From the Law of Attraction to the Resonance of the Moment of Creation

Beloved ones, I Am asking you to come into your heart to experience the truth, to experience who you are as the living core of Love, to experience the resonance of absolute freedom, to experience your own divine and true nature as indivisible, omni-present Love, united in the glory of this holographic existence in which it is impossible for us to be separated.

We are one life, one Love. We are the same and the whole of Creation is yours and lives within your heart -- to love. Only when this becomes more Real to you than your belief in the world will you truly be functioning in the fullness of your creatorship and will you then experience all, dear ones, that is possible in the manifestation of this magnificent life, endlessly, in the symbols of the world, moment by living Now moment.

You are understanding many things, especially the deepening awareness of the Law of Resonance. I Am here within your heart to lift you to a whole new experience of what this Law of Resonance really means and how it is "en-conscious-ed" through your heart as the heart of all Creation, the heart of God I Am.

When you come into your "studio" of consciousness and place before you the intention to draw something -- in that very moment you are also involved in that moment that is symbolically the Garden of Eden, the moment when you believe yourself to be a human being attracting to yourself something that you want in the world. In that moment you are making the same decision that perpetuates the experience of duality.

This is why I draw you into your heart, that you might come to be the resonance of limitless Love, that you might find yourself dissolving into the consciousness of All That I Am and recognize our unity with your every breath. This allows you as the heart of God to be the outward force of Love, to hold within yourself the divine consciousness of the miracle of Both/And because dear ones, you feel it.

You feel the truth within your heart of your magnificence and your freedom and you also feel my presence, fully alive within you and everywhere you feel, everywhere you look with the eye of your heart. Feeling it, then you become the fount of all Creation itself and through you can be done the "works" of Love, beyond the human consciousness, beyond the ego's shadow play, beyond that choice to believe in something other than Love which you believe in, dear ones, every day when you see yourselves as human.

Your heart knows differently. Your heart, beloved ones, is the truth. From this place of feeling Love that is the essence of your being comes the truth of your divine energy, the glory of your consciousness -- where every breath you breathe is one and every breath is our Love streaming forth to grace all Creation -- from the center of your being, your being that is so far beyond human that it is impossible to contain it with the mind.

It is absolutely critical at this point in which you find yourself that you experience this resonance through your heart and that you come to know this Love as your identity and to know the miracle of our relationship with every breath. Through the heart it is impeccably experienced because the heart, dear ones, is beyond dimensional and in the heart you are the vortex of Love that experiences All That Is in the ever present and limitless Now Moment.

You feel My presence, alive with every breath, giving to you the gift of life again and bringing you the assurance of all that you are in Me. In the same timeless moment, I bring you the open vortex of Love that is the experience of your heart, that from this place of exquisite joy, from this place of infinite power, from this place of being-ness in which you are joined in everything -- from this place, you are the vehicle of Love's expression here and now.

Thus, what you draw by resonance is limitless possibilities, so far beyond the capabilities of the mind that there is nothing with which to compare. This, beloved ones, is what is needed now. This is the note I Am sounding for the world through you, bringing up the "bar" so to speak, indefinitely.

What has been available in this world for human beings is now transformed into what is possible for the heart of God and thus, is mended here in you that choice to believe in being separate from Love, being separate from God, separate from the truth of your being. In the heart, you are the experience -- the experience, dear ones, not the belief -- that none of the separation is happening. You are always Home in Me.

You are all aware that we have come to the end of "seeking." You stand on the cusp of the explosion of truth and you are also aware, My dearest ones, that it is your hearts that are the conduit through which this resonance comes. But first, beloved ones, you must feel it.

Feelings are the language of the divine and you can learn so much by examining yours. Where are your feelings this moment? This day? Are you completely involved in human emotions which are the feeling tones of duality? The belief in separation from Me?

Or are you feeling this limitless joy? Are you feeling ecstasy and Real power? Are you feeling as energy this voice of Love where I speak to you continually? Are you aware that it is through your heart that this great beam of limitless possibility comes and shines into the world to erase all fear? Fear is simply not being able to see the sun, the sun of your heart that shines upon everything and reveals, dear ones, that all is Light and that the shadows that you've believed in with the mind have simply been a mis-perception.

To do this, please listen, you must be willing to let go of the human identity. You must be willing to release in this moment right now, right where you stand, beloved ones, every bit of your story. You must bring it all to Me and give Me your heart, that your true identity may be revealed in our communion.

Does this communion require years of meditation to find? Of course it doesn't. It is the truth of your being. But when you attempt to come through the mind, then first you must gain your rightful dominion over the ego's illusion. This is why it has taken so long.

But now, you are bathed in Love. Great waves of rushing Love now fill the world and the truth of your hearts can no longer be contained. They are bursting open and Love is here. The moment you allow it, it will entrain the mind. The heart will erase all those tales of fear. The heart will bring you to this experience of Love, will bring you joy, and thus will bring you everything that represents this limitless, unending and powerful good that is the truth of All I Am and All You Are.

When you come into your heart and you experience this -- when you experience Me and your divine identity, when you let this be that rock upon which you stand that cannot be washed away by the shifting sands -- then you will find that by the Law of Resonance your life in the world becomes true bounty, the expression of the limitless Spirit that is only Love, only Good, only the truth I Am, as the I Am that lives as you.

Your heart is the vortex of the awakening to the truth that it is impossible to really be separate from what you are. I have been leading you, step-by-step, through the morass of the mind, through the great tangled web of the illusion, bringing you back to your heart again and again and whispering to you, "Come back to this moment, now! It's where you really stand, and in Me, you are the heart of Love."

