Manifesting in a New World

For decades, we have been waking up in stages . . . installments or waves of energy that jar us from our sleep. We remember when we reached "ah-ha" pivotal moments where life changed, never to return to its prior form. We grow through many of these moments. We have also noticed that these installments, or waves, are coming quicker in an increasing rate of speed.
From the time we were born, we have worked to wake up. It was an era of self-realization, and an accumulation of an entire age filled with many past lives. We became aware of universal truths and mass global illusions in the collective. We began to understand who we really are; not only as human beings, but as a divine soul and spirit.

By the mid-1980's, we were slam dunked into accelerated energy, making it possible to learn at a hyper rate of speed. People who were born in the 80's or later have a shortage of life's emotional lessons and historical time lines. This has created a challenge to find home in this rapidly shifting world. Thus the awareness of Indigo Children came into our awareness. Many "indigos" that were born much earlier, in the 40's - 70's, had a longer time line in which to prepare and learn, but they were not recognized as "indigos" as the world was not awake enough to recognize them.

From 2008 to the present time, we have been discovering that we are experiencing an increasing loss of interest in the material world and an increased desire for like-minded community. We began to feel a building pressure to create something new, but we do not know what that is. The world is beginning to feel like a "been there and done that" realm. At times, we feel our lives are like the movie "Ground Hog Day". The core that has remained important to us is our community of like-minded family. Deep connections with soul family is the only thing that holds our interest anymore. We are questioning everything that we have been taught and experienced. Reality is changing right before our eyes.

We are also feeling a great need for freedom. We want to be set free . . . unfettered by physical, mental, or emotional restrictions of any kind. This has created a great migration to un-known destinations . . . physically, emotionally and spiritually. We have had the courage to cut the cords from what we have known without knowing where we are landing next. This is a mass re-calibration. We have learned to trust our heart over our noisy controlling mind. We are choosing love over fear. Step by step, with each choice we make from love, we transform the mis-qualified energy of the collective un-consciousness. It begins to starve until it is gone.

By equinox of March 2011, things really began to heat up as we began to moving into divine neutrality and into a profound state of witnessing. We choose to stay in this world in service, but we not of the world anymore. This is leaving us a bit confused. We don't know what to do next, since we are nearly completely detached from all things that have anchored us here. Because of this disentanglement, we embark on a divine search. We want to find a place to anchor ourselves as it is in our core nature to do so. We can feel something is looming out in the near future for us, but we can't see it, understand it or figure it out. But it is clear . . . deep inside our core, we are beginning to feel a new world birthing. As we passed through the June Solstice and eclipse gauntlet of 2011, things took yet another HUGE leap into the energy of this new world. There is no turning back now. The new destination will arrive.

At this point in time, this divine neutrality acts as a way to keep us floating above a shifting world for a short transitional time. We are like jet liners without a landing strip. We are in a holding pattern. Once the world has arrived safety beyond the shifting point, we will be able to implement the options that we have envisioned. The new world will begin to manifest quickly, and it will BE what we make of it.

In the meantime, fueled with our impatience, we continue to dig into our hearts and ask "What do we want?", because we are used to manifesting in a particular way. Ground Hog Day is becoming a tired old re-run, and we are getting weary of the holding pattern. So we try to push to break through the blocks we feel. Could this frustrating Ground Hog Day feeling mean we are beginning to live within the first stages of a new world? Could this mean that the laws of nature that regulate manifesting have shifted into a new dimension?

P.S. A reminder . . . The Star Elder have said for years that all the rules of nature that binds our dimension together would change at the shift of the ages. They also have shared over and over that it will not be what we think it will be, and the new world will come with great surprises.

The way we have discerned truth is by feeling our centers. But this center has already shifted to the new future. Because of this, we are finding it hard to be as clear as we used to be . . . at least for now. It is making us feel a bit commitment phobic and unsure in nearly all areas of our lives. We find it hard to commit to even the little decisions in life without that nagging feeling that something isn't right. The old, familiar, heart clarity that we search for is not there anymore. It appears that our center has moved elsewhere. Just as the world is shifting underneath our feet, our hearts have shifted as well. Our hearts, our core, our home base, our orientation point, etc… has moved to a deeper and more pure, evolved level. This level is not about the individual self, but one based in the entire collective . . . the ONE. A new heart is being upgraded for every living thing. We feel this is one aspect of the new laws of nature for the new world.

We are in a profound and hefty preparation mode. We are moving from manifesting in linear time to manifesting in spherical time. This affects the way we live and the way we create. We are learning to create spherically, from multiple directions, within a new heart center. It is a lot to learn.

