Let Me fill you, beloved one, with this radiant Love that you might recognize yourself in this. As you feel this Love as the center of your being, then with your heart you understand that this is what you are made of. You understand that the persona that you experience in this world of ego is just the thinnest veneer, truly a skin that creates for you a space in which to interact with the rest of the Love that we share.

As your heart rejoices more and more in this Love and the resonance of My presence within you, then you recognize that the living Spirit is that which illuminates and activates your being and every move is now made from here in the perfect peace…serenity as joy…that Love is.

The center of your being is your heart. But it is also that to which your heart has access. It is the music of the spheres made manifest as you, here, now and everywhere. Everywhere that Love is, you are. It is simply your choice of focus that chooses your perspective in each Now Moment.

So you stand here in the world, experiencing life as a human being. Yet with every moment you are remembering that the doorway of your heart is a vast treasure with which nothing can interfere. As you live from this, as you rest in this glory, as you allow this Love to be that which moves you and you commune in your heart with Me continually, you experience life from a whole new perspective. This is the perspective to which I call you as you make the shift to the heart's experience, the reality in which you live.

And what of your experience of life here in the world? for you say to Me…but, God, I still have desires. I say to you, why not? My only question to you is from where does the desire come? Does it rise up from deep in your heart and celebrate this wholeness of joy? Does it meet with each moment in an acknowledgement that God Is in everything that you experience and that I Am the desire and its fulfillment… as long as it arises through your heart?

As you become this pure and open conduit of Love, Love rushes forth to call to itself every pure expression of that which brings you joy and makes it manifest in all dimensions in which you live, including this dimension of the world. The experience of the heart of God celebrating beauty… the experience of the heart of God acknowledging itself… can be an experience of life unfolding in the world of phenomena with wonder and magic. The interaction of Love with Love is the most holy hymn sung within the universe.

Thus do I say to you that the desires of the heart are plentiful and they are perfect. They are ever Love's outreach in acknowledgement of itself and the joy of expansion and giving. Thus does it become the most beautiful dance as Love arises and reaches through your heart to make manifest in you and before you in the world every expression of what Love is in the ecstatic experiences of divine feeling and in the outreach of unity that is the inflow and the out-breath of interaction that causes the world to be an ever-greater expression of this Love.

Yet the desires of the heart of that which Love is are always, always expansive…always inclusive…and always making more, more Love in every situation…unlike the desires that are based in fear that arise from the little mind, the ego, that seek to find security in something of the world and seek to enclose those desires, to contract them and to make sure that they serve the fulfillment of the desires of the mind.

If you feel the difference, it is obvious that every heart's desire is for more Love. It is ever giving gifts of plentitude and joyousness and ever new expressions of beauty. Everything it touches is gifted and blessed and by its movement, Love is expanded in the world and the communion of hearts is deepened in new ways as the movement of Love makes itself known here in the world, as you.

The desires of the ego are selfish deep in their core, and you will know this, for the mind may paint them altruistic, but you can always tell by resonance what they are. If you are honest with yourself, then you are clear about whether you are being Love's outreach or you are clinging to the symbols, the phenomena of the world to promote the desire of the ego. The difference is of such magnitude that it is impossible to mistake one for the other, the moment that you are willing to listen and to feel.

So living the life of the Spirit of Love does not preclude having desires, but asks of you, beloved ones, which desires you are honoring and whether you can know yourself into accord with the expansive movement of Love. The easiest measurement is to ask yourself: is the result of this desire the blessing of others? Does it expand Love in its presence in the world? Does it bring with it openness and trust? Do you feel yourself remembering the truth of who you are, bathing in unity and holiness, and dancing with the unfolding of desire as a vehicle of Love's expression?

You know in your heart if you are honoring the symbols of the heart's grand expression when you take them deep within you and feel their truth, their resonance. The heart cannot mistake its own creations. The recognition that the heart of God is joy, and this joy is your own.

Or do you find that your desires contract you? Can you feel the twinge of fear of losing what you love? Do you recognize the ego's signature in the subtle presence of "wanting"? Can you truly know that there is blessedness for all concerned in the fulfillment of that which you desire?

If you feel the contraction of the ego, if you feel the presence of the play of duality, does it mean that you must release all desire or even this one? Beloved ones, it does not. What it says to you is that once again you must turn. You must turn and make the shift to the heart as the resonance of your being and the center from which you live. The moment that your heart makes contact with that which you desire in the world… Love, beloved ones, shall open for you the vista of the possibilities of perfect. The radiance of Light will illuminate for you what the truth of this desire is.

