So now what?

Are you feeling home sick for a home your never knew? Are you fed up, angry, depressed and anxious, because you feel like an alien who somehow got dumped off on a totally foreign planet, and feel that they forgot you even came here!  Well you are, and you did, and you are also waking up to this fact.  You don't have a space ship parked in the back yard for a quick getaway, and you have also forgotten how to teleport.  So now what?

When I sink into my dark and lonely place . . . my old childhood pals, the Star Elders, help me by offering me this mental mind game technique: They say . . . PRETEND that we are on a wild safari in a foreign land that makes no sense and that this life is a grand adventure.  Well . . . because it is.  So what did I do with this advice? I did what I always do . . . I take things to the extreme.  I have become a sacred site travel junkie, and I have "hooked" many others on this addiction as well.  I feel better in places that make no sense at all . . . more so than a place that is supposed to make sense, but doesn't.  Go figure!

Do you look around at the outer world and wonder, with utter shell shock, Why... Why ... Why... is life the way it is, and why are so many insane atrocities allowed to continue, when it is quite clear to YOU that this world is completely out of balance with natural law and has lost even simple and common sense.  Well . . . it is insane, and it is out of balance, and you are also waking up to this fact.  But why do you know this, while others think you are just loony tunes and crazy?  So now what?

When I sink into my holy moly, “WHY is the world this way?” mode, the Star Elders help me by offering me yet another technique.  They say . . . that we see the world in this way, because of a very important fact that I and others like me (like all of you reading this now) may have over looked.  We would not see the world in this light, in this horrific way, unless there were many other options available to us!  We wouldn't even know to ask the question if there were no other ways for humanity to BE in this world.  We would just be blissfully unaware and be content with the status quote.  Go figure!

Here it is . . . the answer to our HUGE life question of all questions . . . WE ALREADY HAVE THE ANSWERS, and WE (all alien, loony tune, human beings) are just now beginning to remember them.  Feel better?  Well I don't. 

Many of us painfully remember that we decided to leap to Earth with little or no planning. We forgot to read the instruction manual, the guide book, or the fine print on our flight plans.  After all . . . WE ARE spirits in human bodies that live from absolute trust ... right? We saw the invitation with that image of that amazing big Blue planet that said "Come to help with a planets evolution."  We thought . . . “Hey! How tough could it be right?”  (I can hear you laughing from here you know).  So now what?

The Star Elders gave me another Jedi mind trick.  Oh great . . . another one.  They shared this.  Quit looking at what is wrong and out of balance with the world.  We will not find our answers or any comfort there.  They say that we are looking in the wrong direction from the perspective of a world this out of balance world.  This out of balance world has taught us to go to battle with what is wrong.  This way we can't create anything that is in balance, and our creative energy is neutralized.  The Star Elders are curious why we would use programs from an out of balance world to find the balance and truth in what we are searching for.  Go figure! 

They say to start looking in a different way.  Look in a new direction, and into the deeply buried motivation behind the question itself.  The question is why and what are we searching for? The truth is not out there . . . it is IN you.   We must search for what we have forgotten.  What we have forgotten is the answer to the question that we forgot to ask.  So now what? 
It is you.  It always has been.


queens4freedom 12th June 2014 8:29 am


grammanet 12th June 2014 8:58 am

Hello Aluna!

Thank you for the post... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it when you post something... To me... it means something HUGE is about to happen!

Here is what I posted this morning on my Sanetha page - & I am going to post yours there too!

Many Blessings, Sanetha :)


The Earth did not end on December 21, 2012 the Earth has REINCARNATED bringing HEAVEN TO EARTH. With our "oil" (free will & choice) as we cross over onto the new Earth. we each have an opportunity to raise our vibration to live in love, peace & harmony with the new Earth.

Did you know that you have the ability to reincarnate right now without leaving your body? This is what the new energy now here on our earth which is available to you for the very first time in our history! No worries... if you prefer the old dense Earth perhaps you will do it in your next lifetime. for more information check out the latest radio interview with Sanetha here:

Peter fox 12th June 2014 9:11 am

Go figure,indeed! It is all topsy- turvy but the content of your message
IS absolutely spot on! How do I know? Because I am remembering it to
be true! Go figure!- no just keep going your own way until you too
remember. Thanks Aluna Joy and childhood friends- great message!