The Happiness Cure

Have you washed your hands lately? Are you getting enough sleep? How’s your immune system? Are you a clean, lean, healthy machine? 


The media is abuzz with virus news. Ships stuck at sea, case numbers rising, test kits in high demand. As I watch what’s happening, I’m struck by the reality that we have a much bigger virus at play: Fear.  

The first line of defense, when it comes to health, is our emotional and energetic immune system. When these are weakened, we naturally become more susceptible to physical illness. 

And we become frightened.  

Fear weakens these systems by making us believe that we’ve lost control and that our fate lies in the hands of outside forces. Suddenly we lose connection to our inner wisdom and we’re convinced that we need to stay home, remain glued to the news, listen to a variety of experts, and stock up on survival supplies. 

When health crises have occurred in my life, or in the lives of my clients over the years, I always mention my friend, Kris Carr.  Kris was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic cancer in 2003 and you can only imagine how out of control and terrified she must have felt receiving this news. But, instead of choosing to see her diagnosis as a death sentence, she used it as an invitation to dramatically improve the quality of her life (you can read about what she did, here).

I like to use Kris’ story as an example of what happens when you take back your power and use it to craft an even better life. If Kris can continue to live well with cancer for more than seventeen years, chances are you can survive and thrive through this coronavirus scare.  

The trick is to remember:

You are not at the mercy of outside forces.

You can choose to see the coronavirus as an invitation to improve your emotional and physical health. 

You can decide, right now, to make one simple improvement to your diet.

You can get your health information from a trusted source and get updates once a week instead of every hour.

You can stay tapped into your inner wisdom and let that be the first “expert” you turn to when making decisions. 

You can live your life and keep doing the things that bring you joy because happiness is a powerful immune booster.  

Here are a couple of helpful resources to keep you on track when it comes to treating your emotional and energetic health:

  • Joan Borysenko, a scientist and psychologist, offers wise counsel about strengthening your emotional immune system, here.  
  • Nick and Jessica Ortner have created a free tapping meditation to help you release anxiety about the virus (so far, the results are excellent for those who use it!). You can find it on the Tapping Solution app under the “crisis support” category, here.  

I’ll be sleeping a little longer, taking my vitamins, enjoying long walks in nature, getting ready for upcoming workshops, and continuing to feed the animals in my backyard because they make me smile every single day.

Do what makes you smile, too.  It’s the best vaccine of all… ❤️



VAARRR 13th March 2020 1:19 pm
in this channeling on 11.50m Kryon talks about the 4th dimension…..
and then when to listen to 13.10m he says
13:11and the disease cannot exist in a higher
13:15dimension and the disease dies
as I said before mid December all, everyone 3d were raised to 4d
it means all is well… anyone on the planet, have to think that- healthy and he will be healthy

or,and tune in consciousness uphill level 4d and more……


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