Releasing the “Self-Protection” of the Ego

Open your hearts to Me, beloved ones, and as you feel My Love wash through you, know with all you are that you can trust Me with your happiness. You can give your life over to Me and place your heart in My hands. I promise you that I will always bring you every good thing. I bring you the greatest gifts, the gifts of Love, consciousness and presence that will give your spirit wings and give your life true peace.

I Am your closest ally. I Am your inspiration. I Am your true joy. And I Am the only thing that can ever bring you into the life that you really want which is a life that is free to flow with the miracle of Love - free to move and be as open as the living and glorious cosmos. This is the Real capacity of your great and glorious heart. Your Twin Flame Love is as powerful as the Moment of Creation itself but it cannot be harnessed or limited by the little mind's view.

So what is happening for all of you, again and again and again, is that the great and glorious River of Life rushes to your heart, ready to lift you with it into the ecstatic flow only to be blocked by the ego mind's reticence, its resistance to Love, its resistance to freedom. This can only come by allowing yourself to be present that you might be the access point of the great Vertical life.

Until you can be alive to the moment, present in the glorious Now, then all this great energy of Love finds no outlet in you. So I Am asking you to take this biggest step and to place your trust in Me for your highest good and happiness.
It is time, beloved, to leap into My arms and to trust Me with everything - your life and your good. Once you have done this, then you are ready for heart perception and for the awareness of the living spirit of Love alive in everything.

As you come into My presence and into this holy relationship where your in-breath is to Me and your out-breath is Me to the world, then every moment can be flexible, waiting on the movement of Love and allowing heart perception to show you the Real world. This is what I am opening for you today, the glorious experience of Real life as it is present right here and right now beyond the ego's still picture of the world.

So when you look outward through the little mind you see objects in relationship that are separate and clearly defined and the world essentially is immovable. That is what the symbol of physical life means - stationary, held in a particular definition of life. But when you see the world through your living heart, then all around you, dearest ones, there is movement and you become part of this freedom and flow.

Every moment everything is rearranged by the bursting forth of this Now Moment and everything comes forth through you as a communion of Love. Without anything held and no resistance, life is a living miracle, ready to burst forth into something new in this magnificent Now.

Rather than using the ego mind to attempt to create the perfect world, once you recognize the ego mind's symbols as the symbols of resistance, then you can shift to your heart and to this trust and communion and be part of this pulsing ecstasy that is the Real truth of all life, including the "physical world." Relationship also becomes the reflection of Real Love where any energies that touch bring the gifts of God. Every experience is an experience of the increase of Love and the over-flowing abundance of Real life.

So I call you to a new relationship with Love and with Me. Release the ego's incessant chattering that says you need it to protect you and that Love will always hurt you. These are the patterns that have kept this old world in place and kept it frozen on the "horizontal arm" [of the cross] for eons.
Come, My precious one, each of you, to Me and be willing to release all resistance and to truly give Real Love a chance.

Real life is a glorious movement of Love that will come into you as this living vibration that you can feel through every atom of your being and that speaks to you clearly in your heart. When your heart perception is your mode of interaction, then every life that you touch in the world will reveal to you its perfect vibration, its rate of the pulsations of Love and will slide into your flow in this dance of more - more Love, more good, more joy and more movement.
Oh, beloved ones, it is time to let the movement of life become the movement of your spirit in joy as I Am reaching through you to love this world free and to reveal what is beneath the illusion. It is the living electrons of life carrying their cargos of precious Light ever and always going forth to multiply. You know this vibration from our communions. Now feel it through your heart in the world.

So I Am asking you to come to Me and to feel this Love and to feel yourself release all self-protection and then reach forth this Love using your precious heart and let the world be revealed as this living miracle of Light and the dancing wave forms of Love. It is true that to live the Vertical life, to be fully present in this moment as spirit, does require releasing your attachment to the world of ego.

