Receiving Our Perfect Life

Beloved ones, you are entering a time of miracles, of magic, of living in the wonder of freedom. I bring to you in every moment the experience of the cup of your consciousness and the lifeblood of your heart. When the recognition that everything is energy becomes your truth of every moment, then we can dance forth to create a world of Love, to remember this life magnificent, that in you My giving heart may find itself fully alive bringing to every being this recognition of My Love in everything in its perfection.

When you open to this flow of life, what your heart recognizes is God energy. What your heart experiences is the ecstasy of unending Love and what you become is Love’s movement experiencing itself consciously as the whole of God I Am -- awake in every sphere, on every level, in a communication of all elements of life that is so rich and full, so endlessly magical that your life becomes one eternal moment of wonder.

So you stand on the cusp of great change and the matrix of this change is energy. What you will experience in the next two years is the complete transformation of human awareness into the quantum reality of God, into the never ending multiplication of Love and into the joy-filled co-creative life lived through the heart.

The beginning of this year is a holographic representation of this coming time. These first two weeks are representative of the next two years, and while everything is ever fluid and open to change, let Me encourage you to set the deepest intention for the ongoing experience of your perfection as the ever-expanding expression of My Love and the full reclaiming of the chalice of your Twin Flame heart, the limitless energy of our consciousness in full communion with the whole of God in every moment or in the one eternal Now as time falls away.

How can you step through this doorway of freedom right now, in the midst of the life you see? How can you set this intention for the creativity of Love to fully know itself in every way as you?

The only way to do this is to become open to your continual perfection in Me. As you come forth anew in the eternal Now, as your heart accepts the explosive energy of Creation itself, you shall become aware that every electron speaks your name, knows your true face and knows the language of your precious heart in its ongoing communion with Me.

Every electron of your life that flows forth in endless rivers of joy, each one comes bearing for you messages of joy. Each one brings to your heart the experience of its perfection in Me, and each one, beloved ones, contains the whole of God. Each one is everything I Am as life. Each one brings to you your full identity, your true nourishment and the pure excitement of the heart opening to eternally receive this gift of perfect life.

Knowing with your mind that you are perfect is just a game that the ego can counteract. But experiencing your life as perfect in Me will impact your life in powerful ways that can catapult you through the doorway of your fully open and accepting heart. So you can accord for Me the truth of God I Am, moving forth to infuse the world with oneness. This is a real and available experience that you are now ready to have daily, hourly, moment-to-moment.

It is the receiving of the glorious electrons of God that are perfectly imbued with your life energy as it comes forth from Me in glorious perfection as the Twin Flame stream of Creation and grants to you the power and Love of bringing forth a limitless expression of all that you are as you emerge in each Now Moment.

To access this experience you can approach it in many ways -- by allowing your heart to experience these electrons, to receive consciously the messengers of your perfection, the stream of your life, dear ones, as it is born anew in each Now Moment. Let it become for you a nourishing rain of electrons of life that water the fields of your heart and consciousness, allowing to bloom your fullness as the heart and the consciousness of All I Am, expanding in your capacity to give this Love and to embrace the whole with full awareness of the great and powerful hologram of life.

As you breathe in this glorious presence that I Am within you, let Me become the Will that guides you. As this Light dissolves the limited barriers of old perceptions of separation from Love, let every breath become a song of gratitude and let every movement become a dance of praise. As you do, you will recognize that you only move as I move you, as the perfection that is Me fulfills itself in your heart and consciousness.

If you are alive in this receptivity, experiencing the gift of each electron, becoming the open chalice of your Twin Flame heart completely and totally receptive, then when the pulse of Creation comes forth it finds in your heart only that which is perfect in Me. Thus it creates a brand new life, reborn you could say of the Spirit, brought forth anew as the wholeness of God expressed as you with such amazement in a circle of Love that sings itself awake, aware, alive through its song of gratitude in the continual exchange of Love, given first and then received.

This is the higher life, the life as it is lived in Me, that sings forth your unique and perfect beauty, that beats in you as Creation’s heart, the magnificent dance of Twin Flame energy – so much a part of your eternal being that it is simply like the act of breathing. There is no separation between breathing in and breathing out. It is simply that which supports your life.

So it is with the Twin Flame heart, with the eternal movement of Light and Love, the experience of God I Am as masculine and feminine, but far more than these limited mental constructs. Rather, I Am the power of life and the endless well of Love that woven together become your heart, dear ones, and your amazing and limitless consciousness which you now reclaim as the perfect expression of the heart of Me.

