Making the Choice To Take Your Next Step

Beloved ones, let Me lift you up and infuse you with this rush of Love. Allow My presence to fill your heart and to create for you an experience of grace, moment-to-moment, that you might live in a world of the heart where grace is unfolding the Will of Love for you, continually. The Will of Love is not necessarily the will of the ego. This brings us to the practice that I bring you for this summer.

If you are present, beloved ones, in the Now Moment, you are available to experience God, to be the shining and open heart receiving Love that fills you up and sustains you in every way. Your heart is a star of unlimited proportions, creating the magnetic center of joy, and your consciousness, then, is totally unlimited. In the Now Moment you are present with Me and fully available to experience the unlimited life that is your heritage, your truth, your reality and the joyous unity of Love we share.

So what I ask of you, beloved ones, is to make the choice when you take your next step, to step into the world of Love. Just this – your conscious awareness of your choice as you begin this movement – will bring you instantly into the Vertical Life, release you from the pull of ego, open you to the stream of living Love that informs your consciousness that you can be the miracle of the fullness of God in the world.

When you take the next step, choose. Before you place your foot down, let your choice be known – that this step is into the world of Real Love as it is made and expressed in God and in this Moment, you are free. You are here as the center of Creation in full awareness.

If for any reason you are not able to take physical steps, then let it be the choice for the next breath – to breathe the air of the Spirit, to participate in the cosmic breath of God that is the movement of life in its fullness, present everywhere in the glory of Love.

For now, I will use the choice of the “next step” but you may translate this, beloved ones, into any movement. What is necessary is choice and presence. The moment that you do these two things, you are free, and you are ready to live in the truth of who you are.

As you stand in the present, in the moment in which Love creates the world, creates all things in an explosion of ecstatic life, you are beyond a dimensional being. You are the holographic presence of All I Am, and your consciousness is aware of this communion, bringing to you your identity as a unique expression of life.

When you are present and choosing the experience of Love, your heart and consciousness become one embracing circle of God, that anything that comes into your awareness, into your sphere of influence, your vibrational energy is instantly perfectly attuned to the Real of God, embraced in Love and included in the resonance of truth. In this moment, as you are the forces of Creation, the circle of God, then all that you see and experience is not only blessed but becomes available to make this same choice easily and powerfully.

In the space of the present moment, the ego dream is clear. The sub-creation of duality does not exist. The whole of Love is resonating in your energy field and you become the movement of Love’s outreach, effortlessly, standing in joy, wondrously accepting your identity, your truth and your destiny as the heart of God.

As you take your next step in the present moment as a conscious choice to step into the experience of who you are, to take the next step in the world of your heart and to be the magnetic presence of the heart of Love, you are truly standing at the center of Creation. All That Is, All That I Am, All that we share is a hologram. The moment you are free from the pull of duality, you are present in Love’s Wholeness. Everything that comes into the circle of your heart and consciousness, beloved ones, is gifted with the experience of freedom, whether it is acknowledged or not.

Yet I promise you that when you step close to another being in the field of resonance of perfect Love, that life stream – whatever it is – is truly blessed and the flood of Love’s perfection becomes available and begins to resonate in their world, bringing the perfect expression of My Will, Love’s Will for them and creating a cascade of new possibilities. If these are not rejected, they will begin to change the world that they see and experience as well.

If you step into the presence of a being who is already present, then the communion of your hearts and spirits will be the most enriching and joyful communication that is possible between beings who are resonating in the truth of Love and celebrating this acknowledgement with another. And so your experience of life becomes enriched and the service of your heart that is your destiny is encompassed, engaged and opens you as a conduit of the energies of Creation – that they might reveal the world as it truly is.

When you are stepping consciously into the world of Love, attuning to the Now Moment with every breath, that which has become your human identity releases its hold and you experience freedom, the freedom to be perfect Love wrapping the world of ego in pure acceptance and total generosity of spirit.

So not only does the heart ignite the consciousness and create the circle of the awakened being of Love that is the miracle of our relationship. It also releases the world of duality, grants the opportunity for Love to begin directing, and embraces the world the mind has made and loves it free effortlessly.

The circle of Creation, of heart and consciousness that you are, alive in My presence and in joyous communion with Me, does not resist the world that is ego-created. It embraces it instead in the circle of heart and consciousness that brings the power of Creation itself to bear on everything. This melts the frozen places and opens the energy that life may be experienced as the ecstasy of Creation, joyously acknowledged in gratitude and celebration in the present, alive in Me.

