Jesus: Holding the Focus on Only the Radiant Star of Our True Light

I Am Jesus, Jeshua, the radiant Light and this shining Light that you now see is who I am. The golden Light that is perfectly shaped in exactly the same way is my beloved, she whom you call Mary Magdalene. I am here with you today to amplify your radiant presence and to remind you of the alchemy that you already know within. I ask you to remember that this time of Easter is completely about focusing on that which is beyond the world, but which has the potential to manifest as pure radiant Love perfectly across the whole spectrum of the glorious presence of God.

This time for me was completely about holding the focus perfectly on the radiant splendor of God in my every atom and every cell, and to know each atom so intimately that nothing else could enter but the pure light and glorious Love of God I Am. It is only the holding of this focus with such purpose and such conviction amplified in plentitude by my beloved, Mary Magdalene, until it became like magic and tumbled across all frequencies and shown forth purely amongst the world of men. It showed the light of God as my radiant splendor and thus showed the full potential of humanity then and now.

It was holding this focus purely from the moment of the death of the body until each cell was resurrected in the pure Light of I Am. Then, every heart beat echoed through the cosmos and spoke the name of Love in the glorious ever-expanding Now until I was able to perfectly step forth from the realm of spirit and take on the image of radiance as it appears in the world.

Every being who saw me felt God’s living presence and could wrap that presence like a blanket around them to keep them warm and to show them their own potential in the living flow of ecstasy that, as you already know, is the feeling nature of God.

So from the moment on Good Friday when the body released the spirit until the moment of the rising, it was all about focus, about holding the focus of the truth of God, the glory of Love and its power so clearly, so effortlessly and with such devotion that it became that which I Am – not only in the realms of spirit but in the world also. The focus held of this living Light became truly my living mantle that I wrapped around my being in the shape recognized by the world – but made of this resplendent light and its atoms forever dancing in and out of my Twin Flame’s Love, in and out of her presence in the Now.

That which appeared on Easter was not simply Jesus, Jeshua. It was not just the image of my body in Light. It was the Twin Flame Double Helix. It was the sign of God resplendent in the pure substance of Love rather than in the belief of the density and gravity of the ego’s form of Love. This is what you are now learning. It is what I want you to take into your heart and to come to know your atoms and electrons as you know your best friends.

I want you to develop a relationship with every electron of Light in your being and to be able, using your heart, to direct every one of them. So directed they build a perfect vehicle of Light that is so strong in its purpose that you truly have overcome the world. “I have overcome the world.” Those were the words that I spoke because I have overcome the illusion of separation and duality.

Every step into this radiant Light is a song of glorious presence. Every moment this mandala of Twin Flame Light is the heart’s truth. Thus do I hold in reverence the pattern of God life I am, willing to bring it forth instantly the moment the Will of Love needs it. When the Will of Love calls this forth, this radiant glorious expanding Light, it will also call forth that which is within you that meets this Light exactly.

Oh, dearest dearest ones, feel yourself deeply rooted in the world but not in the world of reversed images, but rather the world of Love and only Love. As you walk forth, you are a unity, not a duality seeking something but rather the fullness of Love itself and the glory of God’s Light born in a rushing explosion of Love this Now Moment.

What else could be more important than honoring this? Than grabbing the focus to bring it forth, coming to know your own pattern of gold and white Light, your own pattern of the magnificence of God? And trusting Love to bring it forth perfectly now and now and again. All the old images of the world must fade away. That is why Easter is so very important because it is a pattern of transformation that is so deep that nothing shall ever dissuade you. Once you understand how it feels to be this Love and to feel the vibration through your whole atomic being, to shout and laugh and bathe in the wonder and to recognize your glorious unfolding... When you are ready you will take the leap into being Love, pure, whole and resplendent as it sings through every atom of your being and plays a chorus of Love.

I Am the freedom of God and I have overcome the world. This too is what you place your foot upon, your new path beginning with Easter. So into the heart of the glorious conduit, into the joy now of pure Love and as you feel it, know that I am your everything. I Am God I Am, needing Love, needing Love in the deep sense of identity, of the gathering of all consciousness until the Love is so concentrated, so focused that the atoms are yours to direct and to create through your heart and your intention every expression of your life on Earth and to uphold in this living Light of Twin Flame Love the unfolding of everyone’s rebirth.

Perfect Love casts out all fear, but not only this. It casts out all images of the old world. Perfect Love puts behind you the world and experiences the cosmos as regenerating and bringing forth more and more and more. More Love, the great white blazing star. More Love, the golden interweaving. More Love as the two begin the dance of mating, the two forces of life and bringing forth the unlimited creations of Love that is the world.

