Still Don't Know What Ascension Is?

Here are some perspectives… in a nut shell… while emerging out of the nut house!

The Shift of the Ages, a.k.a. Ascension, is all about letting go of outdated life patterns, past wounds, karma, and obsolete programing. It also about uploading new, advanced, higher frequency and programs, all the while remaining in the same physical body. This is what ascension is. It is a tricky process because this has never been done before, and our body memory is very entrenched in our DNA and is very stubborn. Some of us were not too happy about this realization, as we wanted to be rescued, or just get out of here in any way possible. Let us face it… life has been a bit NUTS! But like it or not, at some point you and I decided to BE HERE NOW and bring in this ascension . . . and with it the advanced higher frequencies to the physical plane. Many feel this ascension will be complete at the end of 2012. But we will actually finish this passage completely and move out of the Milky Way's dark riff by 2016. This passage began in 1980. The ancient Maya understood this passage as a place of great challenges and re-birth.

Ascension symptoms in any form, from pain to bliss, are a cellular DNA reaction as we shift to the next dimension, frequency and bandwidth that is in alignment with the current energies. These energies and frequencies that emanate from the great central sun, to our sun and then to us, are changing daily! So this shift is a daily process as we evolve into a new paradigm. Our pain is where we are letting go, and our bliss is where we are surrendering and allowing. There is no right or wrong in this process . . . you are going to feel both pain and bliss. So no matter what you experience, it is not for you to judge or to judge others in their process. This unique process is to be supported in everyone as each goes through wave after wave of ascending energies. Be as a little child. A child does not judge itself when it cries after having skinned its knee or when it gets uncontrollable giggles. A child is just in each moment. Be this way with yourselves and with all your relations.

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Some notes from "The Astrology of 2012: Balancing the Masculine and Feminine"
by Marcus Mason

"In 1980 we began to enter into the galactic equator / the womb of creation. By 1999, the sun entered the deepest part, center point, of the galactic equator. Now in 2012, at winter solstice, the sun is re-emerging from out of the womb of creation. The 2012 winter solstice, in the northern hemisphere, is a time of spiritual rebirth. It is a time of rebirth in relation to our connection with the Earth and the cosmos. This is a time of renewal. This is a time of radically changing our understanding of where we fit into this vast scheme of things. By 2016, the sun has completely emerged from out of the galactic equator. The sun is fully re-born. The period from 2012 until 2016 has all sorts of most amazing astrological, astronomical alignments of new gifts that are coming to us; new gifts that are being offered to us once we get through this turning point; the 2012 solstice is the turning point where we have reached the lowest part of the whole cosmic cycle, and we begin to move upwards. We begin to move back collectively into the light. So don't be surprised if this year feels tough, because it is the last bit of the hard work. Then after that, the spiritual rewards begin to come, the emotional rewards, the psychological rewards, the sense of feeling and being much more easily able to get in touch with our sense of oneness with all of life."

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From the Chilam Balam of Chumayel
The Prophecy of Transition into a New Age. "Then creation dawned upon the world. During the creation thirteen infinite series (Steps) added to seven was the count of the creation of the world. Then a new world dawned."

Paraphrased from The Mayan Prophecies for 2012
by Gerald Benedict

The Mayan fifth world / age is drawing to a close, and the sixth world will begin in 2012. This marks the start of a great new cycle of time and the resetting of the clock of the procession of the equinoxes. We are between ages and in a period known as the "apocalypse". This means a TIME of REVELATION that speaks of the recovery of ancient wisdom, the assimilation of NEW TRUTHS, and the opportunity that humanity will have to work out its problems and responsibilities, by the choices it makes. Paraphrased from The Mayan Prophecies for 2012 by Gerald Benedict