Inside The Heart of God - Inner and Outer as ONE

Beloved ones, we have spoken together of transforming the world, but transforming the world is only accurate when you see the world as a human being and believe that it is outside of you. When you recognize that you are the heart of God and that All That I Am is alive within you, then you feel the world from the heart’s perspective.

The heart will show you the only truth – that Love is all that is here.

Behind the dance of the little mind, behind the belief in time and space are conscious streams of living Love rejoicing at the life that is in everything. This becomes your experience now of the world.

We have created together a beautiful stairway made of steps of Light and bursts of Love through these Messages, beloved ones, to bring you all the way from the viewpoint of duality as a person in the world to this place of being the open heart, the limitless heart of God.

Here there is only freedom. Here there is indescribable ecstasy. Here there is the sweet communion of the heart of Love with its every expression, and the world is exactly this.

The shift to the heart, beloved ones, changes everything and brings you a new experience of life. It gives you the ability to be present to the blessings and the miracles that life is, and it sings itself forth into full consciousness and joyous Love. When you are alive in the heart, then that which is drawn into your life in duality is purely Love with no expectations, with no judgments, no agenda, nothing to transform.

It is this pure Love, embracing what comes to you, embracing what shows up on the screen of your mind, embracing the reflections of your old heart’s beliefs that gives them what they need to completely transform into the vision that the heart sees.

As I have told you again and again, only that which is truly loved is free to change. Often you come to Me in prayer asking for assistance with this thing or that, and My answer to every prayer is shift to the heart and see what the heart shows you now. Recognize that in meeting what is before you with Love, allowing the heart to show you its essential truth, then it is free to move away, to dissipate, to disappear from the screen of your consciousness and to become, instead, the revelation of God.

When you experience your life as My heart, beloved ones, there is nothing to push away and nothing to judge. Love can encompass everything in duality and bring you the truth of the ecstasy behind it. Love sings itself forth as your life. Your consciousness is the ability of God to see the truth – the truth that your heart reveals.

Love is always primary. It is the essence of what Creation is. It is the still ocean that is often called the void, and consciousness is the expression of Love and movement. And so Love will always inform you of what is true. Love will always unveil the truth behind every perception of limited consciousness.

Limited consciousness is the mind. The truth of consciousness is unlimited. It is an expression of the pure Light, the exclamation of finding that everything within you is pure life, the facets of your being, the facets of God, expressed and loved.

So I lift you now into the place where everything is held in the heart and the division of outside and inside falls away. There is only in your experience God meeting God. As God shows up looking like a limited duality play, the power of the heart reveals the illusory nature of what the mind sees and shows you the truth of your heart behind it, that you might perfectly love what you see, what you find in your life, allowing it to then be perceived as it truly is, as the truth of the heart.

Every step along the way, beloved ones, is perfect. There is no judgment of the limited perspective of the world or of life. Yet when you come to this place where you shift to the heart, what you hold for humanity is the truth of God, the vibration of the perfection of life and the feeling of the divine, that there is nothing else here but divinity. Nothing else present but God.

Dearest ones, I Am here to take you into this place of expanded Love, into the presence of the Now Moment that is the pulsing vibration of the joy I Am. This joy that is alive in you is yours the moment that you shift to the heart. Consciousness expands in response to Love. Consciousness is ever reflecting the heart, ever astounded at the magnificence of Love and ever creating the indescribable grace of your endless communion with Me and Mine with you.

There is so much joy held in this world, so much beauty behind the illusion of its absence. Every moment spent in the ecstasy of the heart’s truth, by the Law of Resonance, by the truth of entrainment does more for the world than anything you could plan for ecstasy on the level of the ego mind.

Whether this awakening to the truth of Love is personal or planetary doesn’t matter because it’s one thing and every heart recognizes it. Deeply felt as the truth of God is one heart encompassed in the vibration of perfect Love, one heart attuned in that moment to the powerful experience of pure life in all of its wonder.

From this place of living through the heart, you too become the experience of “both/and.” You are the heart of the Creator, of God I Am, and you are experiencing relationship with all that is in you. Everything that you see as part of your world is, of course, an expression of your being, of your heart’s perception and therefore, yours to experience as perfect Love.

