Sensitive Soul: You are never alone

Sometimes the world is a hard place to be in.  That’s my thought as I sit down to write this newsletter.

I woke up this morning to the horrible sound of an excavator taking down trees in the yard next door.  I could barely catch my breath as I watched a giant pine tree crash to the ground.  Turns out our neighbor needs to replace their failed septic system so they had no choice.  And while I completely understand, it sucks.  It just really sucks…

I walked around my house crying while simultaneously wondering if anyone else would be this upset about trees. Being a sensitive woman isn’t always easy. 

There are many times when I feel like I’m not designed to exist on planet earth.  Especially when I see anyone or anything harmed in any way. Being sensitive has its good days and bad days, its moving moments and its pain.  Although I wouldn’t change having a sensitive heart for anything, I do struggle to live with it sometimes .

At one point in the morning, I went to my Facebook page to share my sadness and frustration and was reminded of the healing power of community.  My post was met with so much love and understanding.  That’s one of the great things about social media – you have instant access to kindred spirits.  The kinship made the loss a little easier to bear.  I was so touched by the responses to my post.  For instance, Manisha Verma, a woman from India wrote, “I will plant a tree tomorrow morning for the tree that has been cut down at your place.”  How amazing and beautiful and tender is that?

It’s comforting to see this kind and loving side of humanity in action and I never take it for granted.  (Thank you, Manisha, and everyone else who shared their beautiful words)

I share this experience with you in case you, too, grapple with a sensitive heart.  It’s healing to know you’re not alone, you’re not crazy, and you’re not silly or overly dramatic.  You’re just a beautiful human being doing your best to live in a sometimes-harsh world.

Sharing your vulnerable heart with others when you’re upset is an important act of self-care.  After all, life is so much better when we walk hand-in-hand…

Take Action Challenge

Take a moment to bless your sensitive .

This little video of togetherness makes the point beautifully.  You can watch it here.  Thanks, Susanne, from Ireland .


SimplySammi 29th December 2012 11:20 am

My oh my, how I connected with your post. In fact by that very act along with a few similar others, is how I found out about Spirituality and going within. I too have been an extremely sensitive person my entire life, to the point of family members calling me a "Professional Mourner". During the summer of 2010 we had a horrible storm and lightening struck one of my beautiful ash trees in the front yard, it hit a main branch in the center of the tree and if it wasn't cut if threatened my home. So I finally got someone out to do what they had to do. There were also some dead spots on it that needing cutting back. I have two very large ash trees in the front of my home. The entire time, I wanted to make sure they didn't take anymore of my tree than necessary, as if the lightening strike that initially occurred wasn't painful enough. Watching them without a second thought of the tree cut into it doubled me over in pain it couldn't have been anymore painful if they had taken the chainsaw and cut me in half. I watched and cried as they looked at me like I was crazy. To be continue...

SimplySammi 29th December 2012 11:28 am

One branch just the right size of a walking stick came down, I asked for it. I knew I could make use of it. They are very strong wood trees. However, back to the point. Sometimes as in your post I so feel I'm just to sensitive for this world. Just a few weeks ago my husband came in and said, don't go outside, the neighbor is having their huge Ash Tree she too had cut completely down and he knew, I would go and beg her to stop. I understand having to cut away parts that could threaten your home in any way, but this tree was so majestic. Besides the squirrels that came and went. The was a beautiful Hawk that would fly into it and stand there in all his splendor, now there is nothingness there. I once again wept when I finally went outside and saw instead of just trimming they had taken in completely down. I feel for everyone and everything on this earth. When I say feel I MEAN FEEL and it is very hard on me at times, it can be crippling. I started my spiritual journey in February of 2012 and it was obvious I was an "empath". So it brought everything I feel into perspective. I'm not...

