Resistance Creates Separation

I Am calling you to step forth into a new land of wonder and to live in this wonder takes living fully immersed in Me. It means not only drinking in My Love but letting it be your very presence and the water of life, dearest one, that you swim through. Every movement is the dance sweetly and softly sensuous but not in the sense of the experiences that you could name on Earth. The greater sense of the living Love of your glorious divine spirit and the language of resonance that speaks to you perfectly always in your heart.

To have this level of intimacy and communion and living fully in the unity breath takes releasing all judgment, especially of yourself because judgment is the greatest tool of separation. It is the tool the ego uses more often than all the rest to create separation from the truth of Love that you really are. Judgment is how you become separate from yourself, and this understanding, beloved one, is so important because the world that you live in is a world of mis-alignment where most everyone cannot feel who they really are. That separation from your truth as the living flow of God is what the ego accomplishes with every self-judgment. I do mean every judgment, dear ones, be they big or small, even small enough that you don't notice but the ego mind benefits.

As you know, of course, its goal is survival and its survival means its own preservation as an entity separate from the living whole where it feels it has no power. So all the ways that you pass judgment on yourself must be transformed. But effortlessly, beloved one, like stepping into a pool, diving in to the waters of truth. It is easy, not difficult. It is easy to dive into unity and to feel and live its principle. The moment that you release self-judgment in whatever area you find it, in that moment you can feel your spirit breathe a sigh of relief and all that seemed so weighty upon you is washed away instantly, and you remember in your heart what it means to live by grace.

Every moment of separation from your true and unified self is also the separation from your inheritance of Love. The ego's world is essentially 100% judgment and the judgment of self is the greatest judgment of all. Whether this judgment be negative or positive, for the ego can go either way on that horizontal arm. Whichever way it travels, it makes you see yourself as different and names you special whether that special-ness is through pain or joy.

But it is not the joy that is shared with all. It is not the joy of this one unified breath. It is not the joy of the experience of the communion with Me that is ever present in your heart. The more that you feel this presence and step out in faith, the more that you feel divine wonder and that you can live by grace and the more that your life is filled with ease and joy and effortlessly you are able to laugh and to drink in the goodness of life, trusting Me as its Source. I Am the Source of all of your good. I Am the source of your life and your home and I Am the source of all good things including your cosmic makeup. Your great divine presence as a Twin Flame heart comes directly from Me.

So how do you release the judgment of yourself that is so much the hallmark of the ego, couched in the guise of evaluating your progress or holding you up as an example or whatever ways the ego defines it. It is still passing judgment on you, on your performance, on your abilities, on how you are holding the vibration. Any and all of it - judgment is its tool.

The answer is that you do not resist even the judgment itself and do not resist the ego's naming of you as less than perfect but soothe the ego gently and simply turn your focus and find the beacon, the homing signal of your great awakened heart. Tune into it and call it forth and feel it and rejoice in it and all the rest, just give it Love and send it on its way. Release the evaluations and the stories. Release the old little mind identities. Resist not the ego and you will find it easily transforms.

It is only when you stand against it that you then create a magnetic that will pull it to you inexorably in the continuous present. So, rather than berating yourself for falling short of the mark, simply observe the ego's games and observing them, then return to your heart and to Me in the present. With your open heart acting as a resonating field for communication, then you will simply experience what it means when the ego falls away.

For I Am the awakened heart of Love and you are its presence in the world, and every ego game is just a ploy to capture your attention and to create some separation within your energy field. To get you to turn your precious attention, your focus, and place it on resistance and whatever you resist implants itself and is here to stay.

Sometimes it is difficult to remember this because you want to make the choices that will bring you into alignment with Love as quickly as possible, but that too is the game of the ego. It makes it seem like you are getting somewhere when you are not by creating the resistance and the leaning for and the whole ego game of growth. Growth is a concept of the ego mind, beloved ones, because it is through time and slow and difficult, and even if it is not, it is believed to be done in stages, more and more fully.

The truth is, and your heart knows this, you ARE this unlimited Love. It is already the truth of your being, of your heart and your home. It is the truth of this communion and it is the truth of this world. There is nothing that you have to struggle or push to grow into at all. You are simply set free. Let all the rest wash away and you are My heart in radiant and open splendor.
Simply watching the ego‘s world and with your heart, loving it and allowing what you love to be blessed by Me. Blessed with this Love that multiplies exponentially and grows like wildfire in a wind, consuming all the dross of duality and ego and succumbing in sweet surrender to My greater Will where everything is provided and all is limitless Love.


