Ending the War: Food as a doorway to your Self

I’ve just finished moderating a 6-week web retreat with Geneen Roth, author of Women Food and God.  I accepted Geneen’s invitation because I loved her book, respect her as a teacher, and wanted to learn more about food as a doorway to a deeper relationship with myself.  I’m so glad I did.  The course was eye opening, mind shifting, and provocative in all the right ways.  Here are just a few of the lessons I learned from the experience.  I hope they speak to you.

  1. What my mind and my mouth tell me to eat is rarely what my body wants.
  2. What my mind tells me to do in relationship to exercise is rarely how my body wants to move.
  3. My head and heart often make my food and exercise choices, not my body.
  4. How I eat is how I live.  If I’m rushed, overwhelmed, or irritated, for instance, I eat on the run, shovel food in my mouth to get meals over with, or make food choices designed to numb my frazzled nerves.  These behaviors do not support weight loss or a vibrant and healthy body.
  5. Deprivation, restrictions, and rigid rules will always lead right back to poor food choices, rebellious overeating, and a “what the hell” attitude.  It’s requires a paradigm shift to get that we change with love, not with demands.
  6. Diets teach us to rely on something outside of ourselves – a program, a set of guidelines, or the numbers on a scale.  This approach is the opposite of what we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It all starts on the inside, by listening to your body and your highest Self.
  7. Ending the war with food is about beginning a relationship with myself based on trust.  Staying awake and listening to my body so I eat when I’m hungry, eat what my body wants, and stop when I’m full, is the path to creating a more loving and trusting relationship with myself.
  8. When we learn to trust ourselves with food, an even bigger world opens up to us.

If you’re interested in calling a truce when it comes to your war with food and weight loss, I suggest you sit with each of the seven lessons above.  Then, if you’d like to go deeper, you might want to get the archive package of Geneen’s course (you can find it here).  Please know that her program is not a quick fix.  As Geneen said during the last session:  “This path isn’t about losing weight quickly, it’s about connecting with who you really are – the part of you that doesn’t weigh a pound.”  Love that…

Take Action Challenge

This week, contemplate this piece of wisdom from Geneen:

“How you eat is how you live.”

How is your relationship with food a mirror for your life?

I found this week’s video on a Twitter post from Tony Robbins.  It’s adorable and the message is important ?.  You can find it here.



Elaine Edwards 25th July 2010 1:10 pm

In the same way I guess it works for those of us who need to put weight on. We need to put fuel into our bodies that will nurture and maintain a healthy balance which ever side of the scales we tip. :o)

johneblums 26th July 2010 12:54 am

"Manna" from heaven is both bio-etheric and bio-physical. Even every cure to every illness that humanety has encounted can be cured by gaining knowledge of the selection of the correct foods that are contained in the countless number of plants on our planet. "God-dess" created earth so that we would also have natural plants and vegetables that have strong medicinal properties,which are only now been rediscovered in remote parts of the world and being acknowledged by western science. The growth and interest in naturopathy and the popularity in cooking and healthy foods is all part of our spiritual en-light-en-ment and de-light.

If one is connected holistically to their spiritual mind, heart and root chakras, then the nexus between physical sustence and spiritual sustence become obvious, for divine life is in every cellular and auric form of bio-matter and bio-logy.


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