Holding the Feeling Tone of the New World

Beloved heart of Love, My precious ones on Earth, let this be your decision -- to serve the world with all your Light, with all your heart and with all your being and to be the living conduit of Love - to be My hands and heart in the world, that it might come alive to the truth of God and the purpose of human nature.

I ask of each of you today, those who are awake and hear Me, that you would hear this call and be that living conduit and allow yourselves to set for humanity the feeling tone of Love, joy and unity that can be the foundation for the emerging of new leadership and new experiences in the world. Dearest ones, it is the time now for action. You have spent your years aligning yourselves with the Light and have opened your precious hearts that they might be transparent. All this Love I am can pour through you to bring to humankind the realization that Love is never ending and is the only truth and the only thing worth pursuing.

Because it is your mission to bring to birth a new humanity and to create a world of symbols that create the alignment with the spirit, then it is your moment to moment mission to hold that vibrational reality and now to become that reality in action. First you had to learn to hold the Light. Now you must take this Light forth to help create an experience of the Vertical, of the living eternal Now as it flows forth in wonder, that every human being may come to live in gratitude for this endless fountain of abundant life that every life on Earth may live in plenty and in splendor and every heart see every other being as God.

Let your hearts now generate the energy that can and will propel you as humankind into the New World. Then offer this energy for the use of the Angels and Archangels and all those beings who serve only Love and pray with all your being that humankind accepts the bridge that makes the road easy and the burden Light. That road is you. As you give your life in service, you become the path upon which humankind walks, and you do it joyously, amplifying the possibility of living only Love, of loving Me with all your heart - every human being - and thus do you become My Love extended and the birth of My Love into that which you name the world, that every moment can be the moment of ecstatic joy and awakening.

Hold the world of beauty like a great torch before you and hold the abiding Love I have for every life stream in your heart. Beloved ones, feel this Love touching every human life. Attune your hearts to joy and hold them there now. Bring your brothers and sisters into the sanctuary of your heart and consciousness and pray with all you are for all the great and glorious beings of Light to come and help you bring it forth. Let your very heart be the energy that is weaving the bridge of Light into the world of Love and nothing else.

You will feel the great movements of the Archangels and the subtle sweet presence of the Angels of Light. As you open your Twin Flame heart into the Moment of Creation again, then what I place within you is yours to germinate and it is the New World. You, beloved ones, can dance this easily. You can dance the freedom of the limitless Love of God, and you can work with the symbols that live within your consciousness and reach into the matrix of Light to create the foundation of the world of only Love and only God.

To this, now, bring the hearts of humanity and take them in and reassure them. Moment by moment, if you live in the center, joy truly begins to live you and the feeling tone of the New World becomes your daily resonance. Really, beloved ones, it will lift you. There is nothing you have to do but deeply surrender and give Me your heart, that I might use you as the miracle of My outreach. Be Me walking in the world. Every step a step of joy and beauty, cherishing what the moment brings, living beyond the restrictions of time. When your heart just becomes Love encircling the dance of life, letting it bring ecstasy into every glorious moment...

There has been a time for you to keep your focus in the very highest dimensions of pure energy, that you might learn who you truly are and understand heart perception as the feeling nature of that which you truly are. Now it is time to live it, to let your every step weave this new pattern, your every heart beat establish the rhythm of the New World energy and your every connection build the mandala of unity. Knowing always that that which is not funded with energy fades away.

This is the key to the New World of Love. It is not fighting for causes. It is not reaching back in to slog through the illusion of pain and suffering. It is placing the focus on the truth of joy and Love and grace and unity and the ecstasy of a singing Twin Flame heart and to take this out and live it in your every moment, that it becomes the threads that weave a world of Love, and the old world simply fades and leaves because it is not funded any more.


Beloved God, we come to You on this day of transformation and open our hearts in service to Your Love. So we ask You, God, to make of us an absolutely impeccably clear conduit vortex for Your amazing Love that it might come into this world and create a world of Love effortlessly. So that prayer we also hold in our hearts tonight, that the transformation that is occurring now be effortless and beautiful. Simply lift humankind back into Your presence, into the truth and into the reflection of the Love we are.

God, we give You thanks with all our hearts for the honor of being here in service and we join our hearts together to create this living vortex. We call to all beings of light to assist us in this joyous mission and dedicate our lives to the One. I join my heart with my beloved Doug and open our Twin Flame heart asking to be a crystal clear conduit for this experience tonight. In gratitude for this incredible spirit family. Amen.

