Who's leading the Dance of your Life?

This morning I sat in my living room with a cup of tea and Poupon nestled on my lap ready to watch Super Soul Sunday on OWN. Oprah was interviewing Gary Zukav about the 25th anniversary of his book, The Seat of the Soul.

One of the things I love most about Super Soul Sunday is that the topics discussed help me stay connected to the big picture – the higher purpose for being here on the planet.

Near the beginning of the show, as Oprah and Gary talked about the intention of his book, Oprah said that as far as she was concerned, the most important message from The Seat of the Soul was to “use your personality to serve your soul.”

Use your personality to serve your soul.

As I considered her statement, I found myself thinking about how well I was doing in that department at this stage of my life. Was my personality serving my soul?

But, before I could answer that question, I needed to consider another:

How do you know when your personality is serving your soul?

Because I tend to be a practical kind of gal, it’s never enough for me to be inspired by a spiritual mandate. I want to know how to apply it to my life.

So, after the show, I held the question in mind while I went to work out, and now that I’m done, I thought I’d sit down and make a list of the first ten things that come to mind.

I’m hoping they’ll be helpful to you in some way.

I’m starting with this sentence stem:

I know my personality is serving my soul when…

  • I make space in my schedule for solitude, time with nature, and time to create. And I hold it as “sacred space.”
  • I use difficult situations as opportunities for growth and greater understanding.
  • I catch myself complaining or gossiping or contributing to drama in some way and I stop.
  • I’m able to step back from conflict and consider the most loving and respectful response for all parties concerned.
  • I make a choice based on a truth I know I need to honor rather than a choice that will keep me in safe and familiar territory.
  • I say no because a choice doesn’t feel right rather than say yes just to keep the peace.
  • I say yes to something that excites me or inspires me or fills me up in the most delicious way in spite of fear or pointless reservations.
  • I feel called to be present for someone in need and I answer the call.
  • I stop myself from being harsh or judgmental toward myself and choose love and acceptance instead.


  • I know my personality is serving my soul when I’m patient.

Boy, if I could just master that last one I’d be in great shape .

What I love about doing a list like this is that it makes it easier to remember what I can do to support myself in the highest and most beneficial way.

The personality is the vehicle, the instrument or the apparatus that allows us to function in everyday life. The soul is the Essence of who we are – the Divine energy that animates the personality. It’s the unifying force that connects us to one another and all of creation.

The way I see it, the trick is to choreograph a beautiful dance between both partners – the personality and the soul, by remembering who needs to lead – The Soul.

I’m up for the challenge and I hope you are, too. I’d love to see an example of how you’d finish the sentence… I know my personality is serving my soul when… Feel free to reply to this email, or post an example on Facebook here. Let’s learn from each other .

Take Action Challenge

Here’s a video of a young boy who gets the idea of using his personality to serve his soul. May we all be inspired! You can watch him here.


Anni 31st May 2014 6:25 am

This makes the most sense I have ever read!!! How simple!! How obvious!! Thank you so much :)


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