Releasing the Ego's Message of "Not Enough"

Beloved ones, as each of you turn your beautiful face to Me, feel yourself transparent… that the Spirit of Love of which you are made may sing within your being and speak within your heart… that you might feel the joy, the joy of God I Am as I touch and honor the truth of you.

Each of you is unique and beautiful. Each holds a strand of the weavings of life. Each one of you holds the gift of the Spirit of God and makes of it a new thing, a greater expression of life. Therefore, I ask you, each of you, to deeply honor this eternal spark of life. Come to know your center, that you might recognize what I see when I look at you, and you might acknowledge deep in your being that we are inseparable.

I Am that of which you are made and you are My Love expressed. Each moment you are held and honored, sung to by all the Angels and acknowledged as the center of My being, My heart, and the most magnificent expression of My Love.

Therefore, dear ones, it is time for you to release the dream of limitation. It is time for you to fly free, to rise above the perceptions that you have held until now, and to recognize the glory that you are as you are held and cherished always as the living heart of Love. So many times I come to you to fill you with this Light, to wash you in My Love for you, only to find you turned away from Me, gazing at the dream of the world and measuring yourselves against it, against the false illusive view of the ego and finding yourselves coming up short.

In those moments when I cover you with My Love, I say to you with all the vast power and splendor of the whole of Creation, "Stop. Turn. Open, beloved ones, to Me, and see truly who you are that you might recognize the glory of your being and stop measuring yourself by this dream that cannot hold a candle to who you are, and can never give you freedom."

It is time to open your hearts and to recognize your freedom. It is time to leave behind all the images of the life of a human being. It is time to remember, My beloved, each of you so precious to Me, that there is nothing in Creation that is greater than you. Nothing with the power and the presence of your Love.

So for you to believe that you must live up to the standards of the ego's world of duality is to believe the deepest untruth in the universe. So many of you have become confused between loving yourself as the ego wants you to, and becoming this open and transparent heart that is ever being fed the food of God and awakening each moment into the cosmos…the cosmos that holds you in the highest honor and esteem and that sings to you these endless hymns of Love, washing through your being with the truth of you.

Every moment you are fed this food of Love, but the only way you can recognize who you are, beloved ones, is to open your true heart and to feel this call of our unity, to feel yourself present to the whole of God… to find rising in your being this greatest joy that sings to you the messages of perfect Love that are the breath of life I breathe to you and the nourishment of your spirit.

Not one moment can you be separate from My Love and never are you less than the heart of God. So for you to place your focus in the world and to live by the ego's impossible standards, to find yourselves "never enough" -- for this is what the ego is always up to -- is the deepest rift in the whole of Love… that the heart of God I Am, which is you, does not know itself.

I Am here to awaken this heart of Love that lives in you and speaks your name in truth and holds the resonance of your perfection in the center of your being, that you might recognize yourself for what you are -- each of you a vision of splendor and each of you a heart of perfect Love. Each of you is without limitation and every one of you is perfectly made in the endless dance of exquisite Love in which the truth is ever shown before you and lit like the central sun of all Creation. That truth is the Light that is My eternal intention, that My heart which is you, beloved, each precious cell fully conscious, will be that which nourishes All That Is and knows itself eternally valued and endlessly and gloriously perfect.

Only your heart can truly show you who you are and your heart will always show the truth of Love -- that it is not possible for you to be imperfect. How could the heart of All That Is be less than beautiful. Every moment you are the spark of Creation accepting this Love, giving itself to the whole of God and becoming ever more conscious of its value and ever more alive to its beauty.

You are this heart of Love, and it is already alive in the center of your being, ever waiting for you to shift your focus… that you might become connected to the universe that is itself coming forth brand new, singing hymns of Love to the center of All. That center which is alive as you, living endlessly in celebration of the perfection of Love I Am, is made manifest in new ways through you.

The illusion of the physical, of the body and the comparisons, endlessly, of the ego have served to keep you facing away from Me, mesmerized by all that you are lacking. With one turn, one shift, beloved ones, your heart will recognize that you are endlessly receiving the gift of life and the mirror of your perfection.

As you allow My presence to speak your name, the name that holds your truth, how can I ever tell you of your beauty? Or show you the magnificence of your reach? Or bring to you this endless moment of discovery as you bring Me to all life and make Me available?

I can tell you that this can only live in your awakened heart, and the truth of this harmony, this joy, this perfect expression of the Love of God given forth as the heart of All ever beating…this is the truth of who you are. Your open heart knows it every moment. It is only the miasma of the little mind that can keep you from feeling your true nature.

And yet, its hold on you, beloved, is so flimsy that one choice, one turn and it is over, and all the eons of inadequacy fall away as you awaken to your being, to the vast and endless truth of God knowing itself in this moment as you. The moment that you turn and say "Yes," you have primed the pump to the fountain of life and the waters of truth pour into you to nourish every moment and to make of you the extended heart of perfect Love, bringing this truth to all life, that each life might feel My open heart, the heart of Love that is alive in you.