Let Me say to you again that if you are experiencing your perfection in Me and the ways that I love you, if you are filled with this life and the possibilities of Love and if you are communing with the electrons, the energies of all of your being as it streams forth eternally, then when the pulse of Creation finds you, it shall amplify this perfection and create more, that you might ever expand this pulsing heartbeat of Creation itself as the wholeness of God loving itself, as the way that I feel, that which lives in Me. I tenderly cherish each movement of life through the center of My being, the heart of the hologram which is you.

Therefore, I ask you for these next two weeks to step free of the concepts of a limited human. Open your heart and bathe in this Love. Stand in the River of Life and reclaim it, but most of all, give your surrender that beyond that which is known you may venture in fullness and reclaim all that I’ve given you and continue to give, each dancing electron, each stream of life energy straight from the Moment of Creation itself to sing itself forth as My Will intends it, as the perfect Love you are.

Surrender to Love. Let go of the ego. Let go of the package of your human identity. Give Me your heart and become streams of Light, illuminating pulse beats of ecstatic Love without a care, without a world to restrict you, free beyond all definitions, perfect as Me – being you. Perfect as Love’s limitless expanding experience whose identity is ever emerging right now, free as these particles of Light when they enter into the sphere of your awareness, into contact with your heart. With your heart as your instrument, let them speak to you deeply to show you your perfection in Me, in God as you come forth brand new right now.

Let Creation take care of the rest. Let the impetus of Love expanding itself shine through your clear heart and magnetize life back into this sweet conversation where each electron of Light speaks deeply to you and every wave of Love sings through your heart, and their joining becomes the creation of new life as you celebrate your own divine nature as the Twin stream of God energy, of Light and Love eternal and ever coming forth as you.

Bathe in this perfect life and accept it, please. Accept every life particle as your deepest friend containing the whole of All That I Am, for I Am present in every holographic part of the living wholeness. Therefore, remember what I have always said. I Am fully alive and present in every drop of rain, every movement of the wind, every beam of sunlight and the consciousness of the energy you’ve named your body, every one of which is pure Light seeking the container of your heart that it might mate with the Love of your being and multiply.

That which you perceive as Twin Flames has no beginning and no ending. It exists, beloved ones, in all dimensions. It is as boundless as the living whole beyond the cosmos and as pure as the clearest Light that is streaming and ever singing this name of our Oneness.

How you live in Me and I live in you – we are one and yet…we are loving and communing forever together. This is the miracle. This is the magic, and this is the key to your opening to the fullness of endless life, of the limitless Love you are, that every moment you already have full awareness of how you drink your life from Me, of how I love you and of the pulsing spiral dance of the Double Helix that blazes forth through all Creation as the matrices of Light and waves of Love that hold your energy in the dance of wholeness without which it wouldn’t work – that unique cosmic omni-dimensional DNA you are, that perfection of the Twin Flame heart that is beyond all human comprehension.

The web of Creation in its expression as a hologram is not complete, beloved ones, without you. Accept this perfect life that you receive from Me and let it sing its truth through your every electron. Let it speak as your heart, as you hold within you the power of Creation in the ongoing moment, that each pulse as it streams forth becomes you. You extend your Twin Flame being that I might weave it perfectly into the whole expression.

How can I describe to you your perfection and the deep necessity of your inclusion in the wholeness of the perfect life I Am in its expanding, in all its glory, in its ecstasy and in its sweetness? In all its mystery and its magic, I commune with you as you commune with Me and as I do, so you do also, communing with every electron of Light and each wave of Love that stream through your heart, and that you awaken as the center of the living universe in its perfection.

Perfect Love I Am in you and perfect life and illumination. As you surrender your dream of limitation and open to this truth, dear ones, it becomes your life experience in amazing new ways – far more dynamic than dreaming a new world into being. It is standing in your fullness as co-creators of energy and Love, as the living vortex through which All I Am is expanded.

Shall we celebrate this mystery and this gift together?



ken 11th January 2010 8:35 am

Thanks.....this message resonates with all of my Being...
I am ready now, to walk with GOD.

Best Wishes Yael and Doug
Love and Light to All

angelk 11th January 2010 12:28 pm

Thank you. I feel this in my heart and the whole. Through Him, with Him, In Him as unity of Spirit. It is done. Amen.


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