Holding the Focus of Love in a Changing World

Beloved ones, I reach for you with all My Love and I wrap you in the tenderness and the assurance of your true Reality. As I do so and you feel your heart respond, you will also feel a sense of urgency, the urgency with which I call, asking you, My dear heart, to remember who you are quickly. As you do, please make the choice to place your consciousness in the truth of Love. Find within yourself your deep trust in Me.

The urgency of My call comes because the world is changing, and these changes are going to become ever more dramatic. As the old world begins to fall away, it is absolutely imperative that I have those of you who are able to hold the Light and to hold in your consciousness unwaveringly the truth of our bond and its assurance that your Real identity and the truth of your Love is ever and always in Me.

It is in Me and from Me. Our Love does create a circle of life that is beautiful, abundant and unwavering. In order to lift the world back into this true Reality, I must have all of you holding the true vision. That vision is the Reality of Light and how it speaks in every electron of your being. Every moment that it speaks it sings My Name and receives from Me the sustenance of this blazing and eternal energy that is the food of life brought lovingly from Me to you.

I need you to walk forth with assurance being the truth of Love, that your vibration may hold its Reality as the old world falls away. So if it seems to you that My Messages are urgent, beloved, each of you, it is because they are. Every one of you is so important as is your answer to this call. It is only when My heart cells are in unity and that song is a song of unison can you become the magnetic presence that lifts the world Home.

Do you have to do this of yourself? No, dearest ones, of course not. For it is already done in the Real. And yet the awakening from this pocket of reversal must come, and as it does, you are the rope upon which others will be lifted out of the waters of churning emotion and the distress of the little mind.

The little mind seeks a reality in which it convinces you it is important, and is constantly playing that identity to you. But if everything upon which it bases that identity is changing, then the ego mind will panic and you must shift into your heart in order to rise beyond the sub-creation that it has engendered and return to the truth of this Love.

You are beginning to sense that the dream of duality is coming unhinged and beloved ones, this is very positive. And yet, even though positive, it can be very chaotic. I have been preparing you for this all along, for I have told you that if you live in Me, if you live and breathe and have your being in this Love, if you remember the true source of your life and your identity and you hold this truth as the vibration of your heart and being, then you can walk through any illusion that the ego brings without getting caught.

You can walk through the collapse of what you know as civilization and no, this is not a prediction. This is simply the fact of your heart and its power - that when you use only heart perception and take your identity each moment from Me, then nothing in the world need affect you. Rather, your attunement to the Light not only will reassure you but you will hear My voice speaking your holy name and lifting you into the realms of wonder - that you might look upon the Earth from the Real of Love and be the conduit of the true waters of life.

As you do so, you are the magnets that bring all hearts into entrainment and speak with the single eye of the Reality of Love. Acknowledging that you are the vehicle for the glorious and living Christ, you shall be, each Now Moment, My hands and My heart upon the Earth.

You can trust, beloved ones, the true Reality of Love and hold it in faith no matter what, for I promise you that if you will trust Me with all your being, you shall be the vehicle of pure Love and its advent into the world. The world, dearest ones, needs you. More than anything it needs the power of your vision to hold to the mark, to the truth, and never depart from it.

Only your focus directs the energy and this energy is the very energy of Creation itself. So you can see that your Twin Flame hearts have fueled duality and given it power to affect your course - give it power to create in you a belief in separation, and even the experience of My distance - when all of this is a trick, an illusion, a lie of the little mind or ego. The truth is self evident when seen through your precious hearts. I Am asking you, I Am calling you to see it.

As fear comes to rest in the ego mind dissolving, there is every reason to hold the spirit and to be this truth of life. As you do so, the world your Love creates will be a Paradise for you to inhabit and a Paradise in which you can welcome all humanity so that those things that are imminent in the world as the sub-creation dissolves in the Light do not have to affect you at all. I emphasize "at all," dearest ones, because it is so important that you recognize resonance and understand that in your heart the truth of Love I Am is present, and only you can bring it into the world.

You must recognize thus how I need you to be My pure and loving heart in service, giving always this pure Love ever pouring from the fountainhead -- rushing, dearest ones, through your open Twin Flame heart, ready to be the nourishment, the waters of truth to quench the world's thirst. But those waters must have a conduit to flow through and that conduit dear ones is you.

