The Porters Of Light

The following is the 5th message that we received in Peru 2011.  It might be a good idea to read them in order as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The Andean Masters and the Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos on the website that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites.

There is a very synchronistic feeling about the Equinox and being at the Inca Sun Gate. Equinoxes are the center point between the Sun's journey from the North and South. This temple, or gate, is a symbol of the same center point that divides the sun's journey. That is why they call it the Sun Temple or the Sun Gate, because we can move from world to another by crossing this point. You can feel the energy shift by simply walking through the gate. The Andean Masters are saying that WE are also acting as living Sun Gates, as we are reflections of the light of the Masters on Earth and this is another layer of the heart map.

The Andean Masters are saying that they want to fill up our new chalice very, very full today. They also say that this will be too much to light for us to carry for a long period of time. This is very much like the Inca Porters that make the trek here on the Inca trail and cross this Sun Gate every single day. They carry more weight than any human being could possibly carry, and yet they do. The Andean Masters are asking us to carry much more light than we need for ourselves. This light that we carry is for others, but we will only carry it for a short time. They are asking us to carry this abundance of love along with many seeds for a new world. They are asking us to be Porters for the Light. These love/seeds/light will have a particular frequency, just like the heart map that you carry; it too has a particular frequency. This light that we carry will be given away at key intersections in our lives. Certain frequencies that we carry will connect to other like frequencies. We may or may not know it, but these seeds will radiate out from us to the places that they are needed and when they are needed. So they are asking me to ask you . . . "Do you want this abundance of light?" If you give the Andean Masters permission, they will give you this gift of abundant light, and, thus, you will become a Porter of Light.

We want to honor and thank all the thousands and thousands of people all across the planet that are accepting the job of being a Light Porter. The Andean Masters say that they are sending out light seeds to thousands and thousands of beings across the planet that have come together in a sense of unity and community to honor this time.

The Andean Masters say that it is our heart that inspires the Earth's new frequency to awaken. It is our hearts that stimulates the Earth into a new paradise. These seeds that are going out to all the thousands of people all over the world are fueled by our passion, and passion is the fuel that makes the seeds reach their destination. It is comparable to a car that won't work unless it is fueled with gasoline. Our focus, our vision, our passion and our intent is like the gasoline that makes all of our seeds go out across the planet and touch the lives of beings that have open and searching hearts like ours. This is the like frequency that they were talking about earlier. Like frequency attracts like frequency. Your frequency has brought you here now. (Yes YOU!)

In this next year (2012), when these seeds sprout, they are going to grow roots into the Earth. They will grow tall to reach the Sun and bring balance back to the Earth, our solar system and the universe. The roots of these seeds will break apart old paradigms and programs like a tree that can slowly destroy a pyramid in the jungle. This transformation will be slow and steady, but also unstoppable. We are the trees that stand firm while the world transforms around us. We may bend, but we will not break. We are anchored into the new frequency, and anything that does not resonate with this new frequency will disintegrate around us . . . leaving us standing strong and tall. Our feet are at the core of the Earth, and our crown is the sun.

Lord Meru, the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of the Seven Rays and Archangel Michael are sending us (and those reading this) a tremendous amount of love, appreciation, thanks and gratitude for making this journey in life, and for making all the sacrifices that it takes to be here NOW. They appreciate ALL our hearts, our compassion, our beauty and our deep sense of service to humanity. They honor all of our gifts that we offer to the Earth and Humanity absolutely unconditionally. We offer ourselves in sacred service without any expectation of being rewarded. They say that ALL that have come to this message at this time are part of a collective global group that offers themselves as Porters of LIGHT, or living Sun Gates. You work without any ego or strings attached, and you only work with an open heart filled with unconditional love.

Why do we offer ourselves so selflessly? . . . because that is what we came here for. But selfless servants do have benefits. Every time we dispense our seeds or light, it opens a river inside of us where more and more seeds and light will arrive; thus more and more lives will be touched. When you multiply this by all the thousands and thousands of beings all across the planet that are Porters of Light, well, you can see why the Andean Masters are so excited to see this time arrive.