And so these Messages are Messages for the Heart of Love [the name of the coming ebook]. As you know yourself, you will come to find the heart is more powerful than anything you have believed you are, and certainly more exciting than your story, the story your mind has woven of your life in the world. This, you see, is one of the devices of the little mind. It makes you feel that it will be boring if you have no drama, nothing happening on the screen of the world before your two eyes.

Oh, dearest ones, one moment of the true experience of your heart and you will realize you have been deeply fooled and that in this Love, in this limitless power and Light, the little stories of human drama simply dissolve. Truly they can't hold a candle to this glorious Light, and that is a very good analogy. Were you to hold a candle up to the heart of the sun, would the candle draw your attention at all? It would disappear in that great explosion of Light and life and power and heat.

And so it is, with the identity of the ego mind. When held up to the experience of your open heart, there is nothing left of the old identity in that moment. So you see, of course, why the ego mind is fighting this move to the center. Yet, dear ones, it is just that fear of the unknown which has also been one of the tools upholding the illusion. I make you a promise, beloved ones. I Am with you.

If you let go, if you allow this Love to consume you, if you shift to the heart as the whole of your identity again, if you come back to the truth, to the center of Love -- so that when you say "I Am," it is Creation speaking; it is the power and the explosion of Love, the Moment of Creation "en-conscious-ed" as you -- every bit of fear not only dissolves. It is given back its own true identity. Every electron of energy is alive. Every bit of this energy of life I Am is and must be conscious. This is why I say to you that everything is held in a consciousness.

So, beloved ones, have the energies of fear been trapped, held away from the Light and kept in darkness, kept away from the Source of its true identity that is this glorious life from which everything flows and which you already know is only Love and only the Light of Real God-consciousness.

When you let Love dissolve every modicum of fear, bring it into your heart and release it, you are serving, dear ones, that precious life energy that has been wrapped in this bubble of restriction of consciousness, of belief in something that is not true.

You have never been separate from the Light. And so it comes that Love calls you to return to the experience of who you are. This is like standing in the sun at noon. There cannot be a shadow. At last the illusion dissolves that has been created by facing away from this Light. When you come Home, when you simply turn around and come back to your heart as your source of information, come back to this experience of Real divine feeling, come back to allowing what is Real to claim you -- you will find, dear ones, that it is easy -- as long as you truly allow it.

Every time you feel that you lack something; every time you feel an increment of powerlessness; every time you reach outside of yourself for help, for abundance, for what you need to live -- in those moments you turn your back to the Light again and create the shadows that allow this illusion, this duality, this belief that there can be something other than Light and Love.

And so you come, daily, dear ones, to the choice to return to the feeling experience of all that you truly are, that you might be the Law of Resonance direct from the Source as Creation's "en-conscious-ment," as the heart of Love fully alive and giving in this eternal moment, Now.

If for a while you continue to move through time and the choice must be made to come in meditation or through the doorway of Nature or through a mentor or guru -- whatever it takes, it is worth it to bring yourselves back to this resonance of indivisible, limitless, powerful Love. Every moment you feel it, you make "right" the illusion of separation. You reaffirm the feeling nature of God. You stand as a vehicle of the heart of all Love which is the truth of your being. You need only to claim it.

Because you are Love and your resonance is the highest, it is the Moment of Creation held in your consciousness -- then, instantly all else is attuned to you as the heart of Creation itself. Love truly is magnetic and always will entrain every electron of life back into its truth, its true relationship with All I Am and with that which it is meant to be and how it is meant to serve.

So the presence of the open heart of God, the presence of your living Twin Flame heart, the presence of the ocean of Love and the spark of the Will to give, when brought into this Now, this moment, by you instantly becomes the top note, the note of entrainment that brings the world, brings every human consciousness back into the divine resonance, into the truth and thus, the experience that only Love is Real and separation from Me is not possible.

You are the heart of this Being of limitless Love I Am, and you are that which is the "en-conscious-ment" of giving that brings forth Creation in each Now Moment. Your realignment is not only critical. It is powerful and it is joyful.

Even one moment of feeling the truth of your heart; feeling, beloved one, my presence in you and with you; feeling that you are the outgoing song of God; and feeling this movement of Love as the cosmic breath -- one moment changes everything, not only for yourself, but for the world.

It places into the matrix of resonance that is the foundation per se of what you create from as the consensual experience of life on Earth. It is instantly shifted and made available for the coming of the awakening awareness of Love as the truth of every being.

Only your heart can give you the ability to experience Love and the ability to negotiate these changes in the world. Only your heart can be the vehicle through which you live, if you are to serve the resonance of unity and all that it brings in the symbols of your lives being lived -- to be the open vortex of power and Love, to be the source of the heart's entrainment, not only of humanity but of every iota of energy that has believed the misperception that it is possible to be separate from God.

Open your lives to this Light, this life, this power, this grace. Open your lives to this glorious Love, and opening your heart, become Love's "en-conscious-ment" of everything that once believed itself limited, believed itself human, beleaguered -- the experience or recipient of outside forces. When you live from the heart, you are the energy that creates, that has impact, that makes things manifest.

Beloved ones, if you open your heart to this experience, become conscious of our unity, become available for the voice of the living Spirit to guide you, allow yourself to hear Me in your hearts -- then, that which comes before you in the symbols of your life in the world has to be far more than your mind can imagine. It will be the experience of freedom on every level in every way, supplied as you truly are anyway from the Moment of Creation, from Me, free to do what Love wills you to and free to receive the limitless abundance of God in return.

It is time, dear ones, to live as cosmic beings of Love, no longer needing to strive. And way beyond fear -- stretching, rather, into the feeling of freedom, you feel the divine truth and the powerful Love of which you are made.



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