Stepping Out of Consensual Reality

Bathe yourself constantly in the River of Life, dearest ones, that you might feel its vibration cleansing you and attuning you to the Real. As many times in every day as you can possibly make this attunement, I ask you to do so because it is time to now step away, to step away from the ego mind tangle, from the whole dream of life on Earth, to release yourselves into the glory of Love, the ecstasy and the joy.

What I want you to comprehend is that the time of the world is ending, and the time of the world, beloved ones, is the time of the ego mind. Yes, it is true that everything around you is an expression of your old heart’s beliefs, because it is a dream and in a dream, every character is you.

Yet ultimately the dream is a dream of separation and no matter how many times you attempt to heal it, if you are working with the mind you are in the dream, dreaming of transformation. What I am calling all of you to now is to move beyond dreaming, to step away from the whole sub-creation, to make the shift into the Real of Love, into the resonance of light and joy and the movement of the living spirit.

You must remember that the Love I Am is perfect and perfect Love doesn’t change. So the world of the dream of the ego mind of separation and the pure light and Love of the Real cannot meet, in truth, because they are two different things. While it is true that your lives are the bridge, it is time now to begin the demonstration that it is the perfection of Love from the Real that creates the perfect symbols of Love in the world and that this cannot be accomplished through the little mind.

The only way to come alive as the expression of perfect Love is to keep your focus impeccably on the Real and on the Moment of Creation and the truth of the heart, letting Love express itself through you and recognizing that you, in your limited perception from the viewpoint of living on Earth must come to the place where you recognize that understanding and thinking must come second if they come at all.

The only way to lift your vibration, dearest ones, is through communion with Me, through releasing the world through surrendering to the greater Will of Love that I Am, through intending to make the leap into unlimited freedom and eternal life – those things that are your true inherent nature.

Because you cannot be opposites at once, because opposites are the creation of the ego, you must give yourself whole-heartedly to the focus and the feelings of God I Am, to the power and the purpose of expanding Love and allowing Love to do the work – through you and as you. Then in this world, the symbols come into alignment with My resonance and therefore are the expression of perfect Love expressing as symbols made of light, flexible and fluid and filled with joy, alive through all the dimensions, and therefore aware of the fruit of the Twin Flame womb in the Now Moment. That fruit, dearest ones, is the transformation of the symbols of the world into Love.

Until you are in alignment with only what is Real and allow what is Real to move within you -- with such trust in Love’s ability to create perfection in every moment, in vibration and in symbols, that you no longer need to look outside yourself for anything at all… Rather, you hold the Love in the Vertical and become the recipient of what many would call “grace.”

What this is in truth is simply the shift into the Real and into alignment with the life of God I Am which is right now absolutely whole and perfect and unfolding the joyous exponential multiplication of Love with every cosmic pulse. It is singing through all life streams and bringing the gift of ecstasy until every life stream knows itself as perfect. Then, that which is the world becomes Love’s expression from within, from this connection with Me and no longer from examining old heart’s beliefs and symbols.

Dearest ones, it is time now to step away and to simply make the leap into the Real of Love. Become the candle burning. Become the Twin Flame heart that is invincible. Become the corridor for the River of Life. Let the sweet song of My Love be joined with your atoms in the intimacy that is your Twin Flame, beloved ones, and speaks of Me through your Twin Flame’s heart.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to You, acknowledging that You are within us, all around us, that You are everything, and giving You thanks for the joy of our lives, the gift of our breath, the gift of our spirit family, and the honor of serving You here on Earth. I ask You, God, to allow us to be a heart together through which You pour Your Love to lift and bless this world. Help us amplify Your Love through our joined Twin Flame heart because we know the power of this Love.

I ask You, God, to be a crystal clear vehicle for this experience tonight. I ask that You be the experience and the joy and I give You thanks. I also give thanks to our beloved Jesus and his Twin Flame, Mary, and to all the beings of light who assist us. Amen

Let us begin as we always do, connecting our hearts together. As you open your heart and feel each other’s Love, let us move the energy between us, connecting heart to heart to heart in a clockwise movement until it builds into a vortex that opens into the Real and connects the Real of Love with the world.