As we join our hearts, we feel each other's heart and we feel our Love connecting us together now. Taking a moment to feel each heart's energy in this circle this evening, we offer our hearts as the doorway of transformation and feel that energy of living Love moving now between us, heart to heart to heart. As it touches each heart, each heart opens into that living star of Light and pulsing Love, so that this vortex, this heart we share is a heart of splendor.

Just as we share this heart together, so we also share the living breath of the All and we allow this breath to move through us, breathing us effortlessly as we surrender to Love. As we breathe out, we release the world and breathe into the truth of Love and breathe out this Love through our hearts to humanity and breath into the ocean of Love again. Breathing out Love into the world gently... Breathing into that limitless source again. Breathing out that pure energy of life and breathing in to God's living presence...

Breathing out God's Love to every life stream in the world and breathing in to that limitless source of Love again. Breathing out Love through our whole being and breathing in once more to that communion. Breathing out Love to humanity, breathing into our heart's into the Real. Breathing out peace as it wraps the world. Breathing in to that peace again. Breathing out serenity into the world and breathing in now into the Light. Breathing out life through every atom and electron and breathing now all the way up to the Moment of Creation and becoming that explosion of life going forth for transformation.

Breathing in all the old world energies up to the Moment of Creation and breathing out that explosion once more into the world for the world's transformation.

As you breathe in, Beloved Ones, once again you become that living doorway and you feel now your heart's true transparency as the Light and the Love I Am becomes you. You allow the movement of this glorious expression of All That I Am to move through you. Every breath becomes that deep communion between Me and every precious life. As you feel this breath of Love flow through you, you know yourself as this bridge that is endless and perfect.

As your heart acknowledges the Love that comes from Me and feeds every precious life, you find yourself understanding in every atom of your being that this is your purpose - to be the heart through which I give. As you breathe through your heart, I lift you easily into the ocean of endless joy and the feeling of upliftment washes through your being and blesses your open heart.

I rock you gently and feed you the mystery of this Love that is your nourishment. As your heart accepts this gift and you feel it feeding ecstasy to every atom of your glorious being and I am loving you. I am close as the very breath that breathes you in and out. I Am so close. I Am living deep inside of you and every moment is the merging of our Love.

As you open to Me and let Me love you, I feed every part of your being and nourish in glory your great Twin Flame heart as you accept this Love from Me. This Love becomes the fuel for the fire that is the living torch of Love that you are. I light you up that you might shine through the whole cosmos as the radiant message of My Love.

Can you feel yourself burning with the deep desire to give forth this magnificent and endless Love? And for a moment let this Love be the radiant splendor that is the only truth of your heart. In this moment, let My Love inform you of everything that matters to your being and know this language of Love's expression that speaks as you.

As you breathe in My Love for you, it is the nectar that nourishes all of you and feeds your spirit, brings the ecstasy and radiates through all of you. The beat of your heart is the beat of the universe and the rhythm of the movement of living Love. Every moment in this living eternity, every moment you accept this Love from Me and we are as One, one living heart beat and one glorious amazing Love.

As you accept this Love and feel it filling you, giving you everything that you need to be this Love, to be this glory, to be this radiant and shining heart, it fills you up completely until there is so much of My Love within you that it simply must overflow. As it flows outward from your heart, you can feel it is Me living you, My presence deep in your being whispering "I Am perfect Love." Overflowing through every heart that is the cell with your being, the atom of Twin Flame Love. A million hearts within you overflow and out pours this glory of endless Love to nourish all life that receives this Love from the heart of God that is you.

I Am this endless Love that loves you and lives you. You are the center of All That Is. Beloved one, each precious and glorious cell of the heart of God, let this Love pour forth again and again endlessly in the living presence. Recognize it is only when you truly let Me love you that you are filled with all that you can ever need, all the joy, the nourishment, the ecstasy and the will to give that comes from My loving you.

As this Love is received and overflows in giving, you are in right relationship with All That Is and the flow of God I Am is living you and giving you and nourishing All That Is within Me.

As you touch the very essence of the living God, the hologram, the endless expansion of All That Is, every stream of life that lives and moves and has its being in this great expression of glorious Love, every particle is nourished by you as you are giving Me. It is My Love that fills you up, nourishes and feeds you, blesses, gives you your identity and flows in great pulsations of ecstatic and endless giving out to nourish All That Is.

With every breath of the living whole, you breathe in this endless Love, the nectar of life, the essence of your Twin Flame heart, the power of all Creation. As you accept this Love, allow your consciousness to flow with the Love outward and it touches every life, communes with every consciousness, every bit of energy in All That Is, all of it deeply in Love with you as you are in Love with Me.

