Being a Heart Instead of Having a Heart

God Now Calls Us to the Real Shift

Beloved ones, we come to a point where the heart of God becomes your experience. We come to the place that is so important -- when as an experience you realize that this is not about a person who is opening his/her heart. It is not about the ego identity. It is far greater than working on a spiritual life and making choices that seem to bring you closer to Me.

Ah, no. Beloved ones, this is about a leap that is so profound, so dramatic and so vital that it completely eliminates all effort, all choice, all involvement in the ego’s drama. It is the leap into the experience of being the heart of God, completely open, ever glorious and eternal, limitless, ecstatic, indescribable and completely Real – where there is nothing to change or reach for. The truth is the truth. You are the heart of Love and nothing has ever changed this.

The moment that you realize this experience of Love – in that moment you realize that the human who suffers, who struggles or who makes choices to become more spiritual – this is not who you are. To approach this Love from the perspective of the ego is to only have ideas about the heart and to ever have that mis-perception of separation that creates something to long for, to reach for. It creates resistance to those things in the human experience that are less than the experience of the heart.

But, dearest ones, when you leap through this doorway, when you recognize the personality is totally not who you are… when you open to this effulgence of Love and become only this experience of the limitless Love of God you are… Then, all resistance is gone. All attachment, all duality becomes like smoke, and every electron that has made up the physical is free to celebrate the expansiveness of your heart and the limitless joy of being All That You Are.

There is a place, then, where every spiritual path is dropped and where all perspectives of the mind are stopped by Love. When you ask yourself: Who is it? What is it that is here right now? The only answer is the heart of God I Am, and this answer pours into your being, lifts you up into an experience of Love and releases the dream of separation instantly, until you are freedom and expansion and the endless possibilities of Love.

So this is the shift to the heart, beloved ones. It is not the shift to the heart of a human being. It is the shift out of the perception of the ego into the experience of being your true nature, the heart of the living hologram. In this shift, dearest ones, the world is free to change, for you recognize that what you resist, persists.

Every aspect of the ego is a resistance to Love. This is obvious the moment you understand what the ego is. As long as you are identified with the person, with the story of your life in any way, you are not fully immersed in the experience of the heart … of being the heart…not having a heart to shift to. This is an important difference.

So I Am here, whispering to you that in the truth of Love the world of the ego ends. It disappears, beloved ones, into the Now Moment, where there can be no story line at all, for the stories of the mind require time. They require the building of a past, an extrapolation of a future. But you are the timeless heart of God, and when you allow this to claim you, time is ended. The world is gone and the pulse of Creation moves through you, free to create for the heart of Love the most exquisite expressions of God. You are free to dance through the cosmos, rejoicing in the release of the dream of a world based on separation from Love.

You stand in this point of awakening to the experience of the heart of God that you are. Love is your only identity, and then, from Love the urge and movement, the acceptance of the heart beat, the desire to give. Not giving that comes through a limited identity but giving that sweeps through the vastness of your being and informs through the Will of Love your every movement. You blaze as the one flame of life that holds within it two pulse beats of consciousness that give the impetus to all Creation for expansion and for experience of new possibilities of Love.

You are ready now to understand this distinction and to surrender the ego mind’s identity. You are ready to release the human persona, to explode into the glory of freedom of the experience of your true identity that is right now the reality for everyone. It has just been ignored for a while as the focus of the heart has been directed into the experience of separation from Love that in truth, of course, is impossible.

This resonance of the truth of who you are is now becoming so strong and so palpable that every moment that you stop the little mind even for an instant, it overcomes you and lifts you into the ecstasy that you are – that you share with the Whole, with the hologram. It brings you into the pure Light of true awareness of All that Love Is and all that is possible, experienced directly in Me as the truth of who you are – the limitless beauty of God, the exquisitely awesome power of Love, the song of the universe in which Creation says a resounding and endless “Yes” to Love.

That “Yes” to Love resonates to the heart and is ready to burst free right now to become your experience of life, that you might perceive each moment as the Now and find yourself only extending Love, recognizing the heart of God in everyone, experiencing the world as truly profound expressions of the beauty and the Love in which you are fully immersed now in the endless song of ecstasy.

So let us no longer say, “Shift to your heart,” but rather, “Be the heart of God you are, Now.” Let these words be for you the launching point. Let them catapult you into the experience of your truth and in the glory of your being as peace, as the deep awareness of Homecoming – that you are Home in Me as the one heart of God I Am, fully present and beyond all stories of the little mind.

Every identity of the world, beloved ones, dissolves in this Love. All the stories of all the lifetimes that you have lived have all been creations of the mind and you are ready now to accept that you are the heart, and that the time for the mind is ended – that the heart of God can BE the world -- not discover it, create it or perceive it…but simply be present to the truth that Love is all that is here anyway and everything else was a shadow play of finger puppets on the wall of the mind’s limited drawings.

Now we open to the Real Light that I Am, that “I AM” may resonate fully in you and that resonance is the Word with which Love creates the elements of ever expanding expression of the discovery of the limitless possibilities of Love’s perfection.

Beloved ones, it may be challenging to place in words what this shift means -- from perceiving yourselves as human, as a human being with a story line that includes resistance to many things that have been unpleasant – now shifting into the limitless truth of Love, the heart of which is the vehicle of Love’s expansion -- and that, beloved ones, is you.


Peter fox 4th November 2013 6:24 am

There is a place,then, where every spiritual path is dropped.....amazing!!!


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