SimplySammi 29th December 2012 11:37 am

crazy. I have a "gift". I called a friend that is very attuned in her spiritual practice and she gave me tips for grounding myself and protecting myself. She also recommended a Reiki Circle twice a month and treatments. It was at this point that I really got into reading all I could about spirituality, learning how to meditate etc. I have had some health problems and suffered from depression my entire life and medicated with antidepressants and anxiety meds as needed. But it finally click why I couldn't go into a mall for any length of time and why crowds really got to me, I was taking on EVERYONE's energy good, bad or otherwise, no wonder I thought I was loosing it. Needless to say since I've been on my spiritual journey, I can honestly say, I no longer require anti-depressants or anxiety meds. I know how to block negativity for the most part and if I get to a point I feel anxious, I simply remember to be present. It works almost instantly. Anyway thank you for your post and for letting me know I'm not the only one who experiences these empathic feelings to the degree I do. Namaste'

Sandra Smyre 29th December 2012 4:56 pm

Beautiful post! I love and appreciate your honesty--it makes me feel like I am never alone. I have found many like minded friends on the computer and the feeling of community is life giving. I too, am a sensitive soul and can hardly stand to have any tree work done. Bless the woman from India that is planting a tree for you. We are truly ONE! In LoveLight, Sandra :smitten:

SimplySammi 29th December 2012 9:23 pm

I so agree!!

SimplySammi 29th December 2012 9:23 pm

I so agree!!

shemesh 30th December 2012 6:49 am

i know what you mean: i live on a roof of a building and there is an amazing old tree taller than the roof. each year it has to be trimmed due the rains- the leafs clog the gutter even i sweep a lot but landlord insists. each time i just go crazy, i just cannot take it. also because the rudeness and careless way that the guy cuts the branches, i just loathe the guy i cannot control myself, that is the truth. in recent years i just leave the house when it happens. the tree grows 10 time more branches than the ones removed in no time, becoming bigger and bigger each time, but that pain and feeling of frustration is totally unbearable.

Berniesongspirit 30th December 2012 11:43 am

God I cried in such recognition with you ! Especially when I read the suggestion to "Take a moment to bless your sensitive Heart .... Thank you so much! Love & (((((HUGS)))) XXX :smitten:

Asager 30th December 2012 4:45 pm

Thank you for this message. I too am very sensitive, that I went to drs and they tried putting me on anti psychotic drugs, just because I have a history of depression, which I still take, and I was in tears as I tried to explain what was happening to my body, and they couldn't understand.For the last 2 months, my body is starting to release all the armour from this lifetime and all before. My body has always been very tight and rigid, my back had 3 wedge fractures and was all crunched up. For years I have had massages, for not much relief. Then 2 mths ago, my body started to loosen, and when I felt a part of it, it started to unwind with no effort. It has driven me crazy, even though the releases were wonderful, I am getting blood back into places it can't remember it had. The amazing thing I found out, was that when I unwound a knot, it would go from my neck all the way down to my knees. My face and jaw were fused. One day as I was doing my jaw, this big roll of something fell down onto my chest. I was concerned, and went to drs, and hence the ant psychotic drugs. I told the dr that

Asager 30th December 2012 5:00 pm

she didn't know me, and had no right to prescribe this medication. I told her that if my dr, who wasn't there that day said I needed them, then I would. Well she harrassed me on christmas eve to go get ct scan. I knew I was under attack from the dark side, but she did manage to upset me. Then I got outside and came back to myself and thought NO I will not take this on. Anyhow today I see my own dr after being bullied into ct scan. I still have so much of my body left to unwind. There are long tendrils up and down my body, and wrapped around different parts. My massage lady, reiki master said she thought what fell down was called Fascia, which is like a membrane that had been squashed up and when released, went to its rightful place. Try telling Drs that. I wonder what they will tell me today. I only went in to see what it was that fell, and my reiki lady has explained, but when I wasn't interested in their bullshit, they started phoning me and harrassing me to have more tests. This appointment today is my last. Because I am very sensitive I feel every tiny detail, and I cry a lot.

