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My beloved brothers and sisters:

We are in a powerful moment of transformation. Many of you are feeling this in your daily lives on Earth. The following is given in deepest Love to support you on your path.

At their core all problems, disagreements, inner and outer disturbances, illnesses, confusion, feelings of lack, doubt, loneliness that are experienced as Earth life have as their cause separation from God – disconnection from our Source, our Beloved Creator. Therefore, the first remedial action to take in any of these situations is to restore your deep and personal communion, your connection with God as you were created.

1. There are many ways to do this. A quick and easy way is to use the breath. So quiet yourself for a moment and breathe consciously. Breathe in “God” who is the Source of our breath. Breathe out “Love,” God’s gift to all life. You will feel yourself becoming calm and light. You will feel your vibration shifting upward as you do this. This can be done as you are walking around in the world doing any kind of mundane activity.

If you wish you can practice the Vertical Breath given through the Messages from God. Breathing in, visualize your heart exploding into light. A stream of that light now rises upward and out the top of your head. This light connects with the Now Moment of Creation, the moment when we were birthed in God. As you breathe out, deliver the Love of God as a stream of light out through your heart to all humanity. If you wish you can visualize this Love covering our planet held within your heart.*

2. A second way to establish immediate connection with our Beloved Creator is to “pray gratitude.” Make a mental or written list of all the many things, people, areas of your life for which you are grateful. Thank God deeply and sincerely for each one, adding others as they arise from your focus on gratitude. Especially add prayers of gratitude for other beings and for the good that they are receiving in their lives.

3. Now we activate the essence of Love. Love is always given forth. Make a list of all the people to whom you can give Love in this moment. As you hold each of these beings in your (Twin Flame) heart, see each one in perfection (not with any limiting condition whatsoever). Pour Love passionately to each one. God may bring others to you. You will know.

All of the above can be done each day before arising or at bedtime, as well as any time during the day when you feel the need.

4. Every problem, disagreement, inner and outer disturbance, illness, confusion, feeling of lack, doubt, loneliness in your life is also reflecting a belief held in your heart. This is the spiritual law of resonance and it is exact. We always draw to ourselves reflections of the beliefs we are holding, consciously or more often, unconsciously.

By being willing to examine carefully and in detail the people and events that surround us (our reflections), we become aware of any “false beliefs” we are holding. Look for anywhere that less than perfect Love is operative. This is the gift before us in any (uncomfortable) situation. The people or circumstances will show us exactly what is needed to be released from our own heart. Deep humility and great openness is sometimes needed to receive this gift.

5. As you deeply grow your inner connection with our Beloved Creator by opening your heart and consistently using the gifts of the breath, gratitude, and giving Love through your Twin Flame heart, an automatic vibrational shift will occur. You will feel lighter, happier and more free. Giving your will to God as a part of your daily practice will assure that whatever unfolds in your life will be for the highest good of all, unimpeded by ego desires.

Keep it simple! God is only Love and Love comes from the heart, not from the little mind. Let’s begin to breathe right now!


* THE VERTICAL BREATH – from the Messages from God
“With every breath now I ask of you to breathe this truth of Love, inviting the wave of orgasmic Love to supersede your little mind. Allow the pulsing River of Life to become your living core and invite this truth of your Love together to pulse forth through your shared heart. Use your breath to ‘go vertical,’ to become your vast presence as a Real Twin Flame heart.”

“Breathing in, breathe up the vibrational scale. Breathe the whole vertical River of Life. Breathe consciously, choosing to be connected to the one Now Moment. As you breathe, you will feel the surrender occur… feel your heart become the great open Star of Light. It is the opening into the Real for anyone who wants it.”



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