Entering Into the Sacred Dialogue

Beloved ones, this is such an important time. It is a time for opening up beyond limited perceptions. It is a time for the shift to the heart from the mind. But more than this, it is time to live the sacred dialogue of the reality of Love, entering into the experience of life, of God, from the greatest point of life that you can touch – the most magnificent, expanded experience of yourself as the heart of God, that you might honor every life as part of the hologram.

This means that every life contains the whole of God, and when you feel this from the place of limitless perceptions of Love, then anything that you touch can bring you here into the mystery and the mystical experience of communion with the whole of Love I Am.

And so I ask you to make the choice to enter into every day as a sacred dialogue of Love, and using the heart, begin with your communion with Me. Let Me expand your perception of life until you feel yourself as the Creation Point. Feeling the resonance of the whole of life, step into the world as the magnificent heart of Love and let everything speak to you in brand new ways. Feel the unity and let your heart begin to honor every experience of every life as the most supernal contact with the whole of Love expressed in just a certain way by that field of energy, that stream of life, that heart of God.

When you recognize that every life is an open doorway to the whole of Love, then you must recognize this in yourselves as well and allow your heart to move you beyond a finite world into the vortex of Love that humanity is, and into the magnificent artistic tapestry of the beauty of life that is the experience of Nature.

When you are entering into a holy dialogue of Love based in your heart that is truly limitless, it will show you the world in such magnificent ways that you might deeply experience reverence for life and for the majesty of All That Is. This comes to meet you and to greet you in the points of focus that you see now as human beings. It comes to sing to your heart through the doorway of Nature where every aspect of Love is represented perfectly. The whole of the cosmos is here, and your heart, beloved ones, is attuned to it already.

So I Am asking you to move consciously to a new perspective, one in which your heart enters into a communion of Love with every life stream, every energy that shows up in the world, but is part of the matrix, the hologram. Feel how every being expresses uniquely an aspect of Me and how every person is a ray of the energy of Love moving through a facet of the diamond heart of Creation.

Practice being present with the hologram, feeling that All That Is is perhaps holding your hand or lifting your heart in gratitude for the expressions of beauty. Come to this from your own unlimited place of communion with life, with Me at the highest resonance, to open your heart as the heart of the universe… oh, beloved ones, I promise you it changes everything.

Suddenly you are experiencing what you once viewed as the world as perception, as pieces of consciousness with which not only can you dialogue but when you enter in and blend in unity, you can allow the Will of Love to make of the blending a new thing of gloriously expanded consciousness. It is the movement of Love that creates awareness. Thus, the feeling of the heart must come first.

When your heart meets the energies of any life stream, first, there is communion as the whole of Love. Then, there is awareness of what the meeting means to Love’s expansion. So be willing to be the naked heart of God. Be willing to enter into this sacred dialogue with all life, especially those things that the mind would judge unworthy, limited or perhaps even filled with darkness. In the truth of Love there is no such thing, and the veneer of the mind dissolves effortlessly when you are willing to release your own boundaries and to merge with the whole of Love.

I cannot tell you how important it is to break down the boundaries of limited perception, the perceptions of yourselves as human beings, the perceptions of this life as solid and physical, and the perceptions, of course, of your limited stories. Right now through your heart you are a part of the whole of Creation, the dialogue of All That Is, the most exquisite experiences of perfect Love – the expressions of grace that are how Love moves and effortlessly expands.

So, first, come into this communion with Me and be willing to let yourselves dissolve in Love. Be willing, beloved ones, to give your heart to Me and to deeply trust that only Love is Real. Let Me show you through the feelings of your heart of Love just what it is to be unlimited, to feel first that you are the heart of God and to feel the power and the beauty of the forces of life as they burst forth as your expression of all that you are.

