Allowing At Last the Real Flow of Life

Open your hearts to Me, beloved ones, and as you feel My Love wash through you, know with all you are that you can trust Me with your happiness. You can give your life over to Me and place your heart in My hands. I promise you that I will always bring you every good thing. I bring you the greatest gifts, the gifts of Love, consciousness and presence that will give your spirit wings and give your life true peace.

But until you trust My Love, then the ego has a foothold because its key to controlling you is that it whispers to you always that it will protect you and keep you from being hurt. All the while, My precious hearts, it plots for your demise. It plots to keep you separate from the one source of your nourishment and to keep you separate from Love which is your only true joy. It tells you that it is necessary that it must be in control and that it has your best in mind when this truly is a lie.

But only you can truly discover this - that I Am your closest ally. I Am your inspiration. I Am your true joy. And I Am the only thing that can ever bring you into the life that you really want which is a life that is free to flow with the miracle of Love - free to move and be as open as the living and glorious cosmos. This is the Real capacity of your great and glorious heart. Your Twin Flame Love is as powerful as the Moment of Creation itself but it cannot be harnessed or limited by the little mind's view.

So what is happening for all of you, again and again and again, is that the great and glorious River of Life rushes to your heart, ready to lift you with it into the ecstatic flow -- only to be blocked by the ego mind's reticence, its resistance to Love, resistance to freedom. This can only come by allowing yourself to be present that you might be the access point of the great Vertical life.

Until you can be alive to the moment, present in the glorious Now, then all this great energy of Love finds no outlet in you. So I Am asking you to take this biggest step and to place your trust in Me for your highest good and happiness. Do not assume that I Am your inspiration but that your good cannot be served by loving Me as your world and loving Me in the world as the living spirit of God, letting every moment come forth free and flowing as the River of Life.

Only until this trust is born and grown to its fullness in you is the ego mind necessary at all to give you a sense of identity. It is time, beloved, to leap into My arms and to trust Me with everything - your life and your good. Once you have done this, then you are ready for heart perception and for the awareness of the living spirit of Love alive in everything.

As you come into My presence and into this holy relationship where your in-breath is to Me and your out-breath is Me to the world, then every moment can be flexible, waiting on the movement of Love and allowing heart perception to show you the Real world. This is what I am opening for you today, the glorious experience of Real life as it is present right here and right now beyond the ego's still picture of the world.

So when you look outward through the little mind you see objects in relationship that are separate and clearly defined and the world essentially is immovable. That is what the symbol of physical life means - stationary, held in a particular definition of life. But when you see the world through your living heart, then all around you, dearest ones, there is movement and you become part of this freedom and flow.

Every moment everything is rearranged by the bursting forth of this Now Moment and everything comes forth through you as a communion of Love. Without anything held and no resistance, life is a living miracle, ready to burst forth into something new in this magnificent Now.

Rather than using the ego mind to attempt to create the perfect world, once you recognize the ego mind's symbols as the symbols of resistance, then you can shift to your heart and to this trust and communion and be part of this pulsing ecstasy that is the Real truth of all life, including the "physical world." Relationship also becomes the reflection of Real Love where any energies that touch bring the gifts of God. Every experience is an experience of the increase of Love and the over-flowing abundance of Real life.

Oh, dearest ones, your experience of the world and of life has been constricted so much that you have as yet no idea of what is living in the moment with you. But until you are present in this moment you cannot participate and you won't be present as long as you believe you need the ego to protect you.

So I call you to a new relationship with Love and with Me. Release the ego's incessant chattering that says you need it to protect you and that Love will always hurt you. These are the patterns that have kept this old world in place and kept it frozen on the "horizontal arm" [of the cross] for eons.

Come, My precious one, each of you, to Me and be willing to release all resistance and to truly give Real Love a chance, for it cannot grow in the rocky soil of the ego's dream. When I reach for you, humanity, what I feel is all these bristles like porcupines protecting themselves. But the truth is you are protecting yourselves from what your ego has created and all of it is "smoke and mirrors." Beneath this frozen dream is the living molten spirit and the rushing glorious ecstasy of the living River of Life that has never stopped flowing. It is always within you and seeks ever and always to continue its movement outward through your heart in the law of Love that is what nourishes you, what you give and not what you receive.

But to live this takes real presence and takes the shift into the heart that the ego mind's constant evaluation can at last cease and you can have peace. Every evaluation is a resistance to Love. Can you feel the truth in this, beloved ones? Your heart knows this. For every evaluation is a form of separation, when the heart knows only Love's closeness and the great singing voice of unity in which every living spirit has a perfect part and all are singing together.

