How We Move Beyond Judgment

Beloved ones, give Me your heart, for only I can truly hold it, only I can protect it, can honor it as holy and can show you the truth of your indelible spirit that moves beyond the limits of the little world and human beings. Let Me show you your own true nature that you might understand that this world can't touch you when you are Mine. When you find your Home in Me, you become the magnetic sun, the blazing presence of My endless Love in the world of human beings, drawing into your life and your relationship the symbols of this radiant splendor and all that the world can offer you, as a reflection of your heart.

I know when you are facing the ego dream and it seems real to you that it is often hard to make that leap to trusting Me. But that is why I call you to a daily time of deep communion, so that you might come to recognize your own heart and your own Real nature. I ask you to walk forth into the dream of the world in all of your radiant splendor and be the bridge of Light and Love by being My heart speaking, My heart loving, My heart showing forth freedom until your every breath is My voice speaking.

You have asked Me how to be the bridge, how to understand your role in the world, how to recognize your place as the servant of unity, how to hold the truth clearly while you participate in life. Especially you have asked how to live beyond the judgment of the ego mind when the ego mind is your means of communication with the dream. Let My answer speak to you in the realms of your deepest heart and let it move you until you become this pure energy, My living blessing to all beings. That is the answer to the bridge world as well. It is that rather than using the ego's perception, I ask you to truly switch into your heart and use your heart as your means of communication, and I promise it will change everything.

Not only does the heart serve as your instrument of perception but it is also a means of universal communication. It speaks truly with My voice from that center point of radiant Love that is your heart wherever you are. Thus, where the ego, the little mind, would see a situation that obviously was less than the fulfillment of all that you know is the truth of Love and would evaluate without awareness, placing duality front and center. If you are in your heart, dearest ones, then only your heart is perceiving and only I am speaking through you.

So rather than seeing a need in the relationship of duality, you shall be living purely in the River of the Vertical, the endless Love, awake to the wonder of life and viewing every being as I do, with the purest unconditional Love and the deepest, most tender compassion. The outreach of this living breath of unity is ever and always moving toward this person, seeking that entrainment with My heart that brings all life into the relationship of joy.

Rather than perceiving a person who needed help or perceiving someone living in old world consciousness, your experience would be of the heart, of God meeting the heart of God and only in the living moment would you find yourself speaking, if the truth of Love found an opening in them and needed to move through you. If not, you would simply be My living heart wrapping each being in perfect Love and loving them totally, unconditionally as I do and as is the truth of My heart, which is you.

It is a different way of life and you are ready, all of you, to step through this doorway of time and to move into the timeless realm of all-encompassing Love, seeing every being as a true part of this living hologram, each one breath-taking in their beauty and each one absolutely necessary to the whole. Each one is a beautiful color of the limitless rainbow of My being, without which the hologram would be unblended, unbalanced. With them, I Am perfect. Thus, of course, so are they. Each precious heart, each lovely being, each is a glorious part of the whole of My Love.

As you live from this realm, from this experience of heart perception, heart communion, heart communication, your experience of life becomes so different that the old world dream becomes unreal to you. Soon you will not even see it. You will only see the glory of the living moving Love I Am dancing through every life as they acknowledge you and you acknowledge them.
Also, in this vein, please remember that this moment is born fresh and as you live in the realm of the heart, there is nothing to bring into this moment. Nothing from former experience, from the past, from other situations. There is only the movement of Love bringing you a brand new experience of its movement and its grace.

I know that there are moments when you waver and when it seems like both worlds are front and center, where the old world still seems real to you and yet the New lives in your heart. At times it feels like you are being torn between the two. But your choice, your focus is what brings the New World about. So just remember, those are moments of choice.

Even in the midst of it, in the midst of working things out, keep turning to Me and opening your heart and listening for that movement of the spirit and the power of My voice speaking through you, and soon you will find choice becomes unnecessary, as the heart becomes your mode of perceiving all things. The fires of Love are contagious, and every moment that you become that pure focus is a moment of the world's pure transformation and an opening of a new avenue of grace, of plenty, of the New World reality of peace and unity - bringing it into the world as a possibility because of your choice, your dedication.


Beloved God, we are here gathered together tonight, giving our hearts to You, because we ask You, please, to wash us, to wash our hearts in Your Love and to make of us an open heart for You. Clear, transparent and beautiful through which Your Love can truly touch and transform this world and every life upon it, within it and associated with it. So God, please join our hearts together, heart to heart to heart and link us along with everyone whose intention and consciousness is also here, that we might be this vortex for Love.