So once you dive into these living spheres of Light and feel them communicating with your atoms, feeling the awakening of the new identity within you, then you shall turn and face the world with your open heart and a great stream of electrons shall pour forth from you, brand new, born of this merging of the Will of God expressing as you in this moment and bringing forth the New World of Love.

Now when you look, you see with Love’s eyes and you feel with Love’s heart and this world as you view it is soft, radiant, filled with conscious living Light and the great pulsing movements of Love. Nothing is solid ever again because you know that of which it is made – the substance which you have actually been diving into, letting it bathe you on the spiritual plane until all boundaries dissolve and you too are the radiant Christ. Then, that which was your physical body is shining as the sun and just as glorious.

So, dearest ones, I ask each of you to take this journey with me now, from this day that was the day of the crucifixion, through the hours of holding the focus until the focus was locked in, until nothing could deter me or make me slip from that deep conviction, that awareness that I Am the living spirit of Love. Let these be your words, your mantra as you literally release the world, refusing any acknowledgement of solidity for these days between Good Friday and Easter, and rather keep your focus within through the doorway of your open heart.

Keep your focus like an arrow unswerving upon the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine as this living Light and these wave forms of Love. Let the Love flow through your feeling bodies until it becomes your own ocean of Love. Let the Light, the luminous star forms become that which is your life so deep in your awareness as the heart song of God, as the radiant living eternal Light that the world as you have known it truly disappears and you are the resurrection and the life.

“I Am the Resurrection and the Life.”

That is this experience of releasing the world and returning the focus into the Real of Love so deeply, so perfectly, with such commitment that the old world has to fall away because it has nothing to sustain it any more. All that you have given of your energy to sustain the world of duality for all time is taken back, reclaimed, refocused on the splendid true nature of your being as the risen Christ. The risen Christ is that which no longer believes the lie of separation in any way, deep down into your very atoms. It becomes the living song of the Double Helix of Twin Flame Love, as the essence of your nature, as your voice, as your expression, your truth and your purpose, overcoming the world of illusion for all time, stepping into your eternal God life.


Beloved God, we open our hearts tonight to You. We ask that You fill us with Your presence, with Your Love and connect our hearts together, allowing us, God, the honor of being a pure clear conduit for Your Love to bless and lift and awaken our beloved planet Earth and all life with and upon her. Thank You, God, for this gift of being the bridge, of feeling Your presence and being Your Love in this world. And thank You for the gift of our spirit family, our hearts that know each other so deeply.

I too ask You, God, that I might be a crystal clear conduit for this experience tonight and I join my heart together with Doug. I also call to all beings of Light who assist us and who hold this focus, and ask you to be with us tonight. I give thanks for your presence. Amen.

Now we join our hearts together, opening our hearts to feel each other and feeling the energy moving among us, heart to heart to heart, clockwise, gaining momentum, creating a magnetic presence that pulls the Love perfectly from the Real into the world. As you feel this energy circling, feel it awakening your own heart. Feel every atom and every electron vibrating in joy as each one acknowledges this glorious and perfect energy and each one feels the unity that we are together.

And now we share not only our hearts but our breath as well as we share the one breath of God. As you let your breath out and take a deep breath in, as you breathe out, feel the Light rushing through your being. Breathing in again, and as you breathe out, feel all tension fall away. Breathe in pure Love. Breathing it out now through your heart to the world, and breathing in, into the presence of God. Breathing out Love into the world.

As you breathe in again, feel your heart open wider and wider and as you breathe out, feel the Love resonate through every cell. Breathing in, now, to the very Moment of Creation and breathing out pure Light through every atom and electron. Breathing in, feeling God’s presence and breathing that presence into the world. Breathing in through your open heart and breathing out Real Love into the world.

With each breath in, the communion strengthens, the Love increases, and your heart opens wider and wider until, beloved one, you are alive in My presence, aware, awake in the Real again. As you feel your breath becoming the sweet breath of the living spirit, feel the spirit singing throughout your whole being. Every atom is now responding, feeling itself bathed in the Love I Am, being alive as you.

As you breathe this Love, open, My beloved, and let your heart now feel how much I love you. As you merge into this Love, let Me fill you. Drink it in and let Me wash you in this tender Love as I sing into your soul. I Am your Love and we sing this Love between us. Breathe in My Love and love Me with your whole being, and remember, remember this exchange. With every breath you breathe Me. With every heart beat we are in communion again. I feed you now the nectar of Light and life and being.

