I Am Loved - I Am Love

I want each of you to feel My Love, to raise your vision into this glorious communion in which I wrap your whole being in this tenderness. You can feel Me truly embracing every atom of your being and feel how deeply I know your heart. It is this communion, this Love which I wish to impart to each of you, and to all of humanity. Your spirits, your souls, your hearts cry out to Me, reaching for this tenderness and for this assurance of how deeply deeply you are loved.

You are loved perfectly by Me in every moment with a Love that is so complete and so powerful that nothing can gainsay, nothing can interrupt it. Nothing can part us. Nothing can change this Love. I am yours. I am yours so deeply, beloved ones, that I am your very being. So I love you literally from the inside out.

I love the essence of your nature. I love the first glimmer of your existence, the point of Light where the idea of you took root in My consciousness. I love the moment when I understood that My own heart could love Me and that we could commune with each other in every Now Moment.

I love you with a passion that is as vast as the cosmos and growing every moment with a sweeping vista of possibility that nothing can interrupt. I open in you the wings of the spirit and the strength and the power of this Love and ask you to allow this Love to fuel you through every moment of your life.

Let this Love be your nourishment, the food you eat, the air you breathe. Let it be your whole identity in every increment of your being. Let it be all-encompassing as it sings within your heart and says to you continually, “I am loved.”

Oh, dearest ones, My humanity, I call you to this Love and I shout it through all the Heavens. Each one of you, it is the ringing celestial bells which contains your name, the name of your living spirit and brings to you the kiss of God, centered in your heart. It is from this depth and breadth of Love that your life is meant to come forth, from this knowing, this confidence, this awareness that you are totally and magnificently loved.

Open your hearts to Me, oh, precious ones, and let them feel this holy kiss. Let them feel the truth of our unity and of your continual bliss. Let your heart remember your own immaculate conception, that you are a being of spirit and heart and not a physical body. Physicality is simply an illusion, a mist clouding your vision. The truth of your being is rising now truly as the Phoenix and I Am the wings that fly you. I Am the air that supports you. I Am the life blood beating and coursing through your veins. I Am this life that you are living. Truly I Am life living you.

The joy of your potential is ringing like a song always in your heart. As you breathe the breath of this living Love, as you take it in as your nourishment, as it wraps you when you slumber and greets you when you wake, it will fill your consciousness so completely that the “lie” of duality shall fall away. You shall stand in the new dawn of the spirit that is the birth of the remembrance together of the one holy unity of God I Am, being expressed here as you.

From this remembrance of our Love, of how deeply you are cherished, of how the essence of your being is purity, beauty and the essential nature of God, from this knowing shall come the birth of a world of spirit, a world of unity and giving, a world of only Love that is rising at this very moment from the ashes of the old illusion. This is why I call you now to live your part, to open your mouth and breathe My breath, that it might wash another being, bring hope where there was hopelessness, joy where there was sadness. Allow it to become the voice every moment of the living spirit of God that speaks as you as you say these words, “I am loved.”

Then in the awakening of our precious Love shall come the deeper awareness that not only are you loved perfectly but you are Love itself. When this awareness awakens in you and truly consumes your being, that is when your reflection expresses your fullest heart as the Twin Flame Light of your spirit and the reflection of My Love.

You shall stand together on this holy mountain of the awakened heart of God I Am as the full expression of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine --as the awakened Twin Flame heart living the New World. All That I Am within you, all that we share in the one breath, all that is upheld with the rhythm of the one heart you are, shall be expressed in the symbols of the world. It shall be expressed as the Twin Flame heart of God burning with the full awareness that I Am in you and that this Love is shared in relationship between us now and always and is also expressed as your being in each Now Moment.

I ask you, beloved ones, each of you, to trust My Love, to take the leap into the arms of the Angels and let them fly you across the abyss, across the abyss of the ego and of the little mind and its divisiveness, of the illusion of separation and Love’s pain and loss.

I promise you that as long as your vision remains focused on these things you shall continue to create duality and a world of ego -- of relationships that are hurtful and Love that is lost -- and lives that are tossed at random on a sea of possibilities every moment of Love and something else. From this old world of illusion the New World cannot be born. It truly cannot be reached from the world in which you are living. It can only be reached by the awakening of your heart and your trust of this Love.

If I have ever asked anything of you, beloved ones, I Am asking of you this. Please take the leap into trusting My Love. Leap into allowing My Love to support you, into allowing it to hold you like those wings of the Angels and trusting it every Now Moment. As you do so, as you take this leap, I promise you it will come to pass that a world of Love and beauty shall blossom around you, and the expression of your glorious heart in the relationship of the spirit shall be the Twin Flame experience of ecstasy and bliss.