I call to all Beings of Light and ask you to come and amplify this, our intention, to be this open transparent heart of Love. I join my heart together with my beloved Doug and ask that this Twin Flame heart be a crystal clear conduit for this experience tonight. Thank You for this incredible gift of our spirit family. Amen.

As we open our hearts and give them to God, we can feel that radiant Love washing through us now. As it does and we reach out heart to heart and feel our hearts joining into one, we feel that Love moving between us, creating this living vortex and the power of Love is amplified through our deep commitment, our intention to fully live our truth as the heart of Love.

As we feel the energy, the Love moving around and around this vortex, with every movement we feel it rising and intensifying until Love begins to live as us here as the bridge between the Real and the world. As we share this living energy, so we also share the movement, the breath of the great whole of Love as it moves and breathes us.

Holding our intention clearly to lift the world to Love, we feel this breath of life moving and breathing in and out. As we breathe out, we release our identity as humans and breathe in now into the Real and God communion. Breathe out that Love directly into the world. As we breathe in and lift higher, we feel our sense of unity and breathe out that perfect Love, amplified through all of us. Breathing in now, through our hearts, we rise into God's living presence and breathe out that communion into every human heart.

Breathing in now we rise into the ocean of limitless Love and feel Love breathing out through us, through our hearts. We breathe in once again into that sweet communion and breathe out Love in its radiance and its intensity. As we breathe in again, we become only this center and Love breathes us out, heart, soul and being and breathes us in and blends us with the unity of All That Is. We breathe out unity into the hearts of humanity.

Breathing in, into the Light and breathing life out through every cell. Breathing in, up the Vertical into that pure explosion of energy, and breathing out pure energy into the world perfectly. Now with every breath into the Light and out to the world, we surrender everything and ask grace to breathe as us.

So every breath out is a release. Every breath in is ecstasy, and the rhythm of this breathing is the rhythm of the whole. As the breath of God breathes you, let every breath release more and more of anything that tethers you to limitation. Every breath in is a breath of glorious expanded freedom until freedom becomes the breath, the Light, the life that breathes you in and out.

And now, beloved, My heart, let this surrender continue, as you breathe and become perfect trust in Me. With every breath in you are lighter, more weightless, more free. I show you your limitless freedom in Me. Every breath out now becomes the breath of life moving outward, touching every being in the world. Every touch of this breath of life washes away old identities and leaves the truth of your joyous eternal life.

Now, as you breathe in and out in Me, place your focus softly in the center of your heart and every breath now opens your heart wider and begins to reveal your Real heart to you. What you once might have seen as a simple heart chakra, now reveals itself to be a radiant vortex of sparkling Light, filled with the treasures, the jewels of eternity and a pattern of beauty beyond measure.

As you consciousness now moves every ore deeply in, falling, dancing, into your glorious heart, you begin to realize just how huge, how vast your heart truly is and you marvel at the extent of its energy and the beauty, the stunning beauty of its life. Now you are conscious within the center of the pulsing Light that pulses out the heartbeat of Creation. As you look, you observe all the movement of Light and energy that make up your heart's unique pattern. I ask you to surrender to the wonder and the beauty of your own glorious amazing incredible heart.

As you do, and it washes you with a vision of eternity, I Am with you in the center of your own magnificent heart. In the radiant shimmering Light as the Light of All I Am is reflecting from all the jewels of God I Am within you, you notice the play of the gold Light and the white as it dances on the gems of your heart's pattern. The energy of Love that is you.

Feeling the voice of Love speaking deep within you, let it tell you of your glory, your true Twin Flame nature as the Light and Love of the living endless hologram. Heart beat by heart beat, each heart beat is a voice for Love. Each beating out the pattern of endless life and limitless Love and the assurance of My presence within you. Now, that the Light speaks deep within your being, as it resonates through all that we are together, and the light expands the heart beat grows stronger and suddenly, you are the great vortex, the center, the center of the whole living cosmos and I am loving through you.

As you feel this Love moving you, singing you forth as the Love I Am, and it washes in this rhythm, the center of your being, and you are dancing as a Twin Flame timeless energy, ecstasy, grace, beauty and this stunning unique pattern of Love. Beloveds, let Me show you just how beautiful you are, and let this pattern that is the masterpiece of all Creation send you higher into this intimate and endless Love as you love as My heart and I love as you.

