Divine Love: Using the power of group mind to help Japan

This week, I’m in Vancouver for the I Can Do It conference held at the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Theater.  The theater is full, with more than 2500 people attending, and the energy is electric.  So many wonderful souls are here who are committed to becoming more conscious, loving people.  It’s such a joy to share their company.

In light of what’s happened in Japan, I’ve decided to use this newsletter as an invitation to join me in sending Divine Love to all those affected by the earthquake and tsunami.  In my years of working as a writer and teacher, I have seen the evidence of the healing power of group mind and I know it works.  It’s time to use this power now.

On and off, throughout the day, please join me in doing four things:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Imagine a beam of light originating from your heart.
  3. Direct this healing light out toward Japan and see it enveloping the whole nation.
  4. Keep sending this beam of Divine Love for at least sixty seconds.

Rather than focus on the frightening images or latest news, every time you think about Japan, do this little exercise.  It will make a difference.

Here’s something else you can do.  A few years ago I interviewed a young man named Adam Dreamhealer for our monthly telegathering.  Adam is able to use his power of long distance healing to assist those who are seriously ill.  During our interview, Adam talked about the power of intention and, this morning, he sent me a video and asked me to share it with you.  It’s a visualization for cooling the nuclear reactors in Japan.  Please join me in using this simple visualization and see the reactors cooling.  You’ll find it here.

I’m sending Divine Love to all those affected… and to you.


live_in_love.NJ 14th March 2011 3:52 pm

Thank you so much for this post. It is hard to NOT get wrapped up in all the horrible photos and videos out there. Donating $$ to disaster relief just did not seem like enough (though it is still important). I will definitely be following your suggestion to send love whenever the topic of Japan comes up. Thank you & God bless you.

bird-pilot66 14th March 2011 11:03 pm

Thank you so much for this, I've just sat and meditated, sending love and also trying to visualise the reactors cooling as you suggested - what I didn't expect was connecting with an ET (I've always been so skeptical about such things!) he told me that the earthquake was the final 'lifting of the veil' I could feel that their pain was my pain, I understood that every living creature's suffering is now my suffering too - there is no separation anymore he said. I saw some of our great spiritual figures and the spirits of the indigenous peoples who are holding cremonies, the etheric planes are buzzing at the moment, all eyes are on us! It was amazing and I was thanked for giving my love, this force of absolute love coming from my heart centre. I just gave the nation a huge hug and cried with them. It was a humbling experience and I feel so much better for I hope making some difference. I just feel like I want to say we are SO loved and being taken care of at this difficult time and my ET friend said again and again 'Gaia is birthing...'

Love and even more love to ALL
Namaste x

scaggs1984 15th March 2011 9:19 am

I've been sending light (reiki style, out of my hands)to the people of Japan. Something is definitely blocking it. Is anyone else experiencing this?


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