You are alive to the truth of your open heart. You are alive to the acknowledgement that only Love is Real, and that all that is perceived as other than Love is embraced by Love and receives the miracle of Now Moment consciousness which is grace.

Grace requires nothing, beloved ones. It asks for nothing. It has no agenda – no path of spiritual awakening. It simply is the truth of God I Am as you, in your heart. The moment you align with it, you are Home. You are present and you are available as the heart of God.

Because the ego mind is so persistent and has become such a habit for most of you, I am asking you to give to Me a commitment that for the period before you of the next three months, you will make the conscious choice of which world you step into with your next step. My dearest ones, it will take only a few conscious steps and you will be flying free, heart open, fully awakened into the joy of God and everything that you encounter will be blessed by you and a blessing for your open heart as the stream of life fills everything with luminosity, revealing Love’s perfection behind all the drama of the ego.

You will have the freedom that is your truth, your destiny, your inheritance. You will breathe in the Real of God in attunement with the breath of all Creation, and your mind will be filled with Light as your consciousness and heart bring it into alignment. Your heart is filled with gratitude that the world you see is the world of Love with no attachment to what the ego wants or resists.

The embrace of the present Moment releases the charge of the personality and all it wants and fears, and opens you to be fully present with Me in joyous celebration of the gift of life. When you are open, when you are present, when your heart is alive and available – even for a minute, 60 seconds – the magnetic power of Love begins to do its work. The sub-creation of duality, the belief in other-than-Love, receiving the pulsing River of Life that is Creation simply responds. It lets go, that Love might shine through the experience of the ego mind’s reality and suddenly all those things that seemed so important are embraced by the circle of your heart and consciousness, restored through your Love for Me into the presence, into the eternal experience of freedom.

This shift to the choice for the next step to be a step into the present, into the experience of God, brings with it the opening for the flow of grace. It is a “yes” to the endless possibilities of the truth that only Love is Real. This next step, beloved ones, is yours to choose. When you make it consciously, it will bring you into My presence. It will establish our communion. It will ignite your heart and create the bridge of consciousness that makes the Real of Love more present, more available and more Real to you than the ego’s world that you have been living in.

Because the ego mind is so insistent and your thoughts continual, I Am asking you to use the world as your launching pad to freedom, to make the choice for your next step, your next breath, your next movement – that the world of the body may shift into the experience of who you are as a being of Love and Spirit. Suddenly you will experience the full communion of life, of the heart, with all appearing here. You will experience joyous interactions with nature which will take on a new depth and a very real communication. All those beings whose hearts are Mine will light up your world and expand your presence and make of you a fully available expression of the Love I Am that will restore the world to wholeness.

First, you make the choice and bring yourself present, thus becoming the holographic presence of this Love I Am, alive as you. Experienced within you, rich in the expansion of our endless communion, it will bring to you an expansion of consciousness, an opening of heart that makes you present in Love and available that the Will of Love can move you, and in the present your heart is full with awe and wonder.

Whisper your choice to Me as you take this next step. “God, I step now into the whole of Love. I Am choosing to be present. Let me feel my heart as all that it truly is and may I be of greatest service to the Will of Love, now.”

All of Creation will leap to respond to you, to bring to you the awakening of consciousness, the glory and power and ecstasy of perfect Love and place you with the next step in the path of Love’s greatest service to the restoration of the perfection of God as the experience of humanity.

Step, by step, in a new way, My precious heart. Normally the mind perceives this phrasing as meaning that you are walking a path through time, a path of awakening, of spirituality. Now it means something completely different. Rather than stepping along the lines of linear time, the horizontal arm of duality, you are stepping into the center where the heart of God is fully available in the Now Moment, alive to the presence of the whole of Love as everything to be honored, rejoiced in and adored.

No resistance, no preferences for those are things that belong on that horizontal arm of the mind. Rather, simply be alive in the present as a living prayer of gratitude and a “yes” to Love, that the Will of Love may now provide for you your next step. I promise you My presence. I Am ever and always available. Oh, beloved ones, this is the gift and the miracle of what Creation is – that we can see and know and love and commune with each other, and yet, be the same perfect and endless expression of the explosion of Love into full awareness of awakened consciousness.

This is the truth of all Creation. It is the miracle of our relationship, and it is here now in this present moment, this moment that you now step into. I Am here for you, with you, as you in the greatest celebration of life.


PhotonRider 29th June 2011 9:48 am

That was a really good message of Love thank you. PhotonRider

kay 29th June 2011 10:47 am

Totally agree with PhotonRider. That was a really good message of love. Thank you.

amylove 29th June 2011 5:22 pm

Thank-you for this wonderful inspiring message. Love love and love!!


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