We all came here for one main purpose. We came here to see this shift of the age . . . to see the victory that is coming. When we do, that part inside of us that we can't fulfill will be satisfied, because we will feel HOME. We didn't show up here on Earth to seek the drama of cataclysms, the fulfillment of devastating prophecy or the destruction of an age. We came here to celebrate a new Earth, a new frequency, and a new world. Oh . . . Archangel Michael says "You have had enough dress rehearsals. It is time for the curtain call." They appreciate our diligence and our focus in a world where it is not terribly easy to do that.

So, Lord Meru is offering us a spiritual uniform of sorts in which we will be recognized by other beings of like frequency. This spiritual uniform has a particular frequency in which others will recognize us, because as we get closer and closer to the shift, funding our like-minded soul family will be more important . . . and easier by the way. We are learning how to connect our home bases to a global community. We are individuals with individual purposes. But, as a collective, we make up a weaving of perfect harmony in which we can anchor the foundation stones for this new world that is coming.

So it is our time to give back. So they invite you to send this Solar Wave and Love/Light energy out to all the searching hearts across the planet. Because what we do for others, we also do for ourselves. It is what the Maya call "In Lakesh, ala kin." It means "What I do for you, I do for myself." And "What I do for myself, I do for you." There is no selfish act, and there is never too much giving. Either way, we are lifted by either the receiving or the giving.

Archangel Michael says "But some of you are not receiving too well . . . and you know who you are!" So if it is okay with you, Archangel Michael would like to help you learn to receive better with gratefulness instead of feeling like you don't deserve it. There are times when we do not accept the glory and the divine energies that is our birthright. So if you give Archangel Michael permission, he will help you be a better receiver. Archangel Michael also says "Here is why you want to do this. Because when you receive more openly and more fully, there is a lot more for you to give." And most of you are here in service, because this is what floats your boat. So if you want more to give, then you have to learn to receive more that is coming. Want to be a better server of the light? Then be open to receive more as well.

When we open to our inner rivers we become the pebble that makes the ripple in the pond. Does that make sense? When you drop a little pebble in a pond, it ripples out spherically. We are that little stone that causes this ripple. All the thousands (that read this) will also become a pebble. Now the ripple in the pond is a tsunami in the oceans of our collective consciousness. Do you know how hard it is to stop a ripple in a pond? It is impossible. Thus our ripple that we create in the oceans of our collective consciousness will also be unstoppable. The Andean Masters are holding their breath out of sheer excitement for our next step, and for what we are about to experience.

That looks like that is it for now. The buddies and the Masters never say goodbye. They don't understand goodbye. They don't understand hello. Everything is a cycle or a circle. They never say goodbye, because they never leave us.

Our Inca Guide Willaru shares:

In the beginning of every Golden Age, Avatars are sent by the orders of the White Brotherhood. Also the sacred sites and mountains around the world become portals from the spiritual dimension to this dimension. People are called to these places where all the great masters manifest to help us, and bless us and awaken us. When we come with an open heart, we learn to be tranquil in these places. So these blessing are not happening only for us, but for all of humanity who comes here . . . but especially people who come in pilgrimages. They will have more of a benefit, because they take their time, and meditate in these places, and the Masters get to know us.

They like to have many representations in the three-dimensional, human kingdom, because they work from the higher kingdom with the conscious people in the three-dimensional world. They also like for people to gather and bring groups to all the sacred sites, honoring, respecting, loving and remembering walking with the great Masters. So that is happening at this time. In Apu Machu Picchu, there are great Masters. There are many masters here. Very, very big Lemurian Masters. They love it when people like us come. They are happy to help us here. They come to us when we are in the Temple of the heart with the internal father / mother. They embrace us with their light, with their love, and this is the initiation. This is healing and growing that is happening. We are becoming more awake with more illumination. That way they help us from the higher dimensions, but we have to help ourselves and make the journey here, to come to the sacred sites.

Apu Machu Picchu, Apu Waynu Picchu, Apu Putikesi, Apu Salkantay, Apu San Miguel, thanks for calling us, thanks for bringing us, thanks for opening the dimensional doors in this place. The Inti Father/Son, Pacha Mama, the cosmic father/mother, they also have their children's masters around in these places. All the hierarchy of the Masters are waiting for us. Wiracocha. Wirococha.


Toni 1st January 2012 1:01 am

"But some of you are not receiving too well" ~ hardly surprising Michael when receiving is a child energy & giving is an adult energy & to get an adult to open it's inner child requires releasing alot of pride... most require a new baby body to do that.