Why Taking a Leap of Faith Might be The Safest Thing You Can Do

There's a little voice in my head that's been trying to get my attention for a long time. The voice tells me things like: stop following everyone else's rules and start expressing your creativity in unconventional ways; find that beautiful place by the sea you've wanted for intimate workshops and retreats and book one; allow movement and nature and animals to hold a more prominent place in your life.

We all have a wise voice inside. Yours might be telling you that it's time to let your grown children go so you can focus on living your life, or that you need to face the truth about how unhappy you are in your marriage, or that it's finally time to confront your addiction to work. 

It takes great courage to listen to the wise voice within. While it ultimately points to a better life, it also begs for action.That’s the scary part. If you listen and finally decide to act, it means confronting the reality that you often can’t walk to where it leads. You have to close your eyes, hold your breath, and jump. The moment you consider doing this you realize…

There is no net.
You will feel alone.
You may not get where you want to go.

But, somewhere deep inside, you know you need to step off that cliff anyway.

I’ve been doing a little leaping myself this summer and here’s what I’ve discovered. When you jump – when you really let go and trust – you find out pretty quickly that Life does love you, that the Universe does, in fact, have your best interest at heart, and that all along you had what it takes to do what you really, really want to do.

For too long I bought into a lie.  You might be doing it, too. We’ve been taught to believe that ignoring that wise voice will insure our safety, bring certainty, and allow us to maintain a comfortable, easy place in life. But ignoring your inner voice doesn’t bring these things.  It brings inertia, despair, and apathy – the kind of slow, soul murder that eats away at desire.

Nope. At some point we just need to jump. So, in case you’ve been thinking about it, consider this a gentle push… 

Take Action Challenge

Whether you’re ready to take a leap or not, do yourself a favor and start listening to that wise, inner voice of yours.  Write down what it says.  Let the truth reveal itself to you.  Imagine how your life might change for the better if you were to act on its wisdom.

If you do this, there’s a good chance that at some point your desire will grow stronger than your fear. I love the unconventional way the artist in this week’s video touches people with his work. You can see it here. Thanks, Deirdre!


Emma852013 21st August 2013 4:24 am

Thank you Cheryl, what a wonderful message.

I agree with you and I believe it's important to be really Ready when we jump.

And to be really ready I believe is to really trust oneself and love oneself and affirm that one is deserving of more love more joy more health and living in alignment with our spirit. Thats when we truly can jump off the cliff and fly!

Thank you again,

With love


fairygiggles 21st August 2013 10:53 am

thank u soooo much for this <3

i woke up today and just felt so tired of the fear that i feel like i'm ready to follow the desire, even if it's jumping off a cliff with my eyes closed :\

my inner voice has been guiding me to leave behind my entire reality, and trust that i'm stepping into a totally new one. which just feels super crazy. and it's hard because other than the dreams in my head and the feelings in my heart - there is nothing to step into yet :\ and even though the reality i'm in is complete hell and killing my spirit, just out of confusion and habit, i keep looking for answers backwards in this old reality, and i'm suffering like all hell because of it.

i feel stuck because there is nothing "new" to do yet, but i think my leap of faith is to first stop doing the old... to stop looking back for answers, and even though there is nothing to see yet, keep my eyes forward and up.

believe to see, not see to believe :)

Noel2 21st August 2013 2:55 pm

Thank you Cheryl!

I totally agree with the jump. Without the jump, u play it safe with one foot in the old Reality and the other foot in the new Reality, which can be confusing. Which Reality does ur Heart really have allegiance to when it really comes down to it?

Thanks for the link to the artist, it brought tears to my eyes. We all yearn to be noticed and appreciated and the artist seems to accomplish this through touch (between people he picks who don't know each other on the street).

Noel2 21st August 2013 4:22 pm

You wrote:
believe to see

Also 'believe to create' what you want to become a Reality. Feel in your Heart chakra 'as if' what you want has 'already happened' and how you would feel if your dream Reality really existed. This is how the Divine Matrix becomes involved (through your emotions/Heart chakra). The Divine Matrix figures out how to get from Point A (how things are now) to Point B (new Reality). Extreme faith is needed to manifest miracles/create.

An interesting Mer-Ka-Ba meditation is described by Metatron in a book called 'Metatron - This is the Clarion Call: All You Need To Know'. There are only 5 meditations and they actually can build on one another. The main premise is unconditional love for:

- self
- 7 billion+ people on planet Earth
- universe, other universes & all intelligence
- all beings who have wronged others, ex. Hitler (as above,
so below)


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