Breathing in Love With Every Breath

Today I just ask you to breathe in My Love - to take it in, feel it and let it nourish you in every electron of your being. When you feel this vibration within you, claim it with your whole being and let it become your vibrational feeling, the tone of your feeling nature as you walk in this new awareness of the amazing beauty of this living hologram as it touches you, blesses you and appears for you as humanity and the world.

I know that you can step through this doorway and breathe and live in this magnificent breath-taking beauty of life where you see all of the colors of the spirit dancing and you feel the sweeping movement of living Love. You watch as all the particles of Light dance around you and you hear the great harmonies of My one voice and life is truly beyond magical. Magnificent beyond your dreams.

Once again may I remind you that a life centered in Me is the only true life that you can have and it is when you are centered in Me that you see everything and everything reveals its true nature to you. The mind likes to tell you that you must follow this direction and do this certain thing and figure it out and will keep you pondering the literal translation of My energy into words. What I want for you is to be the living experience of the spirit of Love I Am as it finds its voice and sings forth a new world right now as the great holy expression of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine as it loves and gives forth the world.

It is out of your great cosmic LoveMaking that the world is born brand new every Now, and it is from the power of your hearts that you fuel it and your beauty is where it gets its colors. That which you see is only the tiniest beginning of that which is here for you. I Am ready and ever willing to help you leap into this experience of God as every living thing all around you.

I Am the Light and I Am shining before you, lighting up your way through the world. I Am truly the resurrection for I Am your life as it springs forth from Me and not from your human identity.

Take My Love. Take My hand, figuratively and consciously and let Me open you to the realms of Light that you might become whole as a pure heart and as the expression of God I Am.

I encourage you to choose to meditate even if it is only for five minutes a day, because, even though the meditation might end, our communion continues on and on and will bring you so much Light and grace and blessings that it is far beyond the little investment in time.

Heart of God, progeny of God, hand of God, all of it is the truth and the truth must be watered in your heart and acknowledged in your soul. So every breath, let it be the acceptance of My Love and let it feed you and fill you and lead you on, that every step may be made in harmony and beauty as we rejoice in it all.


Beloved God, we open our hearts tonight and ask that You would fill us with Your Love. Make of us together a glorious and functioning heart through which You can love this world and lift it. God, we give our will to You, our lives, our devotion, and ask to be the conduit for Your pure and magnificent Love to flow through. Thank You for the gift of spirit family and thank You, God, for the gift of Your Love, Your abundance and Your heart.

I join my heart with my beloved Doug and ask that our Twin Flame heart truly be the conduit, crystal clear, for this experience tonight. I call to all beings of Light to assist us in amplifying this Love and this blessing for all humanity. Amen.

As we open our hearts together, letting the Love we share fill us, we begin to feel the vortex building that we create together and the energy flows between us, heart to heart to heart, rushing, building and pouring forth in joy. So as you feel this Love moving clockwise between us, let your heart become part of this singing living whole, this Love that we now dedicate in service to the world and to the unity of Love as the world.

As we share this heart, this heart beat, so we also share the one living breath that flows through all Creation and we allow it now to breathe us, releasing our little will, dissolving into the Love and feeling the movement of God flowing through us now. As you let your breath out, all old identities fall away and breathing in the Love, you are perfect, breathing out this perfection to the world and breathing in through your heart, up into the ocean of Love and breathing out pure Love through your heart.

Breathing in, your heart open, into the Love again and breathing out as that pure conduit of giving. Breathing in now into the pure Light. Breathing out that Light through every electron, every cell. Breathing in now into that glorious God communion and breathing out that connection to humanity. Breathing in all the way up to the Moment of Creation and breathing out that explosion of life to the world. Breathing in, into the Real of Love effortlessly, and letting Love become us in service. As you breathe in again, feel that great and holy union and breathe out God's presence to the world.

Breathe in into that glorious trust of the one Love and now give it on the out-breath with all your being. Breathing in, in through your heart, and feeling communion and breathing that assurance of God's Love outward. With every breath, let Love truly breathe you as you become the one rhythm of the living whole of Love.

Every breath is a true remembrance into the pure Light and then, out again. Every breath is living the Vertical life. Every breath is filled with the joyous feeling of God's Love again and again as we breathe this perfect and glorious unity.

Now, Beloved Ones, My precious heart, you become the glorious flower of My heart that I give as pure beauty. As you feel My touch, let yourself dissolve into it and let Me carry you Homeward. As I touch your waiting heart, feel it blossom and open to Me and with every breath, surrender. Surrender into My arms, into My Love, in trust and let Me make of you My pure and open heart through which My beloved ones can feel Me.