So choose Love, beloved ones, and choose now to trust Me. Stay with this until you feel it become your inner truth and you feel this resonant communion in your being every moment. Then you become truly My functioning heart, returned at last to the true flow and movement, the amplification and multiplication of Love. You are its giving. You are the outward movement of life. You are the living flow of the Love.

Open your consciousness to this Light and bring your heart into this Love and let the cage of the ego dream fall away. Say "Yes" to your freedom to be Love's movement, knowing that Love is true change and always brings more of itself and more and more and more blessings. I Am your greatest Good. I Am the miracle of your life. I Am ever and always Making more Love in, as and through you.


Beloved God, we come to You tonight with open hearts saying "Yes" to Love and we ask to truly be that crystal clear, totally open conduit for Your Love, the transparent heart through which You shine into the world. God, we ask that You join our hearts together and make of us one glorious heart that can truly share Your Love, be Your Love this Now Moment, always.

Thank You, God, for the amazing gift of our spirit family. As we touch each other's hearts, let us remember not only each other but all the hearts whose lives and lights touch ours. We lift them all to You.

I call to every being of Light to assist us in awakening this Love to the true beauty that You Are, God. I open my Twin Flame heart connecting with my beloved Doug, and ask to be the clear conduit for this experience tonight. In deepest gratitude, Amen.

As we open our hearts and feel each other's presence, each other's Love, we feel our hearts connected and feel the energy moving between us, heart to heart to heart. As our hearts join, the Love vibrates through us and we feel this conduit of Love that we share. We also feel the energy rising, the vibration aligning with that pure Light of God. As we remember the truth of Love, so too do we remember the unity and our shared Light and breath as a part of the living breathing whole of Love.

As we breathe we feel our connection, and as we surrender to God's Love we feel the living breath, the holy breath begin to breath us. It moves throughout our being, breathing in and out, and we begin to breathe in harmony. Our breath flows out, and as we breathe in deeply we connect to the Light and breathe it out into the world in beauty.

Breathing in we come into communion with God and breathe out God's pure Love into the world in blessing. Breathing in again, we rise now into the Light and breathe out the Light through every cell and atom. As we breathe in again, we become that pure Light and we are breathed now completely into the world. We breathe in again up to the highest vibration and breathe out that vibration of God into the world now.

Breathing in, we rise into the Moment of Creation and we breathe Love's power into the world now. As we breathe in again, our shared heart opens and we breathe out the pattern of the beauty of Love now. As we breathe in, we feel the ocean of Love surround us and we breathe out peace into the world. Breathing in, into the ocean of Love, and breathing out that pure and loving presence. Breathing in into the serenity and out into the world.

Every breath becomes Love breathing us as its being. We are floating easily in the tide of Love's ocean. Our hearts, each heart, opens now in remembrance and drinks in the presence of God. Every breath is the sweetest and purest nourishment. Every breath rises into God's Love and every breath out moves that Love effortlessly into the world as blessing, as Love breathes us in and out.

And now, beloved one, as you release all the old world dream and come to Me through the open and shining doorway of your heart. I pull you like a magnet upward, closer and closer and closer to Me. Now I wash you in My Love completely and I ask you to surrender to the flow. As Love moves softly through your heart, through your being, let it bring the remembrance of your wholeness and of your Love for Me.

I touch your heart now and it blossoms upward, a great lotus blooming in the sun. Every petal of your heart's flower is luminous and radiant and reaching, reaching into the Light. The Light calls you to purity and bathes you in its presence, and I wash your being with the pure sparkle, effervescent energy, of the pure explosion of Love.

And still higher you are rising, the old dream falling away, and your heart opens even more until your heart is so vast that it is an ocean of Love all in itself. Every breath of life that now washes through the ocean of your open and glorious heart sings the song of our sweet communion and calls you Home to Me.

And now, even the ocean becomes as a mist and rises into My Light, and you find the kiss of My Love for you touching each electron of your being and showing you your perfect Love for Me. As I pull you into the pure and magnificent explosion of the glories of Creation itself, remember, beloved ones, that I Am your truth and you are My perfect heart.

