Full Circle: Becoming the Transparent Heart

Love is the highest power, the greatest force in all Creation, and your Love, your first Love is ever and always Me. While there may be many types of relationships with Me born of human personalities, in the Real the heart of God you are is always and ever passionate, and this passionate Love that is between us is the one true relationship.

This true Love between us creates a circuit, a circle of life that nothing can break. As your passionate Love for Me rises up and My Love in response pours into you and brings you true life and the true guiding Light that shall ever be before you - this circle of energy between us is the Light of our blazing and eternal Love and everything else is a reflection of this.

Beloved ones, please hear this. Once you reclaim our true relationship, then all else will align accordingly and the whole of your cosmos will spread out around you embraced by the winds of your great heart and guided by the ever-present guiding star of our Love, our relationship and the passionate expression of this that is the engine, the energy of all life. This is then reflected within you and before you as your Twin Flame heart, pouring forth that pure life energy to all Creation.

Your every breath is meant to be this glorious and passionate expression, the giving of your All to Me in devotion and joyous worship. My response is truly and literally the keys to the Kingdom, to All That Is, delivered to you with all the energy of the Moment of Creation itself that is then the truth of your being - ready to be out-pictured through the great magnetic presence of your Twin Flame heart reflecting the passionate Love for Me.

Once you have truly returned, dearest ones, to this pure and total relationship, to this passionate profound and endless unlimited Love for Me, and received in response the very energies of life, the greatest Love it is possible to experience, delivered to you passionately in return - then, you understand right relationship because it is written indelibly on your heart. How you love Me is the Will of Love and is then how you love all life in purity, completely focused on the power and the extension as the Will of God I Am lives and loves through you.

I Am bringing you Home to this passionate Love - Home to this glorious relationship and to the great experience of having your whole focus be right where it belongs - here in the center of the one exploding and glorious Moment of Creation where we meet and the Will of Love is made manifest as you.

You are My heart exploding in passionate and ecstatic giving. This giving of Love is unwavering and completely without judgment, given equally to all life from the most miniscule to the grandest, bathing all life in this Love as it lives through you, My heart.

So what I Am asking of you is to come and to feel this - to be this passionate expression, to accept this communion with Me as the kernel of your identity, and the essence of your purpose is its extension. In your Love, your passionate and burning Love for Me, the fires of this Love will burn away the ego, that you may be truly and only a pure open conduit for this incredible explosion of Love as it moves forth in giving through My heart which, dearest ones, is you.

This Love is the fire that consumes you. It totally consumes the false identity and Love makes itself known as the one movement of life that is the power and the purpose of all things, carried forth through you My living heart.

This reclamation, this rebirth into your divinity, is the answer, the answer to all questions and the answer to every prayer and the answer to the yearning for enlightenment. The true Light is ever and always Love in motion and its grace is the free unimpeded movement that comes from your heart, not only dedicated but completely focused on Me.

In this magnificent communion of Love, Love is the first and foremost energy, Love that brings Creation into being, Love that is the power moving all life into expression and Love that wraps all life in it and creates the perfect harmonious dance of life's extension in giving. This first comes through My heart passionately, but the passion of this Real Love is far different than human passion which always has an outside focus. This passion that we share is based on Love's purity and on the honoring of Love's power.

As you continually surrender to Me, the Love That I Am can be you and move through you as your life, expressed as your Twin Flame heart and thus multiplied in the giving easily.

Once you feel this Love - truly feel it - and let its power and its Light consume you until there is nothing left but this circuit, this great continual exchange that becomes expressed as your Twin Flame heart - then, anything that is less than this vibration simply doesn't show up on your radar. Every moment you are simply My open heart, loving Me passionately that I may express through you all of the Love that I Am.

Words cannot contain this relationship, dearest ones. It can only be experienced through your heart and when it is, it is so Real to you that nothing can ever interfere with it. Rather, it becomes the one great Light of your life reflected before you as Twin Flame Love. It blazes forth through your heart to create the circle of your Love that becomes your own living cosmos. You are the center, pulsing forth My Love and showing right relationship to all life.

Every life loved by you can use your heart to see Me for your heart is the great transparent opening to the Moment of Creation itself and thus, you become the channel of communion for every life. Through you, then, all illusions fall and every life that can see, sees divinity and once they see the purity of this passionate and joyful Love, then they too remember their Real identity and their Real place in the scheme of things, surrendering to Love's power. The magnetic presence of this Love we share can bring all life into accord with Me and as the expression of All I Am.