As I open your heart fully, feel how it lifts you. Now watch with the vision of your spirit as you slip easily out of the ego's dream and come softly through the open doorway of your heart now to Me on wings of pure Light. I lift you upward easily. Without effort you are rising and all around you are the streams of pure Light that are the Angels. As you rise, you feel your heart remembering true joy and you become the singing heart of the living Oneness I Am.

Yet, higher into the pure vibration I bring you and you can feel My kiss upon your spirit. As you feel this, the rejoicing begins in your being, as you rise even higher in My Love. All around you are golden streams of pure energy and the rushing cascading rivers of white Light and you feel Me in your being singing your true name, as you recognize the energies of God I Am alive in your eternal Twin Flame heart.

Now you are aware of your Twin Flame with you, wrapped within your being. Together the great Double Helix of life reaching always for Me at the apex. Now into the pinnacle of Light you rise into the Moment of Creation and become the explosion of Love. In your being you are the energy of the explosion of pure Light as it moves upon the ocean of My Love. Your great heart is now awakening in its role as perfect Love, perfect Love alive in perfect trust, accepting the River of Life and amplifying and giving it forth.

As you feel the tenderness with which I love you reflected in your Twin Flame's heart, you rejoice and you are filled with gratitude and devotion and the pure magnificent Word of God, I AM PERFECT LOVE given forth now. Every heart beat and every breath, the truth of My eternal being. Breath after breath you answer the call, the call to be the living breath of spirit and heart beat after heart beat, you send forth the Message, "All life is loved perfectly, honored, in tenderness, respect and purity." The heart of God is offered in service to the amplification of every life in its perfection, eternally. This is my truth as you. My magnificent and endless heart...

Now your consciousness reaches out and merges with the whole, with everything. As you feel all life moving within you, held in the perfection of this Love, recognize, beloved, heart of God, that you are here to honor all life free in its eternal and glorious expression of its God nature, wrapped in My perfect Love. The circle of this Love wraps around everything in tenderness and in such deep and endless joy, to recognize the gift of such amazing life within this hologram of living Love, I Am.

What an incredible experience it is to love each precious stream of life and in loving it, to allow it to become more of what it is as it lives and moves within the unity of living Love we share. As your consciousness washes through all life, you are loving all life free at once. In this I Am showing you each precious cell in My heart, just how big your vision is. Nothing can limit your ability to love, to serve all life at once and to hold All That I Am in your heart, to be the breath of sweet God remembrance for every life stream now.

As you feel Love living you through your great eternal heart as it beats in devotion to the Oneness and you feel the unity of the heart as it sings this song of perfection and tender holy and given Love, I ask you to feel the heart of the one you share and to feel the truth of this very Real and living vortex of great energy, atomic and powerful, endless and perfectly given and to know this as that which you are ever meant to do - giving Love with all of your being in unity with every cell in My great and pulsing heart now after now after now.

Thus, beloved ones, I turn you now back to the world that you have agreed to love and to serve and I ask you to join as one, to create a Real and working heart made especially for the transformation of the world to Love. As you reach out in unity, feel each other's pulsing heart and join your hearts together once again. Let Me make of you a new thing, born of your dedication to Love, your commitment to the awakening of humanity. As you join together now and open this heart you create, I pour through you every hue of Creator Light. All the colors of Creation wash through your being and weave themselves together and you become a great rainbow heart of Love with all life represented perfectly in this beating heart we create together.

As you feel the Love pulsing through and amplify the Love with all your being and open ever wider this vortex of transformation, in your vision I am showing you how perfectly this heart joins the world with the Moment of Creation now. Can you feel the shift in vibration as the great stream of energy, the River of Light rushes in? It rushes through to wash the world in grace and the power of this grace now touches every life and speaks deep deep within it as you, My living heart, joined in dedication are poised above the world in blessing. This is the truth of your being and this is the moment you have waited to begin. All that you have brought to the world is now rushing, dancing, delighted through you to bring every life the awareness of how I see and how perfectly each one is loved.

Ah, but more than this, beloved heart of God, the gift you bring is the opening to the River of Life and to the transformation of duality and ego, back into the pure Light and Love. For just as this heart we create now together opens to the Moment of Creation, it brings that possibility to the world also as a rainbow doorway of living Love, a great magnet to draw upward every vision, to pull all old heart's beliefs into the Light, back to the Moment of Creation to be made new now.