k 30th December 2012 9:22 pm

Asager, I am a physician, we are not all alike. I remember a Senior med school rotation I took in Portland OR. They hated me. I had more skills and knowledge than any of them there, and they hated me and did everything they could to hurt me. I had done a rotation at the Cleveland Clinic that had been very positive, I was well thought of there. I think we have to find our niche. We are vagrants in one area of people and we are stars in another. When we go through a dark area, we have to remember our Light and pass by the darkness, knowing what we encounter, has the purpose of making us stronger.
I know what it is like to be a sponge, but maybe it is that energy we are here to transmute. If I can overcome the energies of anger that is in the enviroment, maybe things will change. Those physicians in OR, did not phase me, but then that was before, I became defeated at last.
All things in this illusionary world has a beginning and an end. I returned to my home and found many trees dead from the drought, but when life give you lemons..., I enjoy the wood from those trees in my fireplace

k 30th December 2012 9:42 pm

Many of the dead trees, I planted as saplings, with the love of life in my heart. But nature will have its way, and the cycle of life and death is a law in this world. We will fight this law, and hurt deeply because of can there be any love in this world when the beings we love die?
For me, I reach to the world beyond this world ruled by the Demiurge and understand that this world full of death and sorrow is an illusion. That is the only way I have been able to find peace. It is an illusion. How do we participate in this illusion? Only by holding on to the truth that is in us, the truth that is connected to Kether the God of creation. The God that is beyond polarities, I have read that the state of being belonging to Kether, can not be attained while in physical form....why? The light of Kether cannot be in this dimension of illusion and death.
Let go, let it all go, because things are not what they seem to be, we have to break through the veils of illusion. The veils that hide the Truth, and all we can see is death and sorrow, until we see through the veil. I will strive.

Asager 30th December 2012 10:23 pm

Hi K, Thanks for that reply. That was the first time I had trouble with drs. I realised after I left her office, that I was under attack. So before4 I went back this morning I put the 12th dimension shield around me, sent light to all the people and staff at dr surgery. Everything went so well. My dr said this is the best he's seen me in years and nothing wrong with me. I had really lost my confidence there for a minute, but then I realised my light was shineing too brightly that made dr anxious. I am back on track with my confidence again. My highest self kept telling me I had nothing to worry about, but she made me doubt it. I will be more aware in the future..

kiwimuzz 31st December 2012 5:54 am

I totally am with you on your sensitiveness, its new years eve and my wifes mother passed away. I have had a few but your post brought tears to my eyes for the trees that had to makeway for development. I believe the trees served there purpose and gave up thier exsistence so that love could florish in the area in human form and that the occupants will treat the area they once existed in with love and respect. I was really trying ti make sense as i have had a few, but you Know what I mean.
Have a happy new year and embrace being sensitive there are not enough of us. :)

Deeni 31st December 2012 1:55 pm

To All Sensitive Souls, SHINE ON!

The Light You bring to illusions, shadows, and darkness raises the vibration of Gaia.

Your sensitivity makes You stronger, makes Your Light brighter, and Your Unconditional Love and Compassion rushes forth. It is this process that builds a Wonderful New World for Us All to live.

We are All One. Sensitivity is a Gift. Be Grateful for it.

We will create a Beautiful New World, through our Sensitivity, and Unity.


Much Love and Light to You All!

allisone 1st January 2013 9:51 pm

It's as though my inner Divinity guided me to your blog post today. I was feeling deeply sad and so lonely. I broke off a romantic relationship with a man who had been providing beautiful companionship with me lately. But I realized it would not work, because he's not as sensitive or conscious as I and doesn't seem to be on a similar path as I. Because I am so sensitive, I've spent most of the day grieving HIS pain. He was so sad when I told him we weren't right for each other. I've felt his pain all day.

My journey often feels so lonely. I know very few people who understand my spiritual journey, my hunger for Oneness, growth, healing, and greater awareness of my inner Divinity. Most difficult is finding a lifelong partner who is as sensitive and also gets it. I needed to connect with another sensitive and beautiful soul today. Still sad, but feeling grateful I found your blog.

Many blessings and much gratitude. Happy new year.


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