You shine forth on All That Is and every moment, as the Light pours, pulsing, flashing through your heart, the unique pattern of Love is sent forth to touch and bless all life in the hologram instantly, indelibly creating the beauty that you are in every precious movement of life. Can you feel the Light pouring through you now and sending forth the pattern of Love in your heart? With your heart, feel the moment when you touch and bless another life. Feel the rising joy in the communion that occurs as the heart of God loves as you.

Moving back into the center of your great heart once again, allowing the luminous rainbow of color to explode to illuminate the pattern of your heart that you might forever hold it in your view as the living beauty that you are. Holding this pattern of beauty, Love and radiance, allow your heart to perceive all around you now in an omni-dimensional view of the center of the hologram. As you do, you shall see the whole pattern of the living heart. Every other Twin Flame pattern is part of you and you of it until the great pattern of the heart of God lifts you into ecstasy and you see it all instantly and perfectly.

Every color of Light in all Creation, each cell pulsing its unique signature, not only of Light and color but rhythm and harmony, until this experience of the heart of God completely fills your consciousness, your being and you surrender into it and it becomes a living part of you, as you are ever and always part of this. In wonder I ask you now to let your hearts accord this, to acknowledge this pattern of infinite Love of the song of the heart of God, the pulsing patterns of flashing colors, unique and omni-dimensional, surrounding you, filling you, expanding your vision and consciousness and speaking deep into your heart. As you are blended, you are part of the living whole of My heart, and every heart cell is part of you every living Now Moment.

Just allow this experience to continue all around you the colors, the patterns, the harmonies of a million, billion songs of endless Love. Every one is intimately known to you and you are known and loved to everyone. You feel the essence of the holographic nature of My heart as it fills the universe, as it is present in the center of everything, for this is the nature of the hologram. You are at the center of all life, part of the heart of All That Is.

Because you are the center of the holographic Love I Am, this heart you are is present in everything and therefore everything speaks to you directly from experience as your heart is present in all of it. The center of every particle, each electron, you are here. Every constellation of energy, every being, every life stream, every Angel., every cosmos within the great swirling eternity ... all of it, loved intimately, presently, fully and completely by you.

This pattern of glory and beauty beyond imagining and color and Light indescribable yet experienced...this, beloved, is you. This is the truth of who you are. Any shift in your focus and you are the heart there. Wherever I move your energy, I Am Love in the center as you. Always you carry the pattern of Light and color, of harmony and heartbeat, eternal ecstatic Love and Twin Flame movement, fully present here, now, as you.

Because you are the holographic heart of God I Am, the whole pattern, every heart cell together is in you also, shining through your being out into the living cosmos and touching every life with My Love from the inside out.

Now, allowing this indelible pattern of glory, Light, color, energy, movement, harmony and endless Love that is the heart of God omni-dimensional, part of you forever ... allow this to shine forth, blazing as My Light pours through you and focus now into the world of human beings, into that which we call "life on Earth." As you turn your focus instantly, you are here in the center of the world and every being. Blazing forth as the Light shines, there is the pattern of the heart of Love. Can you see it in all its colors? All its energies?

This is the truth of humanity. This glorious pattern that is the living Christos, the Christ, the living heart of God I Am, whole and eternal. As you hold this pattern of the heart of God in splendor, as vast and amazing as it truly is, you hold forth the energy, powerful and magnetic of the truth of every human being and beloved, heart of God, as you do this, openly allowing Me to love all as you, and through you... you easily entrain humankind once again back into remembrance of this unity and this glorious pattern of Love.

It is the heart of the living endless Love I Am.

As you hold this pattern of the vast and timeless heart of God as the truth of the world of humanity, let your heart be your instrument through which you see reality for the reality of the world is simply the same glorious pattern of Love. When you see this pattern as you stand as the heart of God, every illusion fades. All illusions of duality simply fade from view and that ball of energy that has been seen as the world of men shows forth its truth as the true heart of God I Am and nothing else.

Can you see the illusion fade before you? And the heart shine forth instead? You recognize that where the world seems to be, this is truly the heart chakra of humanity, the glorious pattern of the heart of Love.

And now, beloved ones, once again I focus you as the heart of God in the world of human beings and as you walk forth, My radiant Light shines through your hearts, your omni-dimensional eternal holographic Twin Flame center, and shines out into the world as true heart perception, re-aligning the energies around you, that humanity once again remembers the glorious pattern of Love they are.

As you become fully aware through heart perception of this truth of life, all life around you will remember effortlessly, and every moment you will see with the heart the world of unity and through it, create the Arc of My living Covenant, that the heart of Love includes everything and everyone and sees only perfect Love. Pulsing, breathing, being the unity of all the Love I Am.




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