Here’s The Sign You’ve Been Waiting For

There are some days when I need a reminder that there’s a grand design to life. That, in spite of pain and suffering and hardship, there’s a force for good at work in our lives.

I still remember where I was on the day I found the sign below. I was walking through a small gift shop browsing at nothing, trying to distract myself from the sadness I felt at losing someone I cared about.

As I ambled through the aisles, I started praying for a sign and when I turned a corner and saw this, I laughed out loud.

Now I keep it on my computer as a ‘go-to’ Grace button.

And it works…

Life can be hard.
Life can be challenging.
Life can seem to make no sense.

That’s when we need a sign that better days are on the way.

So this week I’m sharing mine with you…

And if someone you know could use a sign, you might want to forward this newsletter with a note that says, “Hold on, something wonderful is on the way!”

Because it is...

This Week's Video

How we experience life has so much to do with where we place our attention. Check out this experiment to see what I mean. You can watch it here. Thanks, Randy!


Atrest 4th December 2014 11:52 am

A Dove patch video is your sign. I don't get it. I sure hope that the wrong link was the reason for this. I did not like the video at all.

FresnoHye 4th December 2014 11:58 am

Thank YOU :angel: . This Is right in "tune" with the message I've been sharing with people on 'powerful' our minds can become if only we "seek first" to Fly With That Dove. I sent the link to my mom, and will continue to share with others. Thank You Again :angel: .


godling 4th December 2014 12:50 pm

What????.........I have to agree with atrest!!

Ster 6th December 2014 7:17 am

I must say, I was confused too at first.
However. .. beauty is a state of mind which was made clear through the patch that contained nothing at all!!!... and they really felt more beautiful! That was really nice to see.
Im not a fan of Dove or their products but this clip made a very important thing clear.
If you really really believe beauty is given to you, that you own beauty, you feel free!

Thank you for sharing!


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