Learning to manifest in spherical time is creating a temporary issue. There are many varied possibilities open to us for manifesting right now. We have a lot of irons in the fire so to speak. Every option appears to holds equal weight. So we try to figure out what to choose by looking at each idea or option as an individual option. Each individual option that we consider does not necessary feel wrong, but it does not feel right either, and we don't know why. So we go to the next option, do the same process and discover the same result. It is only when we step back and look at the bigger picture, and see ALL the options together as a unified unit, that our heart says "YES! That is it! Let's do it!" Quickly after this revelation, we are faced with the issue that all these opportunities are quite different and seem physically impossible to create as a unit, as they appear to go in many different directions. This is the beginning stage of us manifesting spherically and multi-dimensionally. This takes multitasking to an entirely new and higher frequency. This is a cue for us that creating / manifesting multi-dimensionally will be possible very soon. Now we just have to learn to discover our new heart center in the new world.

We are being synchronized with a new, divine timing these days. We are already beginning to feel what manifesting in this new world might be like. Manifesting is going to be much quicker than we can think. We will create solely with intuition . . . a.k.a. our hearts. The rapid pace will feel like a quantum leap in conscious creation. There are clues to this divine timing synchronization. We are already feeling ourselves flip-flop between things we consider manifesting in our lives. We have a moment of clarity about what we what to do, and in the next moment, that desire is gone. It is not that the clarity was wrong in the first place. It is that we just took too long to act on it, and the universe simply moved on to the next option. This new creation mode is moving faster than we can create at this time; thus the need for the divine timing synchronization. When we link up to our new heart center, we will find that manifesting will take off in original and multi-dimensional ways, and we will keep pace with the universe.

We will not know what is ahead of us. Nor will we know the day or hour of the completion of this transformation and the shift of ages. No prophet, channel, mystic or intellectual knows the answer to this one. As Jeshua shares "Keep your lamps lit." In other words, stay open to all possibilities. Stay ready to leap when all the possibilities converge into your new heart center, and the door opens for you to finally land that jet liner. We are in the same boat now . . . just as we should be . . . as we to leap unified as ONE.


Mailena 25th October 2011 12:12 pm

How do you know ? :) This is exactly my life at this non-time. Not very satisfying from a normal point of 3d-view - but looked at from a multidimensional angle, taking into consideration all the different flowers starting to blossom, it might become quite a garden when it is in full bloom...
Thank you for this article.
Very helpful.

Ron Laswell 25th October 2011 2:58 pm

Aluna Joy, funny that you should mention the movie, "Ground Hog's Day." Coincidently, that movie came out when the planet Neptune (universal love) had entered the sign of Capricorn. I remember seeing it on opening night, and was so mesmerized by the symbolism that I wrote a movie review that was published in the now-defunct astrology magazine, "Welcome to Planet Earth." I was trying to make the point that Phil had to re-do each day until he got it right. He had to love the annoying insurance salesman; he had to catch the kid falling from the tree; he had to learn to love playing the piano; and when he began to love life - he could not help but have others love him. I can't remember the woman's name, but she finally falls for him because he has found so much love within himself. Thinking it was all he had to get through each day - love was all he came to know. And such is the lesson of Neptune going through Capricorn. That was then...and this is now. Have you found the love within yourself that will be attracted to you? Neptune will enter Pisces,spiritual awareness, 11-9-11.

Ron Laswell 25th October 2011 7:35 pm

Oops! In double checking my facts, Neptune moves DIRECT in apparent motion of 11-9-11. One's spiritual awareness starts shifting to outward expression, instead of just residing within oneself. Neptune won't move into Pisces until Feb 2012.

zorro 25th October 2011 8:45 pm

"At this point in time, this divine neutrality acts as a way to keep us floating above a shifting world for a short transitional time..."

As a group, we came here not to be comfortable but to harness what cannot be harnessed without our particular dynamic (no small feat). If things have not worked out smoothly in our lives compared to the so-called "norm", do not attach to that as an outcome. Everything is shifting now, and though the world may have judged, it matters not. If there have been any imperfections in our worlds, there is nothing wrong, but it is, like the blind man questioned by the crowd, and approached by the Master. He said, it is so that "the works of God may be made manifest". Everything we have been doing up to now is perfect. As pressure builds, without trying to force anything at all, we will intuitively know what to do next. Be active in what is clear, passive regarding the timing of things not yet worked out. When the timing is right we intuitively sense a "surge". When looking back at these times, we will be amazed at the operational divine timing.

Toni 26th October 2011 1:44 am

Perfect words of explanation again. Thankyou. :thumbs:

"divine timing synchronization" ~ Michael showed me this back in '97. We were walking thru the city & he adjusted his timing to the traffic lights so we didn't ever need to wait 4red1's ~ they were all green as soon as his foot hit the bitumen. Totally amazing to my mind at the time.

This was like an example of juggling 1 energy ball within linear timing. This spherical gig however is like juggling 10000 balls within the all that is in no time. It's important to get the inner heart centred in love first ~ every inner glitch gets amplified 10000x.