Step Into the Miracle You Already Are

Oh, beloved ones, it is time to have a much grander experience of who you are, to reach far beyond your current vision, to allow your heart not only to be your guide but to bring you directly to the moment when life informs you of all that you are.

You have the ability to leap with Me now beyond every perception of being limited. There are many who say, “Start your day by opening to the good that you wish to experience.” I say, even this is a limited perspective for you are seeing yourself as human beings, opening to a human life in a better way.

I want to show you all that you truly are, and to bring you to this place where we meet, where the Moment of Creation explodes as your heart and you are held perfectly suspended between the In-Breath and the Out-Breath of God where absolutely everything is possible.

Beloved ones, you are going to change this world in such stunning and magnificent ways by stepping into the field of your Real heart and experiencing that life is only energy and that Love has no boundaries. When this becomes Real to you – that you are truly dissolved in the whole of Love, that you are part of a dialog of Creation that is so profound and so filled with joy that you are the miracle and blessing of God… then, your experience of life in the “physical world” will effortlessly be available to shift and change.

It is always true that when you hold the grandest vision possible, every step before it effortlessly occurs as your focus moves you to that place that you choose. So rather than choosing a better human life and rather than choosing some small way to change the world, I Am here to give to you the experience of this energy of life so that you can be the open heart of God in magnificent communion with All That Is.

When you feel this truth, when you experience it, then, when you step back into the perspective of the human, every choice, beloved ones, is fueled by the Divine and you effortlessly become all of life’s energies, and then, make the choice to change yourself. Thus, do you change the world.

Not only can you not solve a problem from the level of the problem, speaking here of the view of the world as it is… Dearest ones, you cannot change the human into the miracle of God without being the miracle that you truly are and allowing life to live you.

So rather than believing that you have any solution or ability to understand where you are and where you must go; rather than playing with ideas of how your consciousness creates those things around you; and how your heart appears in the symbols of the world, all of this from the perspective of a human being…

Let us rather burst free from the limited mind and become the living field of the heart that you may resonate with Me in that Creation Point where “both/and” is a dynamic Reality, where you feel the vast potential of the silence and the pure awareness of the consciousness we share, and you are the experience of the birth of life as the heart of God in full expression. You are a unique and dynamic aspect of life and of Love expressing itself in its merging and its unique experience. You are the “en-conscious-ment” of an aspect of the heart of Love and right here in this place of life becoming, you can experience what it means to be Real Love.

I will meet you. I will bring you here that you might be immersed in the song of Love. Dissolved into the unity consciousness, the dialog within you can allow the Moment of Creation to name itself as the unique and glorious expression of the energies of God. In doing so, it brings you the ability to merge with the world and to love every particle as the freedom of God knows itself and moves through you to express the world as God, the perfect expression of Love.

While it is difficult to place this into words, what I am saying is that the leap is happening now, and that your heart, beloved ones, need only allow for you to experience yourself as the Creation Point of God. Stepping into the world, truly you are the change that you want to see. This is a powerful expression that you have and share but dearest ones, this is a whole new way to see it.

Rather than being the view of the world from the human mind attempting to change from the vibrational reality of duality and separation, you can be the beauty and exquisite communion of the emptiness and fullness of the Moment of Creation, of the glory of the heart of the great Love I Am that washes through everything and brings forth potential, allowing the glorious expression of Real life to be made manifest in all of the symbols of life on Earth.

It is true that your life and your experience is the expression of your consciousness and your heart. It is true that you have brought to yourself everything that has occurred.

It is also true that you must move beyond the human in order to create a world of perfect Love. If you see yourselves as human beings attempting to change and to live in your heart and to make things better, to bring Love to a world that is filled with suffering… then you simply recreate what duality has brought forth.

So I Am asking you, dearest ones, to fully allow your heart to open and bring you the experience of being Love so vast, so powerful, so perfectly balanced that you are the whole and the whole lives within you – that you are the silence and you are the action of the Moment of Creation. From this place, beloved ones, you allow the pulse of life to bring forth through your heart the Real heart of limitless Love that you are – an experience of life that is the expression of unity, that is the purity of Real peace and perfect inclusiveness that can only come from experiencing what you truly are, and then allowing it to live you.