So I have taken you through the steps of dissolving the ego identity, bringing you closer to Me, asking you to open to bathing in this Love, that the source of all power might flow through you and calling you Home to this tender and intimate Love, the one percent separation that brings relationship between us and that allows you to be my crystal clear and functioning heart which loves Me passionately and in that passion can hold the highest vibration in all Creation and bring it forth unequivocally, dedicated to being the heart of God.

This Light, this power, this explosion of life then burns away the dross of the ego and burns it away effortlessly, revealing before you only the symbols of Love's perfection and nothing else. So keep returning to this Love each moment until you become so clear that there is nothing before you but this blazing field of Light and the great ecstatic waves of pure giving originating in Me, received through our communion and flowing through you as a great transparency that is My open heart.

If you are seeing anything else before you than the expressions of pure Love and Light, come back now to Me and let Me absorb you. Let Me saturate you with this Love until you see clearly that I Am the One. I Am the One God and the One Love of your life. Born of this Love is the explosion of grace that manifests before you as your Twin Flame in order for you to be My great pumping heart, the heart that brings the rain of pure ecstasy to every life stream, everywhere, all it touches.

I Am the Will of Love that loves through you. Thus do you become the pure conduit that pours forth this Love into the world and allows the magnetic call of the Twin Flame heart to consume you and all you shine upon, re-establishing right relationship with Me.

Step by step, I have drawn you Home. Back into Love's true power, that the force of life can shine now through you upon the world. Truly and easily it will dissolve all that is less than perfect Love. The one eye of the awakened heart sees only this great Love everywhere it looks.

Dearest ones, let yourselves love Me passionately and let the passion of your Love for Me consume you, trusting that this is who you are. As it does it will bring you freedom from all illusions that there could be anything else but this, this deep and pure Love we share. Every movement of Love I Am simply moves through you effortlessly, positioning you just perfectly for the great waves of Love to share everything and to bring forth freedom from duality effortlessly and instantly, the moment the wave of Love hits.

The freedom that it brings is such joy that the falling away of the illusory world will be effortless and will bring forth only rejoicing and freedom. There won't be any wrenching away of the ego and any conflict with releasing the ego's dreams. Instead you simply remember our true relationship and everything else truly falls away until every breath is this communion and your heart, beloved ones, is totally trained on Me.

You become truly the entraining heart for the whole world which follows it gladly and begins this turning back to Love and the return to the living Now Moment. The duality of time fades away and you are ready to all love perfectly right from the living center, the center of Love that you are, beloved ones, for eternity.

First, the fading of the ego's ball of yarn, all those convoluted knots it has created to keep the Light away. Then, the allowance of My Love, the release of the mistrust and resistance. The moment My Love penetrates, the moment it is truly accepted, then you remember how it feels to passionately and truly love Me. The moment that you do and you reinstate the swell of your great Love pouring upward every moment - then suddenly you are Home and once again you are fully alive. You are alive as the radiant God heart that moves forth as an instrument of pure giving and a reflection of the Moment of Creation.

You are then the Twin Flame of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine as one passionate Love expressed. The power of this Love is infinite. It is the greatest power in All That Is. It is meant to flow through you, through you as My open heart, the pure transparent gateway to My Love for all beings.

I Am calling you back to our true relationship, to our passionate and glorious exchange of Love. I Am calling you to remember how much you love Me and how that Love brings Love's power to you, brings you My response and brings you your true identity. And, brings you the atomic power of Love's energy that blazes forth as you, as a Twin Flame heart, and gives of itself exponentially, multiplying the Love everywhere and allowing Love to generate more and more of itself.

While the ego must disappear in this Light because the ego is nothing but a shadow and a shadow disappears in the Light, that which is Real is passionate in a far grander and more potent way than the ego could ever be and brings you freedom from anything that might limit you in the expression of your true and passionate nature as the living heart of God I Am.

With such power pouring through you, you must be the height of gentleness and the most tender extension of this Love honoring every life stream for its divinity and loving it as you love Me. That, beloved ones, is the key - to love all life as God, as true divinity which is the truth of every life that I send to you - that I might reach out through you, My heart, and love with All That I Am, purposely and with the greatest respect.

