share this now, because we have doubts . . . every one of us. This happens especially after we have a vision, or have a moment of inspiration, or we feel like a little light bulb is turned on in our head. We say "Wow!" So, what happens next? In the next minute, we doubt the inspiration or insight. Doubt takes place, because we actually get a little peek to who we really are! We don't like to own who we really are. But it is time that we learn to do so.

Doubt always follows truth. So we need to ignore our doubts, and pay attention to our truths. Every time we have an experience or a thought that elevates us, that makes us feel like "Wow!", perhaps we should pay attention to it. Thoughts like "Maybe it is not that crazy to create heaven on earth. Maybe we really are filled with LIGHT. Maybe we are that magnificent. Maybe we are a part of God." But we quickly doubt these revelations. Yet again, if we get over the fear surrounding our uncertainties, doubt can be a really great emotion, because it is a sign post to the truth and the light within you. Sadly, the epiphany type moments are the ones we take for granted. The doubt we feel about ourselves is a lie, and the revelation we just had is the truth.

Here is an example: How many of you notice that when someone criticizes you, you take it right on board, and you stew on this criticism all day. But if someone gives you a compliment, you tend to shy away from it. Many of us do this. Sometimes when we get those beautiful thoughts about ourselves and the promise of our emerging harmonious world, they slip by us unnoticed. But what comes immediately after is the painful doubt. This hurts, and it gets our attention. We always notice the pain, because it is so unnatural to who we really are, and where we come from, and where we are going.

So as you are going through life and your mind chatters as it does, and you have that rising doubt, realize that that emotion never gets there unless there was a great insight just prior to it. So peel back time in your mind a little bit, and go back to the light of that truth you just had. Quit giving energy, or attention, to all the blah-blah that your mind records and plays back to you over and over. Your mind is like that little guy on your shoulder saying "Who the hell do you think you are? Why do you think you can do this?" Remember, the mind is mechanistic, and it just plays back what you allowed in there in the first place. Your heart does not lie, but your head will. The TRUTH IS that we create and do anything. Any one of us can manifest our dreams. Doubt is the only thing that stands in the way. If we simply follow our hearts, we can manifest our dreams.

All the dreams that you have inside of you which you don't think you can manifest, or you think they are too far out of your reach, I am telling you that they are not. Because all of you know me the way I am now, but you have no idea what I was like before, and what it took to get me here. I remember who I was when I was in a prison called doubt. I know that if I can live my dream, anyone can. Now, to put things into perspective, I think I am only living a small part of my dream. Don't think that I am living all of it. But this also gives me something more to reach for. We need a goal to keep the spice in life. I know there is more . . . there is and always will be more. But at least now I hope am going in the right direction.

One of the things the Star Elders are asking to share with you is to cook on those wild dreams that you have inside of you . . . those wild, wacko dreams that you have about yourself . . . and they want you to wear them. Imagine or pretend that they are already happening. When you do this you are telling the universe what you want to create, and the universe has to comply. When you start acting as if you are living your dream, you are. Actors have great jobs, because they can play all these different parts. When they really get into a role, they have left their doubt behind. The universe says "Oh, Merrill Streep wants to play Julia Child." Pretty soon she merges with the role, and it becomes a part of who she is. Why is that? Because the universe will give you anything you want. Absolutely anything you want, any time you want it, and as much as you want. You just have to start acting as if it is so. Trust yourself and follow your heart. You need to fake it 'til you make it.

The Star Elders also want to share that it is a good thing to cultivate an abundance of self-esteem, so you can hold onto that dream that you can be anything and do anything. The Star Elders want you to take it a step further. This is homework. Write down a list of all the amazing and wonderful things that you know you are (for your eyes only). Get up in the morning, and read it to yourself. Then claim it. Say "OK, I AM this person". Ask to be of service in the best, absolute way you can, and walk out of your room assuming that that is true. Each day it will get easier to claim yourself. P.S. . . . you can add to the list anytime you want. You will discover more amazing things about yourself the more you do this.

Coming to Earth for many of us has been like riding on a roller coaster. You get on the roller coaster, and you are going up that first big hill thinking "Whoa, this is going to be great." Then you get to the top and you say "What was I thinking?", and you want to get off of that ride as fast as you can. But you can't, because you are stuck, and you are going down, you are whipping around, and you are screaming and yelling and laughing. You get off, and you say "Wow! That was great. I want to go again." Right? Remember we signed up for this. It is time to turn the fear back into its lighted form, and that is excitement.

When we let go of fear and take another step further into our futures, we will get what the Star Elder call "the good stuff", because we are breaking old patterns and doing something that we have never done before. This is where the growth is. We are here to help humanity feel their excitement; not their fear . . . and help them hear their own truth. That is why you are reading this. Do you know how awesome that is?


Sister111 28th May 2010 3:13 pm

Thank you so much Aluna Joy, (and of course a very BIG thank you to The Star Elders!). This was exactly what I needed to hear today....and HOW!

eaprin 28th May 2010 10:05 pm

Hello Aluna Joy, I felt that little bit of fear and doubt today when I made an appointment for an interview with another Real Estate office , and maybe leaving one that was comfortable for one that was unknowen to me at the present time. So your article was good timing for me. Thank you so much for being. And thank you Star Elders for who you are.


DonH SA 30th May 2010 1:05 am

A, you bring me joy. I am taken away every time I read yr messages. This one, finding me ill & in a dark pit (once again) have lifted me out of it, also readying me for a tough encounter lie-ing in wait for Monday. This week I had a peek at the unfathomly Me. The manifestation though I have always to now flooked.
I shall dream more, and dream, while I wish you strength & wellness.
The fake-it-till-you-make-it is the best advice I read/rec in a long time.