Being the Conduit for Love

As you open your heart and feel this flow of Love, My beloved and precious ones, you can also feel how hungry your heart is. How it drinks in this Love, this Love that is the heart's perfect food! How, as you open and surrender, your heart becomes that glorious conduit for the greatest Love there is!

Love rushes in from the explosion of Creation itself, Love that is the pulsing miracle. It washes through your heart, rushing onward to give and to feed the hungry world. I promise you that every heart on Earth is starving for this Love. Every heart longs for its miracle, the miracle of transcending itself, of remembering what it means to be the opening to the explosion of Love I Am, feeding the Whole through you.

This, then, is truly your mission. This is what your heart calls out for. It is beyond any specific expression but rather about the power of Love as it uses you to feed those precious hearts, to rush through you to give to them. Hearts like baby birds with throats open! Hearts reaching up and calling for something that the mind can't even know, yet the heart remembers.

The mind looks everywhere for this Love. It says, "Lo, here, lo, there. Love, where are you?" The mind says, "I want Love for myself," but the heart knows that the mind can never keep it, for Love must always move on. Love is ever moving outward. Love is the deepest, most gentle river that nourishes both heart and soul. It is the only thing that shall truly wake humanity and make it grow.

Every analogy falls short of describing or explaining the heart's hunger. Every analogy falls short of capturing the power and the purpose as Love reclaims your beautiful hearts as its conduit. This is who you are. This is ever your outreach. It is the outreach of the heart of God giving Love to every heart that is in the world or even close to it.

What I want you to feel as you surrender and you allow Real Love to use you, is the indescribable purity, the magnificent, elevated vibration and the miracle of the rushing Love - its nourishment of your whole being. Every particle is saturated with this Love, fed to overflowing, bursting with the glory of life as only Love can give it.

All of this is Love's greatest gift only when it is moving through you. If you seek to capture Love for yourself, it will elude you because to seek to hold or to "get" Love is the reversal. Only by becoming the open heart can you finally know true fulfillment that nurtures your whole being, body, soul, spirit to the depth and the breadth of your greatest Self, the living heart of Love I Am, awakening.

This is what you find waiting for you when you surrender and begin to give, not of yourself, but to give yourself as Love's conduit. Love asks you for everything. It asks for your heart, your mind, your very being. It asks that your focus remain on Me. When you honor Love's request, you are the one who is blessed, for what is given by Love's heart is not only multiplied. It is made perfect in the arms of Love I Am.

This one precious understanding of Love - that it cannot be held onto for the smaller self - this one shift in heart's awareness -- can and will change everything. So beneath the words that Love speaks through you, beneath this communion, this experience, comes the Message of Love spoken clearly and directly - My Love through you with the deepest embrace of freedom - the kiss of Love's fulfillment. It is given only when Love is released and allowed to use you.

Thus do I call to your heart to open into this glorious expansiveness, that you might feel the vibration of the Christ that knows itself as you. As it resonates in your heart, it says clearly, "I AM," and makes its home in every molecule, lights up and nourishes every cell as it passes through. Let yourself open to this food. This is the heart's true communion.

When Jeshua offered himself, it was not his body or his mind or personality. What he offered to humanity is this Love, for it flows through him unimpeded, matched by the passionate heart of Mary Magdalene. They are yet Love's perfect opening. As each of you becomes the open heart, drinking Love in and knowing it, allowing it to rush through your whole being to sing the vibrational song of selfless giving, you feel the ecstasy of that song. It rocks every atom of your being and becomes the holy spiral of Twin Flame Love, engulfed, gloriously a-flame with the passionate commitment to being Love, to being completely surrendered that Love may make of you something new, something perfect that is Love's gift to you.

By giving it shall you receive far more than what is given. As Love given returns to you, it returns in blessings. It returns in ecstasy. It returns as the deepest truth of life into your soul, into your spirit. It gives you heart and consciousness - the great wings of the Christos, Love's expansion, the divine expression of Love I Am, present and committed, surrendered to the flow of joyous ecstasy standing forth as Christ, both masculine and feminine, together the open heart of Love for the world.

As you become the open heart, the conduit for this rushing river, it shall wash away the little ego self, clear away the detritus of the ego mind and leave you born anew of the heart of Love I Am.



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