So now is the time and as you open to this Love and feel your Twin Flame heart begin pulsation, and the great orgasmic joy rushes through this vortex, washing your whole being in purity and pouring to the world, singing with the voice of Love... Watch as it touches every life and see how the resonance opens every heart, drawing upwards all old identities. They rise now through this shared heart. You can feel them coming in, rushing upward, and you push them by the living Will you have given to Me. They rise between you in this great conduit now assisted by the hands of the Angels and sung upward by the heart of Christ, until they come back now to the very Moment of Creation itself. They are dissolved in this explosion of living Love and pure Light emerging now as pure singing electrons, carrying new cargoes of pristine Light.

Now we send it forth, back down into the world as droplets of gold and white, the true abundance of God I Am nourishing every life perfectly. The elixir of life as eternity. As you watch the old structures of limitation are dissolving. Can you see the tangled scheme of old beliefs unraveling as the world made by the ego mind is set free? The sense of freedom is intoxicating as lives long stifled can breathe free and the waves of limitless freedom wash through the world and spark the heart of humanity open...

And now all that is left is the membrane of the circle that has held the reversal of Love. Wrapped around this circle is the great heart of Lucifer. Now, dearest ones, we embrace that great being of Light and together bring back fluidity, awareness and limitless freedom at last. Slowly waking from his great act of service, this being opens his great heart, remembers his Twin Flame as the reflection of My Love and sighs a great sigh of relief. He reaches up now to you ... this sweet heart, My vortex of pure unending Love... and rises upward to join you. You welcome with all you are your brother as he joins you in service to the Light, fully conscious, fully free again.

All around the Heavens are rejoicing and you can hear the song of all beings as they sing the freedom of the world back into the hologram as every heart remembers the One and no pockets are left of the reversal of Love. Instead, all is bursting with joy as the heart of God you are rejoices again and again and the joy flows and washes your whole being and fills every precious life with the mystical union of God, heart, spirit, consciousness, the living unity of Love.

As you look with heart vision, where the world was is only Light. All the lives are dancing free and every breath that we breathe as this one holy unity is the breath of eternal freedom. At last you are breathing this holy freedom with every breath, joyously. Each breath is pure Light raining through your being and every breath contains the perfect heart beat as you are held always in Me.

Breathe in My perfect Love for you and breathe it out as food for every life. Breathe in how perfectly I support you and hold you and breathe out My Love for every being. Let yourself be lifted tenderly, joyously, dissolving into the hologram of Love, merged with Me, yet always knowing Me, feeling Me, breathing Me, being God as the One Life sings forth the holy name, I AM PERFECT LOVE AND FREEDOM and this Love wears your name.

Accept your life from Me now. Accept this gift and take it deep within and feel how I feed you, nourish you. How I Am your life, Light and freedom. You are perfect in Me. Every heart beat sings forth in ecstasy as before you I appear and love you. I love you from above. I love you from within. I love you as your Twin Flame being, My Love before you, My heart within you, and My name spoken by your every breath in perfect eternal grace.

Breath by holy breath, All I Am I give you. Breath by perfect breath, breathe Me in and accept the gift of abundant life as you become the conduit of Christ, the perfect eternal heart of Love. One life eternally and yet, ever and always this perfect Love that we share now. Your heart radiates the rays of Light and the great pulsation of living Love, and you are joy. You are life. You are how I love. All life lives within you. All life is yours to love as Me, My heart forever. Grace and eternal freedom.

Every breath I Am breathing you - one life alive within you and the pure Light of God I Am shining through your whole being, radiant as your giving heart and fully conscious in every electron of your being. You are My atomic Love powering all life perfectly into the expansion of the Love I Am. I Am perfect Love amplified and given. I Am the expansion of God. I Am perfect as God is perfect, loving all life perfectly and living the giving forever with My every breath and heart beat alive in the eternal Now, one life always loved gently, perfectly, eternally, Now.

And now My beloved ones, My radiant heart, streams of rainbow colors and living joy, as you become this open and pulsing heart, taking up your focus of freedom, in every moment now your heart sees the true world which is simply always the radiant pattern of these rainbow Lights of the spirit and dancing electrons of Light straight from the Moment of Creation.

I am asking of you to be this heart vision and to see Now only this truth - the freedom and eternal joy of a world fully awakened, released from the old dream of Love's reversal in joyous eternal and glorious celebration as a conscious part of the unity of life. Your heart now will show you the true and radiant pattern of these magnificent lives as you walk as My focus through the world, already made whole and free by you, beloved one. Now. In every Now Moment, always.

Every breath, every heart beat is the remembrance and the vision of the world fully awakened to Love and the rainbow heart that has brought it there, held steady by you, by your deep dedication and your shared vision of unity amplified with every breath.



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