Can you feel all the life that accepts this Love as nourishment? Can you feel this incredible communion, how every life is fed my perfect Love through you, through the overflowing of Love from your heart? As your consciousness expands outward and inward through all dimensions, all possibilities of life and Love, let it gently flow inwards and connect with the world, with the pearl in your heart that is the Earth as it accepts My Love from you.

As you allow Me to love you absolutely openly, accepting all the Love that I give, your heart becomes the conduit for perfect Love to pour directly, to feed every life stream in the world now effortlessly. As you watch this great rush of glorious Love pour through and drench the world in joy and open the doorway to right relationship of all life with Me, you become the doorway of pure transformation into the living flow of Love on Earth, as the great law of resonance brings all life into harmony as you accept My Love for you.

As you accept My Love, it pours through you and overflows through your heart to wash the world in energy and grace. Every life that is fed now understands My Love for them as My perfect Love flows through you. Every life feels how I love them. The moment Love is felt and accepted, the resonance draws perfectly right relationship to All That Is. Thus, beloved, My precious heart, as you accept this Love and let it flow, the abundance that I am becomes the abundance of the world and every life is fed all they need to live in opulence and joy.

Every relationship flows forth in harmony, each heart fed and giving as every life becomes part of the living flow from My heart, the heart, dearest ones, that is you. Right relationship draws forth the symbols of this glorious Love into every life everywhere and thus, the world is boundary-less in unity and filled with beauty and endless joy.

I ask you, beloved ones, to be this Love, this living Love, joyous abundance and plenty and harmony, peace and unity by accepting My Love for you.

With every breath, breathe in My Love for you and let it nourish every atom of your being until you feel the great Light completely open from the Real of Love, from the Moment of Creation - a great radiant Light for the world as the magnificent Twin Flame being, the extension of the Moment of Creation as the heart of Love now.

As you feel this truth of your being extending as this great beam of Light and radiance and splendor and you feel the movement of the currents of the masculine and the feminine of My Love, you become the heart, the life and the consciousness of God I Am in the world as you accept My Love endlessly and let it overflow in all directions in all dimensions everywhere eternally Now.

The pearl of the world is burnished in its brightness and becomes a luminous presence now beating to the same pulse and the heart beat of the living God I Am, as I love all life by loving you perfectly and giving all life nourishment as My Love pours forth through you. You are the Light that lights the world. You are the great Light of transformation, the awakening of acceptance for My Love as I love all life through you perfectly. Heart beat by heart beat, breath by breath, every moment is the giving and every moment you are the doorway, beloved, as you accept My Love for you.

The feeling of Love as it fills your heart rises again to Me as we share this Love in a sweet circle of communion, the flow of right relationship and the Love that encircles all that is perfectly is My Love for you and your Love for Me. I ask you now to simply bathe in this Love that is closer than the breath that you breathe, so close that I Am whispering. I Am loving you perfectly and My Love overflows effortlessly from your heart as you love Me in return. As you feel this endless circle of our Love...

Can you feel it wrapping All That Is and the flow of life itself flowing through All That Is... What is true for the whole of God I Am is true also for the world within your heart. As you feel this circle of our Love, you feel it wrapping the world easily. Watch with your heart perfect perception, the perfect flow of this glorious Light until every point of consciousness focused in the world is focused on receiving My Love and allowing it to easily overflow while each life loves Me in return.

The Love flows from heart to heart, life to life effortlessly and every life says "Yes" to Love, every heart opens now, and Love draws perfectly the nourishment, the abundance, the serenity and endless peace, the ecstasy and joy of the LoveMaking. All of it is in the symbols of the world as the world's true alignment, the remembrance that there is only Love...

As you breathe the world and breathe this Love and align the world with your heart beats, all that you dreamed of a world of joy, a world of perfect peace and plenty, a world of hands and hearts joining is nourished perfectly by you through My Love, the perfect food, nourishment, abundance, peace and identity overflowing from your heart. As you watch, the flow of Love becomes the lines of Light that feed every heart, nourish every life stream and join in a matrix of perfect Light, aligned with the heart beat of endless Love and creating the bridge that is Heaven on Earth - the bridge world of perfect Love witnessed now by you and nourished as you accept My Love.

Every moment, every Now, accept My Love for you that you might be full and overflowing and life lived from an overflow, rather than a deficit is life lived perfectly as the heart of God I Am in the world. The living Christ as Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, the living giving heart of God, as you accept My Love for you.



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