You become My fully conscious heart again and again. With every heart beat you become aware of loving all Creation and the great waves of Love being given now through you. Every wave is a rush of ecstasy that ignites the flame of Love and life and Light in your heart. Now it is reflected before you. You are the dance of life, Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine. Every heart beat you become the Moment of Creation again. The orgasmic wave of joy pouring forth through your open Twin Flame heart.

In the heart beat, in between, you are stillness again and every heart beat, every breath I Am loving you and you love Me. We breathe this breath of life back and forth together. In the stillness you are the All of God, open and silent. In the outward beat you are the pulse of great orgasmic giving Love.

Now, oh, My beloved one, each precious and glorious heart, I ask you to follow this wave of Love as it goes forth now from you. Feel it touching every life stream and loving all Creation with tenderness and ecstasy in the miracle of life. Every touch is reverence, as divine Love lifts you up on waves of silent worship and thanksgiving for life.

Beloved, you remember how it feels now to love with all your heart as your heart is in Me. I ask you now to feel the vastness of your heart as open as the heart of God throughout the cosmos itself. I ask you to feel the power of unlimited Love and even now, open your heart wider again. Stretch this Twin Flame heart you are throughout the whole of Love and feel every life within it being loved perfectly now.

You are this vast, this grand, this big. The cosmos is within you, and still your Love is greater than this. Beloved, it is. So even wider now, open your heart and feel it. The whole of the Love I Am pouring now through you, through this heart that is the circle of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, that is the portal to the loving of all Creation itself.

I Am loving all life through you, you, My heart, open and available to Me. As these great orgasmic waves of Love are pulsing through this heart you are, feel the song of ecstasy as it sings itself within you. Know this is your destiny, your purpose is the giving of this eternal and endless Love as My heart fully open now.

As you feel your open heart as vast as the glorious cosmos, so too expand and feel the other cells of My heart with you. Beyond the border of the infinite, this heart stretches. Together you create a mandala of light that is more than magnificent. Allow your heart’s perception to show you now this pattern, so great and grand and glorious and made of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine – a pattern of gold and white now woven into the Flower of Life itself.

The open giving expanding heart of God I Am – that is you. As you feel with heart perception as the heart of God awake, feel the true divine ecstasy of giving and giving and giving. Feel how this is all you need to nourish you perfectly. For as you give, so you receive multiplied exponentially. Thus does the flow of life continue perfectly as Love is multiplied ever by you, My heart in ecstasy.

Let this great pattern of Light paint itself indelibly on your consciousness and forever within your Twin Flame heart. Can you see the shining threads of Light – the gold and white intertwining as the heart cells giving and multiplying Love create this pattern of joy? This great magnificent pattern of Light, each heart cell a petal in the flower? This is the heart, the Christ, dear ones – the heart of the Love I Am.

Now as you feel the pulsing Light and the waves and waves of Love amplifying the Light of this pattern, feel it replicated within you. This pattern now becomes your symbol as the awakened heart of God, giving Love throughout all Creation in the eternal Now Moment. This pattern is a flow of Light, a language now within you that is taken up by the rays of Light you are as masculine and feminine. The Moment of Creation is imprinted now within and pours forth this pattern of the living Christ to be amplified again.

Now, beloved ones, as you bathe in this Love and share your life and breath with your Twin Flame and with Me, I ask you to turn your focus to focus now on life on Earth, on the pocket of reversal that is now dissolving, and to place upon it now this glorious symbol of the awakened heart of God, the living Light of Christ. This great Flower of Life now in place and magnetic returning every heart on Earth to its full God potential.

As this pulsing Love shines through this pattern, every heart now begins to remember deep within it what it means to be unlimited, unlimited Love so open that nothing can restrict it and Love can flow as it does in the Real throughout all life on Earth.

As you see this beautiful pattern of the Flower of Life that is the heart of Love you are awakened in the world, you also see great rays of Light, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine pouring now into the world awakening Love again. These rays of Light, beloved one, are that which you know as Jesus and his Twin Flame Light bathing the world and raising it into this pattern.

Recognize yourself, each precious cell, in these glorious rays of Light that are now bathing the world and see how the pocket of reversal becomes filled with radiant Light as every atom and every electron now remembers its truth. All that was born of the shadows, of the decision for separation is revealed to be simply movements of energy that is Love underneath it.

Through your heart, pour this Love. As this living mandala, touch every precious heart on Earth and let it know Love is unlimited. I ask you, My heart, My conscious Love, My bridge, to go forth into the world and show forth Love as unlimited, show every heart through your Love that Love has no boundaries. Through your open Twin Flame heart, give each one the experience by being Love in this communion and embracing all completely.