Therefore, do I call you to this choice, to make the choice for the open heart. Turn, dear ones, precious hearts, and let the Love you are inform your being. Let the truth of God pour throughout your being and let the center of the spark of life light you, that you might recognize that in you I Am made again in new ways that only Love can do.

As Creation in exultation comes forth now, your heart acknowledges you are the conduit of Love, giving forth the life blood of All I Am and knowing yourself as valued, honored, acknowledged and endlessly loved in such perfect ways.

Thus is it time to leave behind the lies of the ego mind and the consensual dream that forever try to tell you that you are "not enough," whispering endlessly that I don't love you, painting for you scenarios of loss and whispering that I am responsible. Every dream of imperfection is ever and always the creation of the limited ego, attempting to make something of itself when it is only mist, a dream of being less than the perfect Love that you truly are.

One moment of bathing in this truth and you will never again be fooled into believing that you are less than the perfect heart of God I Am, endlessly charged, available and ecstatically giving forth this Love in brand new and astounding ways. The giving then provides for you the truth…brings you perfectly into the circle of life which feeds you the message of who you are every time your heart is open and every moment that you say "Yes" to the Love you are.

Oh, beloved ones, each of you, please hear Me. If you can drop this game of imperfection in this instant and allow your heart to truly open to Me until you know with all your being that you are free…that you receive this heart perfectly and all the power, all the grace, all the energy, All I Am is right here knowing itself as you, astounded by the glory of the feeling that is so different from the ego's pictures to love yourself. Of course, in the ego's world this is not enough because the little mind will make sure you don't believe it… unless you fully make the turn, the shift to the heart, and awaken to the communion of this Love.

Allow yourselves to feel this inclusion. Allow your whole being to be honored that you might know yourself as integral and valuable, necessary to the whole of Love and you might know that I Am whole when you are free and accepting your truth and your value as the irreplaceable open heart of God, the conduit by which the whole of Love receives that which is given here and now. The nourishment of eternal life can therefore find itself acknowledged and expressed right here, right now, as you.

Once you turn and look away from the ego's world, your heart will blossom and become transparent. Every moment you are drinking from the fountain of life, accepting this elixir of eternity and drinking in My Message of your beauty, acknowledging your ability to give and finding that you are needed in a million ways to bring to birth Love's perfection right here, right now.

But the world that the ego mind has made will never accept this beauty, will always be looking for something different and turning away from the very source of life I Am, digging through the debris of the illusion that you are separate from My Message of your perfection, looking over the wasteland of the broken heart. With one turn you recognize perfection, perfection that is alive here as you and open to the symmetry of the cosmos as it acknowledges the heart of Love and shows you perfectly who you are, who you are as the heart of All That Is, responsive and giving.

Every moment you are giving forth Love. You open to the beauty I Am showing you, open to the truth of who you are, trusting your heart to guide you and trusting the great mandala of life, the breathtaking beauty of Love's expression in which every part also holds the whole. There is no dream of separation.

Rejoice that every moment you are free, and the vastness of your being cannot be limited as you let yourself remember. Become free of the ego's dream, become this transparent heart through which Love knows itself and I know all Creation as each aspect is held in Love, blessed and acknowledged and filled with grace by you, My heart, awakened now. My heart, perfectly informing the world that only the truth of Love will return to each of you the recognition of your value. Only the truth of Love will give to you Real joy in life and open you to the glory of Creation as it is held perfectly in you -- one heart beating its perfection in an endless exchange of acknowledgement that the truth is held in your being and you are the center of All That Is. You are expressing Love, rejoicing in the universe and allowing this Message of Love to reach you, to fill you and to awaken the freedom in which you are meant to live right now.

Once you are alive to your truth, then the world becomes Love expressed, for the heart feels the truth of Love as unity and always sees each heart as more than… more than the greatest Love, more than anything the mind can acknowledge, more than the joy of giving forth blessings and purpose and energy, for you are the center of the All. You are My heart and the moment you can feel this, everything at last falls into place and you at last will recognize that I Am the source of your identity and I Am ever showing you just who you are and just how perfectly is this Love of which you are made.

Thus shall the world of Love be born as the heart of God you are begins to recognize that that which My heart loves is raised up, multiplied and given consciousness with the expansion of the one truth that Love is all. Love is the only answer. Love is that of which you are made. It is your nourishment and the essence of your being. Every breath is an acceptance of the gift of life. Each out-breath is the continuation of this giving…the giving forth of the truth of Love that My heart might see Creation perfectly, and so it does and ever will show you the world that Love made.

I Am with you and I Am your heart. I Am the power of your being. I Am your ecstasy. And I Am ever showing you who you are, exquisitely perfect, endlessly powerful and totally free.




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