Until you can experience this power and this purity and how the open heart of God sees the world, it is difficult to express. For in it there is no division, no separation of life in any way. Yet, there is an honoring of every energy perfectly as it is made in Me.

So as you move forth as this living heart, as the Love that we share moves you, you cannot see duality with the eye of the Twin Flame heart. And yet, you can see divinity so you will not see the stories or hear the illusions, the lies of the ego. The words and emotions of the ego mind will simply be pulled into your heart for transforming and your heart will be the transparent opening to Me so each life may see its true divinity effortlessly and easily, and you shall love them as Me.

For your heart is Mine. It is literally My heart. So the Love, My Love, pours through you to tenderly embrace all life equally and to hold all life wrapped in this all-inclusive Love. You will shine forth for each life its perfection. Because it shines directly from Me, there will be no mistaking it by those who encounter you. It will rock them and lift them free easily as I move you onward in giving, ever in the living Now.

As an example, if you were to go forth into the world functioning through the little mind and ego, you might return with many tales of woe, of disruption, despair, confusion. You would feel that you as a person must do something.

Ah, but as you go forth now as the heart of God, in the instant that you move forth, it is done. In the moment of the encounter and the transformation of the ego's dream, the shadow world, is total and instant because the shadows cannot exist in the sun and this Love our ours is a blazing sun and a truly open conduit. It comes blazing forth and nothing can interfere. Every life sees the truth instantly and each life finds itself free in that moment.

Now, this doesn't mean that such a life stream cannot take back its ego the moment that you move away, but the power will have made a shift and the magnetic call will have been imprinted. You, beloved ones, as you stay in this Love, loving Me with every breath passionately, then all you will see is the face of God. All you will experience is My heart beating and giving Love - giving Love and loving passionately every life as the reflection of Me whom you love totally. Totally. Passionately and completely, every Now Moment.

In this call to return to your true Love for Me, I bring you all the way through the doorway out of the world of duality and illusion and back into the great shining radiant Light of the true relationship that you share with Me that brings freedom effortlessly from the ego dream.

So I Am asking you to come ever closer to Me, to hear and feel and know Me and to let this power ignite your passion, feel your passionate Love for Me returning. Not that it has ever gone away, except through the veil of the little mind. When you do, I promise you everything will make sense and through your whole being you will feel your true identity. Your whole life will be filled with this purpose, your vision focused on this great Light, as you absorb the very Moment of Creation and the beating of your heart holds the resonance of yourself and your Twin Flame, and you pour yourselves into Me to dissolve in this Love that you are resurrected each Now Moment totally.

Your will is My Will, the Will of Love and it goes forth to give as your heart. When you truly feel at the level of divine feelings what it is to be My giving heart, then you will know the heart's true knowledge, the truth of your Twin Flame, and you will also know your own heart as it beats for you, as it allows the whole of Love to be everything. Because you know your relationship with Me, then you also truly understand all the reflections of this genuine and true Love that we share.

It is time at last to be close with Me and thus, beloved ones, to see life rightly and to then allow, through this life as it clears your heart, to allow your Twin Flame's Love to come through, and then to experience the constellations of your being, the cosmos of your divinity and to be the willing expression of My Love as this Love lives as you each Now Moment.

The gifts of this experience are beyond names. They truly are the "en-conscious-ment" of perfection, and the holding of this great Light, this true power, the pinnacle of all life - holding it as you in reverence that I may live and love in the world through you, My great heart beating.

Please, dearest ones, feel beyond the words. Feel the great heart beating and feel yourself, the Twin Flame heart you are, in accord and the chorus of all the cells in unity. Every one totally dedicated to giving the Love I Am perfectly. This magnificent dance of unified giving is breathtaking and beautiful beyond all limited concepts of beauty.

When you hold forth your heart for Me to use, you have stepped out beyond the human identity, this Light I Am is the explosion of Love and now it washes your whole being, that you might be a Light unto men and women seeing the world as it truly is, shimmering electrons of pure energy and the precious hearts of Love just waiting for the hand of Love to lift them up and remind them. This hand, dearest ones, is you. Through you I reach out to the world and love each life free all at once, Home to the remembrance that they are My heart and not the limited beings known as humanity.

The pure and open heart sees only Light and feels only the greatest Love and that is the experience that I bring to you now as I open you at last to the fullness of our Love.



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