Liberation into Spiritual Abundance

It has been known for decades that there is an abundance of ascended master activity in Mt. Shasta, and other sacred mountainous areas, over the dates surrounding July 4th. This creates a huge influx of spiritual energy. This divine abundance of light begins to flow all over the earth and is absorbed by all those with open hearts.

In the USA, on July 4th there is a huge celebration of freedom and independence. But the Ascended Masters see this independence day as a spiritual one; not one based in physicality. During this Independence Day, July 4, 2011, and just after the June eclipse gauntlet, a new and refined quality of light, encoded with our divine collective destiny, is flooding into the sacred mountains of the world (Mt Shasta being one of these). This light has the capability to set us free from all things that have made us stagnate or stuck. It also clears the fog from our consciousness to help us in knowing what direction is next for us; not only for us individually, but also collectively.

The Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood share that we are coming out of a fog, created by a long incubation period, and that we are now entering a new age of enlightened, unity consciousness. They share with us that we are being uprooted like an old, mighty oak tree and are being re-seeded into new fertile soil. This soil is intensely abundant and will now quickly manifest the divine plan placed within each of us. A new door is finally cracking open, and we will be able to grasp clearly the next unexpected steps. This will also come with an abundance of energy to make the journey.

As we wake up from the old, collective dream into a new reality, our perceptions will shift radically with irresistible spontaneity and with much more force behind them than we have been used to. All that resist the call of the new, infused, inner light will find life more challenging than ever. The speed of which we will be called to move will be staggering. So the message is to let go, and allow the radical shift that is upon us. This light cannot be ignored or avoided any longer though we may try. We will all be called to our higher purposes and divine destinies. We will be called to make leaps and jumps quite suddenly without any consideration. There will simply be no time to contemplate our next move. This will be a leap from the collective heart.

We are now being summoned to join a new movement. We are being asked to take our places. Many of us are now being drawn to live together in sacred places around the Earth that resonate with the destiny of our various soul groups. These groups will manifest as full time gatherings of like-minded souls that will concentrate their energies together in support of the ascension of the entire planet. This highly concentrated light, anchored in various sacred areas, will bring harmony and balance into the Earth's energy grid that surrounds the planet. This work is being done in collaboration between non-physical Ascended Masters and physical, newly maturing Masters (Yes…. This is all of you reading this). This activity will avert mass destruction that could have been possible without this collective participation. This extraordinary innovative movement was planned long ago and is all in divine order. There was never any risk to Earth and humanity at this or any future time. This activity is a great gift from the collective family of Light and Ascended Masters to the Earth and all life on it. All sentient living beings will benefit from this activity. May all sentient beings feel freedom burst forth from their awakened hearts to assist in the new divine plan for a New Earth.

We did make a new essence (Liberation into Spiritual Abundance Essence) during the receiving of this message at Mt Shasta Head waters… more on this new Essence soon : )



COBALT 7th July 2011 1:22 pm


Starfast 7th July 2011 6:31 pm

If, as you say, "There was never any risk to Earth and humanity at this or any future time," I have to ask, why gather into groups? Seems to me we're doing a pretty fine job individually. SF