As you experience it as perfect Love, you establish the divine circle of giving and receiving, and the communion of Love that is awakening within you as the aspects of yourself recognize the truth. It is exactly like the relationship with Me, the same gift of conscious awareness, the same truth that Love is freedom and Love is revealed through the heart.

I want to give you this experience of the world as within you, as within your heart, that you might be Love’s extension and pure expression, that your presence in the moment is the opening for perfect Love to vibrate its truth within everything until the illusion dissipates and dissipates easily.

I have said to you many times that it doesn’t work to engage the world, to fight the fight of duality, to try to change things from the level of the ego. When you do you are giving your creative energy to continue to illusion that there is other than Me, other than Love present.

But it is the experience of your heart that will show you, will give you the vibration. The resonance of perfect Love will bring to you the beauty of the present and the presence of this perfect Love I Am expressing as the I Am of you.

The heart and only the heart can give you the truth, and it is worth making the effort to make the shift. If even for a moment, that moment is a pearl on the necklace of your conscious being. Enough moments and you have the background/foreground shift. The experience of the heart becomes the foreground. The experience of the ego mind, of the duality of the world becomes the background that is encompassed by your heart.

Your heart sees right through the illusion that has been created out of the belief in separation from your own perfection. It sees right through it to the perfect heart of God I Am in which is expressed the amazing fact of pure creation that you are.

Life can be experienced fully only when you are present, dear ones, with it. When you are in the little mind you are not present with the truth, for the little mind is always creating a barrier, creating an explanation for the world. The heart experiences the world directly in its truth.

The point of Light and Love that is Creation itself is held in your consciousness and expressed as your heart, and so you are the experience of the great orgasm of the forces of Creation becoming aware and recognizing that it is only good.

So, dearest ones, wherever you are on the stairway of the awakening to your truth as the heart of Love, right there will I meet you and open your heart, that for an instant you are the experience of life, the Moment of Creation becoming aware in My heart as well as My being. The heart of God that you are is seeing as well as experiencing … for it is all within you as you are within Me.

Even a moment of the experience of true Love will set your very electrons to resonating with joy and will establish the pulsing waves of Love and the communion with the electrons of consciousness, the movement of life. It will bring you freedom to be present with All That Is, to feel yourself as the forces of Creation and most of all, to allow your heart to encompass the world and to show you the world as the perfect resonance of the endless Love of God.

You have recognized that your experiences in the world of duality are the reflection of the heart’s beliefs that you have established, revealing the mind’s experiences of the world and duality.

Now it is time to experience divinity, to take the breath, the one moment of the living cosmos, to feel the whole of God I Am within. It is time to become the breath that is our communion as you also experience yourself as limitless consciousness and the expression of Love. One aspect is the whole of humanity easily alive in your heart, aligned with Love, that penetrates everything and sings back to you as you sing to Me, “I have seen the truth, God, and I say ‘yes’ to only Love.”

It is easy, dearest ones, for you to step into the cathedral of your heart which allows the ego mind to finally bend its knees and the heart at last to fully take precedence. Everything you see and feel, all that is in your life is an expression of Love within you and another aspect with which you commune. It opens to you the truth of unity that both the purity and endless Light are ever here and the heart acknowledges the glorious diversity of all the rays or aspects of Love and every movement of illumination of consciousness.

So the Earth herself is within your heart as the nourishment that you are receiving from Me, and the trees and mountains, the beauty of Nature is the joy of Me coming back to you as beauty and the possibilities that Creation is. The world to the heart is perfect Love expressing and every human being is a package of magic. Every heart acknowledged is Creation itself – God meeting God and understanding through the deepest feelings of Love that Creation is the expansion of endless good and perfect Love.

So come into your heart, beloved ones, and create with Me the experience of presence, of eternity in which you are at the center point of your experience of life -- in communion, in devotion with Me and embracing the world as the expression of your experience of your own heart that lives within you.

Pearl by pearl, you will build a necklace of Light and moments of pure communion with the oneness of life until the necklace of your moments in the present and the presence of God I Am becomes your expression of life. I Am with you always and you are in Me as well.

Come! Be the majesty of the oneness of your heart’s communion with the world.


greatgrandmother 19th July 2011 1:09 pm

How magnificent you are, Yael and Doug; my heart is so filled, reading your beautiful messages from God... Thank you from the bottom of my deliriously happy Heart!

Mary from NH


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