Real life is a glorious movement of Love that will come into you as this living vibration that you can feel through every atom of your being and that speaks to you clearly in your heart. When your heart perception is your mode of interaction, then every life that you touch in the world will reveal to you its perfect vibration, its rate of the pulsations of Love and will slide into your flow in this dance of more -more Love, more good, more joy and more movement.

Oh, beloved ones, it is time to let the movement of life become the movement of your spirit in joy as I Am reaching through you to love this world free and to reveal what is beneath the illusion. It is the living electrons of life carrying their cargos of precious Light ever and always going forth to multiply. You know this vibration from our communions. Now feel it through your heart in the world. Let your heart speak the language of living Light and decode the symbols of the "reversal" freeing the life trapped within it in that backward swirling vortex of ego.

Ego always seeks to "get" and thus the energy is moving backwards -- anti-life rather than true giving. The ecstasy of your heart and spirit always comes through Love's outward movement and this won't be your language until you really trust Me to always bring your highest good and your greatest and truest joy.

The lie of the ego is that you need it to protect you and thus, it tells you that you needs its evaluations of all those around you and all the possibilities of Love -- but, of Love in a form that could hurt you - and thus, requiring the ego mind's protection.

When you know yourself as this living spirit and you know the truth of your Real heart, that you are already joined as a living expression of the Twin Flame movement of God I Am, then you know that nothing in the world can hurt you and you begin to move beyond the illusion.

So I Am asking you to come to Me and to feel this Love and to feel yourself release all self-protection and then reach forth this Love using your precious heart and let the world be revealed as this living miracle of Light and the dancing wave forms of Love. It is true that to live the Vertical life, to be fully present in this moment as spirit, does require releasing your attachment to the world of ego.

But trust Me. The world of spirit, the world of Love is so much more that it will fill in all of the blanks, all of the things that your heart has been missing, and the symbols of the world then will coincide with this glorious expression of your heart and the movement of your living spirit each Now.

You cannot allow this New World of movement to come into place while you are holding onto the old world and seeing yourself through the two eyes of the ego mind rather than through the freedom and movement of the heart. So please, though your heart knows you are here to create the bridge world of Love, do not assume you can picture this world through the little mind.

Let go of it all and come into the divine Now and into the living flow of the spirit, and into constant communion with Me, in which you have your identity and your true nourishment - everything that you need for Real life including your glorious Twin Flame Love, the reflection of the perfect Love you are and your trust in Me.

As you become fully present in the living Now, the energy of your life can rearrange and truly in an instant the symbols of your world can change and express forth your Real perfection and your trust in Me.

Everything that you have experienced in the world has been this movement of Love knocking on your heart, and every moment of pain you have experienced has been the ego mind's resistance. Even if you had offered, as so many of you have done, to walk the path of human separation and darkness, were you true to our relationship and full of your faith in My Love, your whole experience would have been completely different.

You would have been bathed in such Light and sheltered in such Love that you would always know the act of service, and you would be a living fountain, a blessing for those who sought to harm you. All that could be seen by the ego's view as detrimental, you would know in your heart as a blessing, giving every life stream who touched you the opportunity to feel My Love. If they didn't, you would wrap them in forgiveness and feel with My tender heart their separation, knowing that separation from this Love, joy and ecstasy is truly the greatest punishment that anyone could ever need.

As you turn back to Me, you will be assured of this and you will find yourself truly the embodiment of giving and of the movement of life that could be defined as forgiveness - the washing clean that comes from the River of Life offering each one of you a new choice for Love in this precious Now Moment.

So choose Love, beloved ones, and choose now to trust Me, Stay with this until you feel it become your inner truth and you feel this resonant communion in your being every moment. Then you become truly My functioning heart, returned at last to the true flow and movement, the amplification and multiplication of Love. You are its giving. You are the outward movement of life. You are the living flow of the Love. You are My heart, and surely My heart must trust Me in order to fully function as the vehicle of giving that it truly is.

Open your consciousness to this Light and bring your heart into this Love and let the cage of the ego dream fall away. Say "Yes" to your freedom to be Love's movement, knowing that Love is true change and always brings more of itself and more and more and more blessings.

I Am your greatest Good. I Am the miracle of your life. I Am ever and always Making more Love in, as and through you.



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