Consciously Feed the Atoms of Your Being

Beloved ones, I Am with you. I Am singing to you through every spirit of Nature and breathing out the song of life on the wind. Every bit of it is the movement of the living River of Light and Life that is truly your spiritual food. So, whether this food comes into your being as beauty or comes into your being as Light, it must reach deep within and ignite your deep remembrance that I Am the source of everything and that all life is part of this hologram, including every atom of your physical being - which of course you are aware is not physical.

Everything that you are and need is flowing into you through your heart and comes from the eternal source of your being which of course is Me. So your work that is before you because you choose to transform the world is to re-instate the dominion of the Light in every atom and electron of your being and especially every atom and electron that make up your physical body.

Until every atom is once again held by you in the circle of your conscious Love, then all is not in alignment with the perfect flow of life I Am, for you are meant to have dominion over all outwardly moving things that are carriers of My Love. That is what life in the world is. It is the extension of My Love here and Now. Therefore you must become aware on every level of your being where it is you truly dwell and what has priority. The priority is the living flow of the spirit that is the exhale of My breath, that is the great flush of orgasmic ecstasy as My Love is given forth.

It is the open embrace of the extension of My Love that is meant for every being and it is the shared living breath of the spirit as one life undivided. So, as you open your heart and reconnect to the Moment of Creation with Me, open your being and your body as well to the recognition of what has been caused by the reversal and how the truth of God I Am mends duality, mends the rift in the fabric of the universe and brings all life back into the breathing and living circle of God I Am as the world.

So for you in your life personally, this means to feed yourself from this living breath. Take it in and consciously direct it and know that consciousness is always the key between being an essentially old world human being in your responses to the world - and being a being of unlimited freedom, free to be the God I Am present here on Earth in the living flow of the Now. The eternal instant where I Am providing everything you could ever need or want. It bubbles up from within you through the open doorway of your heart and brings forth your own orgasmic shout of the movement of life, Love and consciousness going forth through your heart.

As you speak the words of power, "I Am God, I Am," and as you feel the flow, the energy of life, you know that you are capable co-creators and you are naming your world "whole and perfect" now. So take time every day to nourish and replenish your body and to recognize it as a community of Twin Flame hearts. Pull yourself deeply into the center to be the vehicle, the ever open heart through which I love the world.

Every breath breathed consciously returns you to a power point, a source of this streaming Love, an awakened consciousness of yourself as the living Christ heart that by loving your inner world free, frees the world to reflect it. So if you choose to listen to the voice of My living spirit and let Me show you anew each day, you will become fully present in the reclaiming of your life as God and as the pure expression and extension of God's heart sent to embrace the world and to be the expression of change, of transformation and Love.

It is up to you, beloved ones, to all of you, to retrain the atoms of your body to recognize their cosmic life, for just like you, they have become entranced with the dream and believe themselves part of something physical. So you must take charge once again of that which is missing in your being in the circle of your Love. Feed them the truth every day, every moment that you can. Breathe in this glorious life force and feed them just as I feed you, and show them their Real identity as part of this living and glorious whole, taking nourishment from the River of Life and regenerating it each Now Moment in glorious perfection.

You then go forth to be the Twin Flame hearts in service to all Creation, committed for the moment to serving the awakening of the world of duality. So as you breathe in this Light and you awaken to the nuances of this Light, take it in not only for yourself but for the community of Love that is your being and begin to recognize yourself as an unlimited being of Light that is not captive by dreams of limitation but is ready always to take flight in the Real upliftment and joy of life.

As you breathe in this Light and take your nourishment through your heart and bathe daily in the River of Life, accepting full God consciousness, you develop the communion with your being that is exactly as my communion with you - for I look within myself and I see you alive and conscious and Real as the center of My being, My heart, and I love you.

Just so must you recognize these atoms as communities of Twin Flame hearts who may have been temporarily mesmerized, looking outside of your Real self for that which you call identity or life. As you train these precious life forms, these hearts that need to live on Love - then, you retrain the atoms and electrons of your body as well as re-attune your heart and awaken yourself to the pure vibration of unlimited Light and Love.

I could speak to you hour upon hour but nothing would touch your heart like experience, like recognizing that you too are divine parents and that the atoms of your being are the children of your true nature and the representatives of your great heart. You can take on your role as divinity with a glad glad heart.

So drink from the River of Life and quench this deep longing, this thirst and feed yourself from the table of life and from the substance of this pulsing Love. As you do, you will know vitality like a blessing you never imagined before and the atoms of your being will begin to vibrate at the frequency of the New World and everything will show forth its beauty as all around you life sings and the Light is revealed in all things as it is revealed in Me. Every moment drink Me in. Every moment eat this Love, and let it truly be for you the feast that it is, as I feed you from the table of God and provide more than you could ever eat, to be the living "en-conscious-ment" of God I Am on Earth.



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