I promise you, one moment of feeling Love’s unlimited nature can free each heart and return it to loving consciously again. I ask you now to pour forth this Love from the Real of God I Am, to pour these rays of living Light through your heart to every person. Feel these beams of living Love, of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, bathing every heart on Earth now and Now again.

As these rays touch each heart, your heart shows you how perfectly each is loved as Me living in you. You can feel the moment when the freedom is recognized and a heart remembers that it is truly vast and unlimited. In that moment, feel the ecstasy. It washes you and gifts you with the gift of receiving from the Love that you give, as you give this Love endlessly.

Heart after heart, I ask you to bathe in this unlimited joy until it ignites that moment of remembrance that Love is unlimited, that Love is as vast as Creation itself and each heart can encompass it, and the illusion of separation and fear is simply burned away in the ecstasy. One moment of the heart’s remembrance, beloved ones, can bring freedom, freedom from the dream of separation from Me, freedom from the dream that Love can be limited, freedom to accept this mandala of Light, the Christ heart symbol as the truth of their being and the vibration of the Real is born anew in them.

Heart after heart awakening and you are My conduit as you bring this Love into focus on Earth. The great Christ mandala is implemented. Each heart awakened and free. Each heart in communion with Me. As the hearts are awakened, I am unlimited Love and I am ever and always in you, being born into expression and given through the Twin Flame heart that is you.

And now, as you are holding the world in your tender Love, I ask you to feel how this Love feels as it pours through you now. As you focus on this divine feeling of this rushing and ecstatic joy, this feeling of unconditional positive regard for every human being, this tender outreach of Love, I plant in your heart this mandala of the awakened Twin Flame Christ of God, alive and in service as you.

And now, in every moment, as the pulsing Love pours through you, this perfect pattern of life is sent outward into the world. Everything upon which you focus, you implant this mandala – this living gold and white Flower of Life imprinted perfectly. I ask you to imprint every heart with the awakened Flower of Life, the mandala of the living Twin Flame Christ, awake on Earth.
You will feel the moment of the transfer, the moment when that heart remembers and accepts the pattern of its perfection as the heart of God I Am.

Can you feel and perceive through your heart what the awakened world looks like? A glorious flower of life so beautiful, so brilliant that the world itself is a heart as well. The pulsations of living Love are pouring through her. Every heart knows its truth now, regardless of any vestiges of ego mind and its vision of duality. The truth of Love is ever present. It is constant and infallible and you are its conduit into the world for Me and as Me, as My heart, as Love totally unlimited.

Now your heart is in full surrender to the Love being given forth as you. The Light illumines your consciousness and you become aware of your whole being as a great living cosmos of gold and white Light, every atom and electron in full remembrance, each one either gold or white and you in perfect communion know yourself as the living giving Love I Am.

I ask you now to place your consciousness deep within these rays of Light that are the truth of your being as the Double Helix of cosmic Love and let yourself now commune with every atom, with each electron until you attune its resonance to the very Moment of Creation. Having experienced this attunement, you are washed completely in ecstasy, alive in the magnificent Light of consciousness and Love. You can commune with every atom, speak to them with your heart and acknowledge the imprint of Christ on each atom and electron as well. Each atom is a glorious mandala of Christ, for as above, so below, as within, so without. All things in all dimensions are one.

Each atom now comes to greet your heart and to acknowledge unity with you. Holding your focus now on this living Love in communion with your atoms, I ask you to build a body of living Light to use as your expression on Earth. Feel it gathering around you in its pattern of beauty and of life. Feel yourself as the bridge from the Real of Love through this pattern to life on Earth.

Walk forth now as the awakened Christ heart. Feel the world all around you as Light and all the symbols of the world are expressions of beauty, magnificent and singing. See the colors as the luminous expressions of the rainbow of feelings of Love, as the world of Creation’s perfection now pours forth through you.

The open heart of Love I Am is totally unlimited and thus, you as My unlimited heart now go forth to love the world. Thank you, My beloved, for loving Me and your Twin Flame and as a Twin Flame heart of Love I Am, loving all life free on Earth. I Am the unlimited heart of Love. I Am the heart of God I Am, Now. I Am the unlimited heart of God, loving all life free on Earth.


bogo 29th March 2008 3:48 pm

Just in case people don't know, Sananda isn't the Christed Jesus. That was a blending that only existed for a short period of time with the help of many other beings who helped anchor that energy.


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