Each desire is seeded in the cosmos. It must be, for you are My Will. That desire is made manifest through your heart as its vehicle. If, per chance, it is corrupted by the ego, that is easily rectified by bringing such desires to your heart, bringing them to Me as an offering, opening yourself completely to this universal Love and allowing it to bathe every nuance of that which the ego mind has placed before you.

When you allow your heart to claim it, you will remember, dear ones, what the seed is. You will remember in the truth of your cosmic nature whence arose that desire, where its birth came from and the voice of the Love I Am will say to you…this is that desire's truth. In that moment if you but turn and simply say "Yes" to your heart, then every play of the ego is transformed into the true desire of the heart, fully in the flow of Love as the vehicle of the heart of God I Am… ready to draw by the Law of Resonance, the symbols of Love's perfection all around you as your experience of reality.

Thus do we come to the pivot point that is this moment in "time" where every movement of the ego's world is now subject to the heart, for this, dear one, each of you, is My fiat. This is the pivot on which we turn and the turn has been made into the Age of Love. It awaits only your deep recognition and the opening of your heart.

So you do not need to become desire free. You do not need to live without affect. I encourage you to be involved in the world, but I tell you this. The world that Love makes as it flows from Me through your heart is absolutely not the same world that the ego mind creates for you. Thus must you answer the call. Thus must you turn and remember that you are the pure conduits for the whole Love I Am.

You are the heart of the living cosmos. As a heart that is endless in its experience of Love, as a heart ever steeped in this glory, as a heart that is born resplendent with perfection right now again…that heart open and clear will bring everything it touches Home to Love and create in an instant a world of only unity, as the ego play of duality simply falls away for lack of focus upon it.

So your heart is calling you, beloved ones. Each of you hears the call in a personal way, for you are the unique "en-conscious-ment" of a stream of Love that can be described as a cell in the heart of God. Therefore, you are meant to experience life through the lens of your heart's perspective. You are meant to be Love making more of itself, as the jewel-toned refraction of the One sees itself as you.

Thus do you bring to life a unique expression of Love that is made manifest in the realms of consciousness in a purely unique way. That which Love desires through you becomes part of the ever-blossoming pattern of Love's miraculous awakening to itself that Creation is. Love desires to make itself known through you and to see Creation through the eyes of your open heart…to allow this great wave of Love to color Creation "magnificent," in the unique colors that is you, the expression of the vehicle of Real Love, the Twin Flame heart of God that you are.

So rather than detaching from your experience of the world, the shift to the heart brings a new birth of exquisite experiences of beauty and the passionate extension of grace. It brings the involvement of Love in the unfolding of itself. Love meets Love in the continual dance that shall bring forth an experience of such beauty and joy that what the world is must be completely redefined, as you experience the desires of your heart to be the extension of Love and beauty.

Dearest ones, surely you can tell by now through My intimate interactions with you that I Am passionately involved with every aspect of Love I Am and I Am fully present to the unfolding of this miracle. Every tiny nuance, every movement of grace, every experience of Love's perfection in brand new ways… all of this is exactly what you are here for. It is what the world was meant to be…the breathless wonder of the heart of God experiencing the unfolding of beauty and joy as each heart becomes the open conduit for the movement of Love.

What is different about the vision I Am presenting to you is that there is no concept of the little self. There is no pulling of anything toward you. There is only open-hearted trust and expansiveness, for Love is so perfectly integrated with the rich and endless abundance of God I Am that it is only the outreach of Love that means anything to the heart that is open. It is the gift of giving more Love that brings joy and creates experience of the great kaleidoscope of conscious Love that Creation is.

So come and turn to Me. Leave behind the grasping of the ego. Let those desires for the ego self fall away, as the heart rejoices in the mystery and presents itself in surrender as the vehicle for Love's great unfolding. In every moment I Am with you completely. You can turn to Me and receive Love's guidance. You can ask for the Light to illuminate your path and instantly the Light of all Creation is yours to see by.

It is only the thinnest veil, that tiny skin of the ego identity, the dream of a world of Love and not-Love that keeps you from diving into the ocean of joy where you are always fed by this magnificence in ways that would astound the little mind, but of which the heart is sure.


poetic555 29th June 2010 2:32 pm

That's Beautiful.

Peter fox 29th October 2013 6:08 am

Yes,beautiful. Thank you.


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