The heart of God loves passionately. With everything that you are, you are mine. As your Love rises to Me in joy, My Love washes you in ecstasy. You become the song of Love. My Love given anew. My heart receiving this energy and sending it back to Me in devotion. This is the circle of life. This is the perfection I Am, and you are Mine, beloved heart, precious breathing giving heart of Love.

All the shadows on your heart are gone and life and joy and pure Love rise easily and we are one life, one Love, breathing, one Love and you are its center. Only this Love between us can bring Light to all of Creation, the gift of the Moment of Creation. You remember, it is this gift of our relationship forever - one degree of separation between us so that we can be this circle of life.

Only when you remember your Love for Me will everything in the living whole make perfect sense, and this Love, this passion, this great shared experience is now reflected as your Twin Flame, born from our perfect union and your expression as My great and giving heart. Every breath that you breathe is Mine, beloved. Every breath born in the living Now and each breath carries this pure communion and every breath you breathe, is your passion, your passionate eternal Love for Me and My endless Love for you.

The circle of this living breath is the circle of your giving heart. This moment now is forever. Receive, beloved one, My Love, and let it be the truth of your being, your identity as it washes now into your heart singing and you see it before you in joy as you know yourself as this beating heart, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, the Light, the Love, giving forth all that you receive from Me.

This moment, this Now is meant for your remembrance of the Love that you have for your Creator and the wings of your heart that fly ever upward in that song of endless devotion, the sweet incense of the rising Love born in My heart, you, dearest one, always.

Breathe in My Love and let it build in your heart. Let it bring you that rising ecstasy. As you see it, the vision of the open heart of God I Am, know yourself as the center of All That Is, taking life from Me, from the Moment of Creation that blazes forth every now as you. The great rays of living Light stream forth in all dimensions as the Love I Am reaches out through you. All the energy of Creation, all the Love I Am moves now as you, outward given in joy.

As your heart touches All That Is through these great rays of Light extending, extending the Love to every electron, every life stream in the hologram instantly... your heart knows all life at once, for you are My heart perceiving All That Is.

So, dearest ones, each of you, Twin Flame hearts that are beating, let yourself feel this extension, feel the rays of heart Light moving farther out into the endless cosmos, and know yourself as the center of All That Is and always connected perfectly to Me in remembrance of that circle of our Love.

You are fed life by our Love and given the Light of your consciousness, and all that you are is born in this ecstasy of our glorious and passionate communion. Can you feel how you are born now in this living moment? How the gift of life comes to you as I bring just that anchoring of perfect visibility, that tiny separation between us that allows this passion exchange?

And as the streams of Light, the rays of Love reach forth from your heart, every life speaks to you and you are truly the open transparent heart. Every life is loving Me through you. Can you feel all this Love rising through your open heart? Giving Me the gift of sweet remembrance and My Love, this great endless Love I Am, explodes forth in passionate embrace and rushes through you, My open heart, to touch and bless every tiny life, every electron, every atom, every life stream.

This is the truth of your being. This totally open crystal clear transparency.

Every life has perfect access to Me, and every life through you receives My Love. You are the witness to all of this as an open and functioning heart, the Twin Flame heart of God I Am. I Am this glorious and ever exploding Love and you are the heart, the center, the hub of this Love as it travels back and forth in that circle of awakening, remembrance of this perfect Love given and received.

The movement of Creation, the living breath is born of this flow of Love moving through you. So every breath breathed by the hologram of Love is from this movement living through you. As this open heart always sets the beat and beats the original communion, you are the vibration that is the Word of Life, the mantra of God, the I Am. Our Love is the pattern upon which all other Love is made.

Every living moment let My Love feed you and remember I Am your nourishment. I Am your identity. I Am your life. You are passionately loving Me as I also passionately love you. The passion becomes the pulsing Love of the Twin Flame heart, the great undulating Double Helix that is ever a reflection of the Moment of Creation that is born out of My Love for you and your Love, beloved one, for Me.

