One Wave of Love Before the Next

Beloved ones, you are one heart together, so everything that your heart does, affects every precious human being and lifts them to an experience of Love, even if it is not perceived in that moment by the mind.

I promise you that it happens. Your magnetic heart is powerful and dearest ones, is needed. Every time that you allow this living Love to flow through you, every heart responds. With each response the world is freed a little more.

You have a saying about life that is “one foot before the other.” Let us change this now to “one wave of Love before the other,” and let this be how you go forth into your days – an adventure for God, waiting for each pulse to assist in every way it can.

Those who are in very vicinity will be most strongly affected by your magnetic heart, perhaps in ways that are not acknowledged, and yet, will have an impact on another precious life. Perhaps your neighbor suddenly finds himself reaching out to his child, creating between them a space of joy. Even for a moment the Love comes through. In that moment, that precious child can see in the parent’s eyes perfect Love that is unconditional, and that moment can change a life.

All the ways that Love can move you, can use your heart to bless the world are too innumerable to begin to contemplate but I promise you that they are there. Every day that you decide to be the open heart of Love is a day that you change the world and lift the world Home to Me.

So, it comes down to every moment and each decision to open your heart, trusting that the Love that fills you and rushes forth to lift and bless will transform the world. When you align with the power of giving, then you become the cosmic heart. You are, then, truly unlimited, dear ones, and you can feel, pulse by pulse, the glory of Love within you.

When you choose to deeply surrender to the movement of Love through your glorious heart, all that it touches as it rushes through you will be lifted in resonance and totally blessed. Your life, of course, will transform. Giving Love is the most powerful way to change your world, your life and your moment to moment daily experience, making truly Heaven on Earth rather than the struggle of the mind.

Love, when it comes to claim you, dear one, opens your heart as a beautiful instrument that shows you the world as beauty and Light. Every moment it sparkles. Regardless of what you are doing, you see the Light in everything and feel the Love.

And so it is that you wash your dishes, filled with the most exquisite joy. Your heart reminds you that all that it touches is the beauty of Love and the expression of God in full communion with you, beloved ones, through your heart’s perception. Life becomes a magnificent symphony that sings perfectly the song of My Love for you, and like that child you receive the gift of unconditional Love, of your true identity and of the feeling state of Love and freedom as the heart of God, endlessly perfect and ever washed in Love.

Each choice you make to allow Love to give itself through you and as you in each Now Moment becomes for humanity the deep and silent call to remember the truth and to feel the experience of the one heart that you are.

Those moments when Love rushes through you and touches another or other hearts create a flash of awakened consciousness, regardless of the dream of the mind. These moments of perfect clarity are the coming of the Light, as the movement of Love lifts up the resonance and opens the heart of all humankind.

You have no idea what a moment can bring, what one flash of awareness can give to a person…what one pulse of Love can do for the world. But I promise, dear ones, I will show you, if you allow your heart to be Mine, if you choose every morning to place one wave of Love before another and to live this day with your heart fully open, shifting easily out of the realm of fear and duality and into the realm of the experiences of Love that will exalt you and show you who you are.

Most importantly, you will truly feel how every heart is one, how humankind is a heart beating with a call to Love that can’t be denied. All of the eons of pretending differently can disappear in a moment when duality fades and the unity of Love is restored.

So, I ask, are you willing to make this choice this day – that your heart be the conduit for awakening others without any proof for the mind? Yet, as the world lifts and shifts and changes, your heart, beloved ones, will accord each change, will be tracking the fires of Love that are sparking and it will rejoice in the coming of the flame of freedom.

I need your heart this day and I need your shift from that world of duality that says to you that you can get through your day placing one foot before the other, into the world of joyous expression, of the living pulse of endless Love as it claims you as its own. One wave of Love can be placed before another in the powerful expression of Love being given, for there is no better way to change the world than giving Love.

As you already know, beloved ones, it doesn’t need to be directed. The little mind can’t see where Love is needed or where its power flows. All you need to know is your heart must be open by your choice and surrendered to the next pulse of Love.

As you do this and you open to the message that Love brings you as it rushes through your being and pulses through your heart, you will begin to understand the language of the Spirit and you will find yourself becoming aware of the changes Love is bringing. You will see the flow of the waves of Love and where they are delivered and you will feel the joy as hearts are singing, as human beings are remembering who they are.

The recognition can be unheeded by the personality and the world of mind, but it cannot be denied. Its effect can be dramatic, even when the ego mind is in denial. Suddenly the truth of Love will pull each heart into alignment. Joy that may have seemed so distant breaks through like a sunrise, even into the mind. Another life is changed and opened. Another heart is brought online for the next wave of Love.

You can become a conscious circle, an open heart with others, committed to this way of living and sharing together its blessings. Yet, every heart is already joined with every other heart on Earth and lifted up by the hands of Angels until each one can feel the truth.

Thus, there is no need to gather, for the gathering, dear ones, has already occurred. The heart of God is one. Yet, remembrance comes through gifts of giving and so, your outreach is also powerful. Your heart speaks far more clearly always than the mind.

So trust your hearts, beloved ones, to be the conduit of this magnificent Love, and to be the heart of God entraining every heart on Earth to the truth that is already present, that the waves of Love always come and each one brings with it every gift of All I Am, delivered in perfect communion with your vast and beautiful being.

Oh, dear ones, how lovely you are! How undeniably magnificent! How powerfully connected to the life being birthed each now, as you receive your gift of Love being given from Me to you, from you outward. That Love will teach you everything. It will speak in the depths of your soul. It will bring you the most exquisite ecstasy and remind you that you are whole and perfect.

What the heart reveals, the little mind must accept. It may attempt to reject it and create strategies to deflect attention, but ultimately, it must kneel to the truth of God. And so it will. As you give Love and you become Love, and you live as the heart of God, every mind is restored as consciousness. Every heart is freed of fear, and every human being is released from the perception of being less than the truth and the truth is endless Love, the heart of Creation.

So will you decide this day to be the open conduit, to place one wave of Love before the other, consciously? Will you choose to be the heart giving, the vehicle of pure Love that is always moving outward and bringing with it Heaven, the perfection of life in Me, for you to experience daily, hourly, moment to moment? Whole, ecstatic and free.

I Am always with you in this tender and holy communion and I answer your every question, especially when your hearts ask, for your heart is in communion so perfectly with My Love that every moment you are receiving the expression of who you are, the gift of the life I Am in the glorious explosion of your unique and perfect and cherished life.

Please, receive My Love and pass it onward.


Crystal38 10th May 2011 8:39 am

Thank you!!! :smitten: :smitten: :smitten:

SpiritHeart 10th May 2011 8:46 am

Thank You So very Much.

With great love

Peter fox 23rd June 2013 5:22 am

Thank you I'll pass it on!


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