Together as one beating heart singing one song with two parts, you shall join with Me in a relationship of Love that is all-encompassing. You truly do become My heart embracing all life before you and allowing all life to show you My face, allowing the panoply of life’s expression to be the palette upon which you paint the joy of your heart and your experience in trusting My Love.

If you cannot trust My Love, dear ones, you cannot trust your Twin Flame. So the search for the Twin Flame’s Love on Earth will always come to naught.

So first and foremost must come our relationship, dear ones. Look into your heart and make this decision now based on Love and not on ego. Remember, please, I beg of you, that the ego always creates separation. It will tell you, of course, again and again that you cannot trust Love. It will paint for you pictures until eternity of how Love will betray you, because that is the ego’s agenda and this will not change.

If you trust the ego to tell you about Love, then the ego’s Love will find you. Remember, beloved ones, this all important decision. The world is on the cusp now of this glorious transformation. I ask you to be those who transform it, not those who come kicking and screaming.

This choice is up to you. I Am holding you in this Love and proving to you every moment that Love is Real. But you cannot believe an illusion and find Real Love. They cannot co-exist because they are two different things of a totally different vibration – the ego and the heart. The choice is before you now, beloved ones. Which one will you choose?

If you open your heart, you will feel Me. You will feel this Love washing you. Your heart will soar in its joyous remembrance of this holy communion and in its soaring it will tell you the truth of your heart. You will remember that Love is Real, powerful, glorious and it is the truth.

Every moment that you believe it, you create the New World and you open yourself as a conduit for this Love I Am. But first you must believe that you are loved. This is the difference between the world created of the ego mind and the New World of the heart. The ego mind starts with the premise that you are separate from God and builds every decision based on this separation from Love. Therefore, all scenarios of the ego mind or the old world have this chasm between the Love that you remember deep within and the Love that you can live. Therefore, you are met with scenes of disaster, shipwrecks of relationship and the tangled scheme of the weavings of the little mind and ego.

But if you make the shift of this basic premise of life to the truth of your heart, then everything that you create shall be based on Love. Therefore what is reflected all around you in the symbols of your world will be the truth that is the kernel that is always a Light in your heart. That truth is “I am loved by God” and “I am one with God.”

There is no separation, and therefore “I Am Love.”

The moment you re-make this decision about life is the moment you truly shift to your heart. Everything else is preparation for this moment and this essential truth – the essential truth of your life, of your existence in the cosmos. “I Am Loved” and “I Am One with God,” and therefore “I Am Love.”

From this shall come everything. Your abundance, your life, your relationships, your home and the very world that is the reflection of the essence of your being and your basic truth – what you believe in your heart. Everything that the heart knows is yours now for the asking. I shall lift you into the experience of this unity and joy. The moment you make this choice I open the veil of the ego-mind that has been encompassing your vision and your heart. The veil of the world has fallen but your own veils may be in place. So I ask you to hear Me calling you and to remember this choice.

I ask you to make this choice daily, hourly, moment-to-moment. Allow no room for the ego mind and its old world view. Yes, it has seemed universal that every person feels unloved and deep inside doesn’t trust Me to hold them in this Love we share. But the truth is, beloved ones, that is ego. That is how it sees the world, and every human ego will report the same – that you cannot trust Love.

But if you shift to your heart, ah, then, everything reveals the truth and not only reveals it, but you feel it and thus you know it is true. I Am loving you so completely that the whole of life is a reflection of your creative nature as the heart of God. Therefore, the world is your lover. Every glorious expanse of Nature is the expression of your Love, of your belief in the truth and thus, your Twin Flame.

Every human being is another Twin Flame heart waiting for recognition, for the remembrance of the basic truth of our relationship and then, all else is clear. You are all conceived in beauty, in the perfection of God I Am and our relationship is Creation. It is the “Big Bang.” It is that moment when I Am completely astounded by the truth of your presence at My center as the heart of God I Am. Oh, how I love you with Everything That I Am.

The Moment of Creation is simply this – the culmination of My longing to express to you the depth of this Love and to allow this truth of loving you, My heart, My center, to illuminate all Creation through you, My Love. Therefore, heart perception – it is what I asked and received at the Moment of Creation. I Am blessed by this relationship with you, and therefore, every Now Moment is the re-awakening of this splendor and amazement and joy at the discovery that I Am loved.

The Now Moment is the awareness that bowls Me over with its truth, and that is -- My heart loves Me and I Am loved. In this exchange, all of life is revealed as the billion-colored expressions of joy. Come back, beloved ones, to this remembrance. I Am Loved. I Am Love.


Peter Fox 20th March 2023 9:19 am

Thank you dear GOD dear Yael and Doug. “I am loved- I am Love”


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