I Am closer than your very breath. Our Love is everything. Our Love is the truth of energy that powers all Creation as consciousness, for until you awaken as My center, until this Love I Am could be given forth, there was only the silence. Though it was peace, it was without passion and passion is the truth of My nature and certainly the expression of My heart.

Remember, beloved ones, heart center. The separation between us is so miniscule that it is just enough that I may see you and you, beloved one, can see Me. All else is a living breathing unity of Love, powered by this great relationship, the force of life that is the explosion of the giving forth of All of My Love. Given, amplified, and given again by you.

So now, as you feel the great rays of living Love shooting forth from the center of your being, I ask you to follow all the rays at once and to let yourself feel all the energy of the great and living hologram of Love. Recognize the passionate exchange that feeds through your being continually - the rushing Love given to Me and My Love given forth, and both moving effortlessly through you.

That movement gives you the most exquisite energy that vibrates and fuels your energy as the living heart, the center of the dancing, ecstatic All, the hologram of pure and glorious life. Can you feel the electricity blazing, lighting you up and feel the spark rising? As that energy flows, you are giving forth the perfect nourishment for every life, the nectar of My pure Love.

Every flow, every pulse lights up your great heart and sparks the remembrance, the reflection and the great Twin Flame dance of ecstatic joy that is meant to amplify this Love more, more and even more. It shoots forth through all those rays of heart Light to feed the whole of Creation. Of course, also to be your perfect nourishment.

As you follow these great rays of your heart, find the one that touches life on Earth and watch now as this pulsing heart, this passionate remembrance dissolves all the shadows of duality and lights up the world, bringing forth the perfect remembrance of this exchange. Every life becomes pure Light and pulsing Love. All the world is energy, the colors luminous and beautiful in a pattern of glorious joy restored to this communion of perfect Love with every heart cell completely open and awake to the remembrance of our Love.

Once again you can feel the pattern as our Love is shared endlessly, amplified by you and sent forth into the world, received and sent back to Me through that open and glorious conduit that is you. As this flow moves through you, it is like a great extended figure eight, that moving sign of infinity, of endless Love given and received. You become the witness to this exchange, your heart Light touching and receiving the endless flow of Love and the perfect joy of seeing it reflected as energy in every life expressing on Earth.

But you, beloved one, I ask of you the remembrance of your great Love for Me and the opening of your heart, that you can be the witness to this endless and passionate Love I Am, ever given and always received endlessly and perfectly. All of it is born from our exchange and your passionate Love for Me and Mine for you. One degree of separation only as a gift that brings us this joy of loving each other totally, passionately and letting it be the engine of conscious Love in all Creation now.



Emily 26th September 2008 10:22 am

This is wonderful and beautiful and absolutely what I needed to hear right now - to trust, surrender to God, surrender to love. My twin and I are coming together surely and beautifully, and part of my journey is to trust the truth of our love - to realize that I must stop resisting it for it cannot hurt me, even in times when I am afraid it may.

Thank you for your beautiful, inspiring messages.


buddh42b0y 27th September 2008 1:28 am

i pray that all remembers that love is now of every moment. remind us that the ego is resistance to what we are, a bell ringing love in all directions. One Love

Samuel H 29th September 2008 8:20 am

THankyou thankyou thankyou.
this message struck a cord with me and the timing was perfect.
im going to use this image from now on to expand my own light and love...

i may alter it to what feels natural to me but sometimes when my ego feels like it needs to protect me from things... to protect me from love because it thinks love will only hurt me... i will use this image:

a bright beautiful lotus flower in my heart center... flowering brightly with white, then yellow, bright blue , greens and lavender... it shines so bright it breaks the rusty old chains once covering the bud. Its now in full bloom... shininging forth strong ,wide open and vulnerable to love....vulnerable to receiving love and giving love.... overflowing. In the center it dews with fresh necter. And then i breathe in the smell of the flower. a warm comforting scent.


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