So please clear out your hearts that you may be open to this powerful flow, and that the flow of Love becomes your Reality, not the reality of ego.

As you hold this Light and bathe in it, as you recognize this Love as who you are, it will draw to you perfectly all the evidence of the Love I have for you in your lives in the symbols of the world. But more than this, dearest ones, you can multiply it by the power of your decision, your every moment's choice, and recognizing your Twin Flame heart for what it is. You build the New World. Not out of physicality with clay and rocks and building material. But out of the energies of God I Am ever ready, beloved ones, to serve you when you are in alignment with the hologram of Love I Am.

While the urgency is upon you and you hear and feel this Message, this call to come quickly Home to Me - know too that the urgency is eliminated in the instant you truly respond because the presence of this Love we share in the world is everything. It erases all the horizontal arm of duality and brings your life into the ecstasy of the living Now, entraining all hearts around you and setting forth the scenario of Paradise for you to live in.

The moment you respond whole-heartedly to the call, this call becomes unnecessary and the moment you remember the wonder of our Love, the truth of it and its passionate intimacy - in that moment the old world falls away, so you no longer exist in the world of ego. You live in the truth seen through the heart, and that is the Real of Love.

This is why I Am asking you to call Me, to open up your hearts totally and to give yourselves to this remembrance of Me and the breath of life I bring you each Now Moment. You may breathe Me in closer than the breath you breathe. Truly, closer than you can imagine, for beyond the imagining of the ego mind is the truth of our unity and our Love that is one heart beat shared between all of you and one breath of life breathing all of you. One joyous celebration of this moment to moment Love that we share, given and received with all that we are in each Now Moment.

When I call you and I say to you, "It is urgent," you must recognize that you also are the answer to it and therefore, the unspooling of the scenarios of the ego mind and all of its dire predictions are unnecessary. They are transcended the moment you open your heart to Me - truly open your heart and say "Yes." Then you are walking in freedom and your consciousness is rooted in the cosmos and not in the world. Therefore, what flows through you is unlimited and you are freedom. Not "living in freedom," not "being the heart of freedom." Not even being freedom's voice. Rather you are freedom moving through the cosmos.

These are things that your ego mind cannot wrap itself around but they are deep and ever present in your heart. As you hold this Light, as you come back to Me, as you bathe each moment in My living presence, you will watch as the old world fades away effortlessly, and in its place is the most exquisite unity. Every life shares itself totally, breathing in and out this perfect Love and dancing in joy in My presence, creating freedom from the illusion of suffering and pain everywhere you look with everything you touch.

So just as beloved Jesus said, those things that he exemplified for you, so shall you do and even more than this as you come Home to Me now and accept your destiny as the living heart of God, the Christ, ever and always in alignment with Me and giving - giving through your great Twin Flame heart all that you are and that I Am completely and trusting the inflow of this living Love to be your source, your nourishment, your provision, your glorious abundance in Me.

It will always be more than sufficient. Oh, far more. It will be abundant Love pouring out of your open heart to manifest all around you in the symbols of beauty and peace, harmony and incredible joy. Walking with you shall be the perfect reflection of My Love, your Twin Flame.

So I am asking you not to place your attention on the world and on all the happenings that shall prove to you that the old world falls away. Once again I remind you that where your focus is, so is the energy, the most potent powerful energy of all Creation that flows through your heart in immediacy following your focus into the world. So keep your focus on Me and you are perfect, as I Am ever and always perfect. That which flows through you will be the symbols of a perfect world of Love.

But you must be focused always in the Real and breathing in this breath of life. As the information comes that titillates the ego, go back, beloved ones, to this center and walk with your eyes to the Light, using the single eye of your open heart by which to see - that you might be the candle burning in the night of duality knowing that the dawn is breaking and you are that Light.

You are My Love awakening as the sun rises above the world each morning. You are, dearest ones, both the authors of duality and now the instrument of its ending. But you can only do this if your focus remains true to Love, to peace, to perfection, to the great circle of life in which the truth of My Love is ever and always based on giving - knowing that the heart open to give is the only heart that truly can receive.

These things are familiar to you and this I know. They must become totally the way you live. You must stake your life on it, on this trust of My Love, and that is why these Messages are urgent. The New World is being born and it can only be born through you.



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