Beloved God, open our hearts. Let us be the pure and open heart of Love. Make of us, God, a clear conduit for Your amazing Love to bless and lift and transform this world, to transform our lives into pure Love and beauty. As we join our hearts together, we align ourselves with the Real of You, with the Moment of Creation, we say YES in our hearts to being this Love and to living in this glorious present Moment.

I ask to be with Doug the crystal clear open Twin Flame heart and the conduit for this experience tonight. I call to all beings of Light to be with us now as we join in multiplying this Love and being its delivery. Amen

As we open our hearts we become joined together as one living and functioning heart, and we set our intention to be pure Love, to be the heart of Christ this Now Moment always. To be pure Love being given as us and through us through every precious life in the world. Now we reach outward with our hearts perception and feel each other's Love. We feel the presence of each other's hearts and join our hearts together, feeling the energy moving among us, creating a living vortex, moving clockwise, growing, charged with that energy. Feel it, our Twin Flame Love and turning and giving to the world.

As we share this heart do we share the one glorious breath of the living whole and we feel it now breathing us as we surrender to Love and open ourselves fully to God. So as you breathe out, relax and breathe into your communion with God accepting this magnificent Love and breathing it out into the world. Breathing in again into that holy communion and breathing out Love. Breathing in now to this union and breathing out truth into the world.

Breathing in to that deep assurance and breathing out faith and trust. Breathing in to the harmony and the unity and the Love, and breathing it all out into the world. Breathing into that sweet ocean of peace and breathing it out to bless every life. Breathing in to the feeling of vast unity and breathing out God's glorious abundance. Breathing into the peace that passes all understanding and allowing it to breathe as us into the world. Breathing in now upward, up that Vertical axis, breathing out pure Light to the world.

Breathing in now to the very Moment of Creation and becoming the out-breath of this energy. Breathing in to that glorious consciousness and breathing out full awareness into the world.

Now, beloved, My precious heart, let yourselves surrender into the trust that gives Me your life. Let Me lift you now into My tender Love as I hold you always in perfection. Allow yourselves to surrender. Faith in the living Light I Am. As you feel your heart opening as truly the gateway through your rebirth now into the Real of Love, I Am breathing you. I Am the breath that you breathe and in your surrender, you are the embryos tucked into the safety of My Love and being fed by Me each Now. Resting to the rhythm of My heartbeat and all that you feel is peace.

Rest now in your heart, sweet child of living Light. Rest of the eternal now. Be rocked to the rhythm of the pulsations of eternity as they wash over you like a blanket. Ah, that you hear Love's call as I call you back home to your truth in Love and you are prepared for your birth into full glorious consciousness, power and never-ending Love.

Your heart now begins to push you as it opens now to the Real and you begin to emerge back into unity. The first thing that you feel is Me. Bathe in Light. You are lifted fully, magnetized and you feel something calling you as you rise now toward the Light. You are now coming forth into freedom, feeling your whole being awakening like the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis.

Beloved ones, unfold your wings. Stretch out your consciousness and feel the expansiveness of your Love. Reach outward with your being and touch the glory, the cosmos. Stretch yourselves outward into this truly unlimited Love. As you unfurl your being and awaken your heart and it is called upward by the Light, the first thing you feel is this awareness of someone else closer than your very breath you breathe. Every breath is one shared movement. Every pulsation one great heart.

Most of all, feel the awareness that as you see and feel this Love, it is your most intimate message from Me. I Am appearing here for you as your Twin Flame Love. As you feel this Love, you remember that you are this one shared breath and you remember making more Love eternally and every movement with Me showing you My Love for you. Ever and always one. And yet, sharing relationship intimately, serving as this living heart.

Every moment as this heartbeat, you accept your nourishment, accept the substance of your life, accept My presence as you reach for Me in ecstasy and I Am always present. All around you, within you, the breath you breathe, the Light you are. Every most intimate movement. Everywhere you look with your open heart you find pure and amazing Love, Love that sweeps through your being and lifts your heart into ecstasy, Love that speaks to you so intimately it is your very atoms and electrons and yet, it is also this magnificent burning flame of joy and it is this living Now Moment in which life bursts forth into you in its wholeness, complete, as the Moment of Creation goes forth as you ever and always exploding with life.

Drink this Love and breathe it. Let it fill every atom of your being. When everything is life, what more could you ever need. This Love I Am is everything. I Am your life. I Am your Love. I Am the Love of which you are made and as you swim in this great ocean, as you dance forth as My heart, everything is Love. Love, this Love, is your nourishment.

