Tiny Treats: The secret to a good life

I’m just getting back (late last night) from a trip to Italy with Michael.  It was our first real vacation since his illness and we had an amazing time.  I need to digest the experience, so, while I do, I thought I’d share a little wisdom from our Facebook community.  Before I left, I invited people to offer their favorite little treats – the simple things that make life enjoyable on a daily basis.  We had lots of great ideas.  Take a look at some of them and add something new to your daily repertoire this week!  

Long showers
A great cup of tea
Greek yogurt with walnuts and raspberries
Evening baths
Time to be creative, just for the sheer fun of it
An afternoon nap
Water or juice in a wine glass
A coffee date with a friend
An appointment at a swanky hair salon
Giving myself time to scrapbook
Buying a little bunch of flowers while food shopping
A book from the library
Cuddle time with our Chihuahua
Watching a great movie on the couch with a loved one
Treating myself to a pedicure
Reading a great mystery or suspense novel
A couple of Hershey Kisses every day
Cooking with someone I love
Snuggling my husband before I get up in the morning
Washing my wedding ring until it sparkles
Walking in my garden to see what’s changed
Singing from the top of my lungs in the car

How about you?  Any favorite little treats you’d like to share?  Visit our Facebook page here and do tell ?.

Take Action Challenge

How would your life improve if you made a conscious decision to give yourself at least one small treat every day?  Try it and see what happens…

This week’s video has been sent to me by a variety of people from around the world.  It’s Dr. Emoto’s prayer for water in the gulf (and surrounding areas) and you can find it here.



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