Can you understand what I Am saying – that in a flash, when you create from being human, you recreate using the energies of life, the perspective of duality no matter how you wish to change it, for duality is what the mind sees.

If you move to your heart still believing you are human, then even your heart is limited Love.

But, beloved ones, I Am here to crack you open. It is indeed time for the end of time. It is time for you to expand into the experience of your timelessness, and when you do, then, the world will appear as the perfect expression of the Now Moment of God in the symbols of a world of Love.

So those of you who can feel this pull, give Me your hearts when you awake each morning that even for a moment I might lift you beyond the limited experience of the human mind and bathe you in the Points of Creation where all potential exists and life is balanced, where the void and the action are suspended in the held breath of God, where the vibration of Love is Real and palpable and washes your being with the experience of your heart and your consciousness as limitless Love.

If at first you barely remember the experience, do not fret. Just trust that we are one, that I Am opening the flood gates of your heart, beloved ones, that the Reality of the truth of Love in all its power and all its beauty may make its way here as you, that the heart shall see the world with the single eye of Love and thus create what we have named “Heaven on Earth” – but oh, so far beyond anything you can imagine.

You must give yourself to this creation power. Be the seed that becomes the glory of God and be the “en-conscious-ment” of the heart of Creation through which the Light I Am comes to create something so far beyond the world that it is impossible to name it, and yet…it lives as you.

There is a new resonance appearing in the world that is shaking loose the duality consciousness. So let Me urge you to go beyond your human problems, to go beyond the longing of the things you have wanted to create, to go beyond, beloved ones, your stories of who you are and what you think and where you are going and especially, how you get there.

Let Creation speak. Let it lift you and shift you and bring you into the thunder and lightning that is the Moment of Creation, so far beyond anything you can imagine, so far beyond any definition of Twin Flames, that you must dissolve into the whole of Love to become it -- to be the fullness of this experience that through your heart, your heart that is Real and magnificent, unlimited as the Point of Creation’s Love, of All I Am becoming fully conscious in the glorious explosion of pure Light.

Let this be what informs you, beloved ones, of who you are and of the moment that now exists in this instance and forever as pure potential, ready to sing itself into the expression of the heart of God in limitless ways. This world is one of them.

What you accomplish here as you shift this pocket of reversal, of the ego mind’s distortions of Love – as you become the truth of God you are, just as you became the experience of being human… It is the only way for the power of Love to flow through your heart and create a world that is truly the expression of Real Love. You cannot do it from the perspective of being human.

So, beloved ones, let Me take you far beyond even the grandest vision that you are holding of what you are, what you can be and how you are here to serve, and in the moment of our communion, let Me show you all that you truly are and what it means to really be the heart of Love in service to the shifting of humanity into the full recognition of all that you are.

It is not any longer a step-by-step journey. It is the catapult, the rocket ship, the leap to God and it doesn’t matter if your little mind doesn’t know what is happening. Beloved ones, it doesn’t matter at all for it cannot comprehend the truth of Love. It can only see Love if it has something to compare – anti-Love, the belief there is something other than the only truth of God, the Love we share.

So this is a leap to the experience of who you truly are, a leap into your heart, into the breath of God. It is the “en-conscious-ment” of your truth as the Creation Point, where all possibilities meet and merge. You, as the creative heart of God I Am, step forth as the miracle, as the change and the same forces of Creation that have flowed through your heart to create a world of duality now create the truth of the world of Love.

Yes, of course, it is already here. Only the film of the ego mind’s view is upon it to keep you from experiencing the truth. The time is here to step out of the movie theater, of the limited life as beleaguered humans and to rejoice in the Reality of being the heart of God.

Being the change that you want to see now takes on a whole new meaning and I Am here to bring to you the miracle of your true being, for even in an instant the world can change as you accept it. So perhaps our new saying should be: “Step into the miracle of God you already are…”


LauriLumby 11th October 2011 12:30 pm

In the words of Mother Mary, "Let it be done to be according to your word."

Lauri Lumby
Authentic Freedom Ministries

Peter fox 23rd January 2014 1:34 pm

Ok- I'm ready,God- thank you!


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