Feel it, beloved. Take it in and feel how it feeds you in all that you are. It feeds every electron of your being until you are so full, so full of Love that you are full to overflowing with this abundance. There is so much more than you could ever need and thus, it must be given but to give it I want you to know it, feel it so deeply that there is only this Love. It may look to you like your Twin Flame, like another Light, like the movement of life streams but everywhere you look with your heart, you find there is only this full and perfect Love.

Rich beyond belief. Breathe it in and let it nourish you deep deep within your being and as you turn your focus within, you can feel it, how each electron, every atom of this great life you are sees itself fully in the mirror of its Twin Flame and all is a dance of Love.

As you are washed in these waves of Love, as they go forth to nourish All That Is, every bit of Love I Am passes through your Twin Flame heart. I want you now to truly feel this, to allow it to fully impact your consciousness. Feel it as it thunders through your Twin Flame heart. All the Love I Am which is explosive and constant, atomic in its power, flows through you in these great orgasmic pulsations. All the Love I Am is given through your heart. Thus, beloved one, you know yourself and what it means to be the heart of God I Am, born now as the living Christ.

Love so powerful that it truly births all Creation, so magnificent that it is the explosion of Light and yet, so gentle it truly rocks you and lifts you and holds you in tenderness and peace while it also shakes your very being. This is your time for eating Love, for drinking it, for feeling this communion, for seeing with your heart and all you see and feel is Love, and all of it is in communion with life through you.

You are truly the conduit of Love. Yet only as you acknowledge all of it can you truly be the power that multiplies this Love and brings it intimately to every life in this ongoing act of giving. Breathe this Love and taste it with your heart and now use your heart perception to reach forth into the Real to touch all the beautiful lives, to feel the deep deep reverence and to begin to recognize the depth and the breadth of this Love I Am as it lives in you as you are truly reborn into full conscious participation with the giving forth of the Moment of Creation as you, beloved heart of God, the living giving Twin Flame Christ.

Christ is the open heart of God, the full conscious awareness of this mandala of birth, the bringing forth of All That I Am instantly into full conscious awareness and functionality for giving. What I ask you to receive right now from Me is the gift of this limitless Love as I place it within you, pour it into you. Allow it to bring forth your magnificent life as a fully conscious glorious unlimited Twin Flame heart, the great heart of God I Am.

As you place your focus outward and recognize pure Love as it comes to you as the gift of so many lives, life streams of grace, in so many patterns, so many ways to give and to feel that there is only Love. You are born now fully back into it that you may live it and let it be your nourishment.

Dearest conscious heart, I ask you to feel now this resonance as you place your focus fully in your heart and I bring to you that which must receive this Love. Feel your heart speak the language of resonance, of giving, of the exploding forth of Love in response to the need, to My call to go forth and give this Love, to see and feel only this and doing so, to always reclaim it.

And now, beloved, My heart, I turn your focus to the world, to the pearl within the oyster of the cosmos. Reach your heart's perception forth to feel the world. Feel instantly the consensual resonance, the vibration of the consensual dream of life on Earth. Do you feel it register now in your heart as your heart serves as the universal communicator. As you gentle move your heart's streams more deeply into the world allowing your consciousness to bring the world into focus, see life on Earth as an organism, as a wholeness and let your heart show you the true resonance.

There is only Love and even the illusion of separation is made of it. Even the shadows are built of the substance of Love and your heart sees the truth. And now holding the resonance of the Real, being firm as the heart of Love I Am, move your heart Light into the world and feel your heart entraining it, that every consciousness remembers the truth of Love and is reborn into the Real Now. Effortlessly. As you move forth giving Love. All the while, drinking Love, feeding on it perfectly, letting it be your nourishment and your life as you touch Love and multiply exponentially the Love I Am as the world.

For a moment let your heart reveal the world as the bridge world of beauty and deepest truth, the peace that you feel in Me beyond all understanding of the little mind but speaking clearly the language of Love. As the Christ moves forth, heart line shining and watch as your heart opens before you the truth of every life perfectly, exactly as beloved Jesus also did with his Twin Flame's heart Light shining revealing the truth of Love as every life. Instantly bringing each precious heart to Me and bringing about this birth into the Real by the power of your hearts, giving this Love now exponentially and effortlessly.

You are the midwives of this awakening, birthing every heart into the Real. Know, beloved ones, that it is done in peace and remember Love is the only substance. I Am the heart of God, the living Christ, bringing all life the remembrance that there is only Love.

"Every breath I Am Love. God is My substance, My life, My food, My abundance. I Am the heart of God, the living Christ, and I Am only Love." Only Love. As you feel Me, My precious one, only Love. As you breathe Me and drink Me in, and only Love as you trust Me to reveal to you the true life and reveal the world as Love the only substance.



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