Then, holding the resonance of your great and limitless heart, dear ones, come back into the world as a point of focus, that you might feel every movement of every electron of life and rejoice in this astounding celebration -- that you may also be the point between the In-breath and the Out-breath, the place where the unlimited is expressed here and now. When joy completely consumes you, then you are ready to touch the face of God I Am in every energy of every life stream on what you call this planet, recognizing that there are no boundaries to the Reality of Love.

Let Me guide you into your daily experiences by connecting with the world and perhaps, one special stream of life that you have wondered how it would feel to truly know them … whether it is a rock, the ocean or another person. When you merge and become the unity of Love, you are immersed, beloved ones, in the sacredness of life that is so holy that you truly want to kiss the ground to acknowledge the stunning diversity of the streams of Love.

In the presence, fully aware of the heart resonance, allow your heart to deliver from our communion the heart awareness of each precious life that you are part of, that you sing with as the hologram and with which you interact by being part of the hologram of God focused here as the world.

Then every breath becomes a call to Love’s awareness and every life holds the point of stillness and the great explosion of Love in all its glory, expressed uniquely in that particular way, ready to be acknowledged but also free to join in to the sacred dialogue of the heart’s awareness of all the expressions of Love.

For those of you surrounded by Nature this may seem easy, to practice stepping free of perceptual boundaries and allowing the magic of the natural world to take you through the doorway of beauty into the cosmos where you might meet yourself as the heart of perfect Love, the “en-conscious-ment” of the Moment of Creation honoring and amplifying everything – that Love might be extended through you.

I have said often that this is a circle of inclusiveness. I bring you now to a deeper experience of this, that you might feel your truth as the limitless heart of God, that I resonate as the center of your being, and that the circle of inclusiveness then comes with honoring the world, allowing the heart to feel the majesty of every life stream, regardless of the perceptions of the ego.

And then, of course, that acknowledgement returns you to Me, to the communion of Love into which you bring the whole of My heart to act as the cosmic mirror, reflecting this perfection to everyone and everything and acknowledging the mystery of “both/and” – that you are dissolved into the whole, beloved ones, and you are fully aware as the conscious heart of God I Am, the presence of pure Love as the world.

When you recognize this truth and you feel this dialogue of Love, it has to change the resonance of the whole of humanity. It has to bring forth into the fullness of consciousness the awareness of every life as a point in the hologram containing the whole of God I Am with a unique perspective.

So what I Am asking you, beloved ones, is to take this leap. Give your hearts to Me in complete abandon. Trust that Real Love appears as you and is waiting for you to acknowledge it and to celebrate every moment of life in deepest gratitude. When you breathe, breathe the cosmos consciously. When you pause between your breaths, feel the silence and when you breathe out, enter the heart’s dialogue. Experience the indescribable joy of Love fully expressed with all its glory intact.

It is time to leap beyond the mind’s stories, to grab hold of the truth of your heart and to stay there – to make the deep commitment to live in a world of mystical truth and to take every breath in this holographic paen to Love. Beloved ones, let your vantage point be far above the little mind’s perception of duality, for it is impossible for there to be anything other than Love, and it is time, now, to drop the pretense and to enter into the communion of life through the heart.

I Am with you and I Am in you and I appear as you. All of it is completely accessible in this Now Moment to your heart’s experience, your heart that beats in unison with the one heart, the heart of Love I Am. In the acknowledgement of Love’s continued expansion, be the heart of God, the Moment of Creation, the holy breath and the sacred dialogue, the acknowledgement of this conversation of the awakening of limitless Love that is the world.

Come into your hearts that you might feel Me and recognize the resonance held in perfection to be expressed in a certain and unique way as you, that there might be this sacred dialogue, all about the increase of Love.


zorro 18th October 2011 7:19 am

entering into the "sacred stream"...

This is a cornerstone of living in spirit.

In the presence of the flow of this sacred stream, participating, all my concepts are ground to powder.

Enlightening and Beautiful...

spring 18th October 2011 3:04 pm

:smitten: :smitten: :smitten: sweetest nectar for the soul...thank you so much and much love to you both....frances


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