Acknowledging that we share this breath, let us breathe together. Letting your breath out, take a deep breath in and as you breathe out, let all tension fall away. Breathing in pure Love. Breathing out again into the world. Breathe in now opening up to the Moment of Creation itself and breathing out pure light, breathing it into the world. Breathing in the Moment of Creation and breathing it out through your heart.

Breathing in and opening your heart, connecting. Breathing out God’s Love into the world. Breathing in pure Love and breathing it out through every atom of your being. Breathing in the Love in communion with God. Breathing it out through your whole being. Breathing in the Love at the very highest vibration and breathing it out, amplified through your Twin Flame heart.

As you breathe in the Love and breathe it out again, begin to feel yourself being breathed by the living breath of God.

Beloved ones, I lift you now into the experience of this living whole that the one breath of God I Am is truly breathing you. With each breath, allow yourself to come deeper into this communion and feel Me loving you, breath by holy breath. As you breathe in, breathe in My Love. Let it fill every atom of your being. As you breathe out now, breathe your Love for Me back to Me with all your heart.

Breathe in My Love for you and know, dearest ones, it supports you. Breathe out your Love for Me with all your passion for this joining, as we begin to create the holy circle, the living breath of All. Breathing in My Love in deepest communion and breathing it back to Me with all of your Love. Breathing in My Love for you and with it, your whole identity, and breathing out the passionate joy of your Twin Flame heart in return until you feel this holy communion becoming your whole being, sharing with Me forever this one glorious breath.

We are so close that we truly do breathe together and beloved ones, I Am breathing Love into you, you My glorious heart. As you receive My Love, let it fill your being, washing now through every atom and lighting up every tiny electron in ecstasy and joy. Can you feel it washing through you, through every atom of your vastness? This holy breath of God I Am pouring into all of My Love.

As My Love comes into you, your heart now blossoms. It comes alive because it is watered through this holy communion. The circle of our Love is the circle of encompassing all creation in this Love in all its tenderness. As you breathe in My Love for you, feel it fill your heart and as you return it to Me, feel within it our Love for All That Is. All that lives within the circle of this great eternal bliss is all the life within Me, All That I Am, dearest ones, and all that you, My heart, are meant to love perfectly, unconditionally. All of it is encompassed in this eternal breath that we breathe together in communion ever here, ever Now.

Breathe Me in and feel Me love you. Now feel your Love for Me, so close we are one breath. Breathing all of Creation into existence through this deep communion and through this life-giving eternal breath. Breathe in My Love and open your heart. More, beloved ones, more. Feel your heart recognize its own Real nature as this Love I Am breathes you. Feeling the flames of your Love, your passion, your remembrance of your Love for Me, breathe it out, return it to the Moment of Creation, return it, beloved ones, to Me.

Most of all, I want you to deeply feel how intimately I love you and how I honor you as My heart for loving Me as well. For you give Me the gift, beloved ones, My heart, each precious cell, of allowing Me the gift of giving that amplifies the Love I Am, that multiplies the depth of Love and joy that is within Me – until the miracle of My heart at this Moment of Creation.

I didn’t have this richness, this gift of ecstasy that comes from giving the Love of which I Am made to you. The gift that you give to Me in your Love for Me, in return. We are truly one Love. There is no separation. Yet you share this communion that is forever the holy breath. In breathing this circle of living Love, we breathe life into All Within Me and light up every wave form and particle, every atom, every quark, and bring it all into view, that we may be this hologram of glorious every expanding Love.

I want you to deeply feel how this living breath encompasses All That Is. To feel, dearest ones, My living heart, how essential you are and how perfect and how this exchange of life, of Love, of bliss is then reflected perfectly before you as your Twin Flame heart. But always this breath is primary and all else comes forth from it. Therefore, I ask you to embrace this circle, this one circle of living breath until it is so alive within you that no matter where Love takes your focus and places it in service to Me, you will always be consciously participating in this circular eternal shared breath.

Breathing in My Love, My tenderness, My presence, My deep abiding Love for you and feeling with all you are, all the Love you have in return and pouring it forth with gratitude amplified that I receive the completion of this circle of giving, just as you do also receive from Me.

In the center of this circle of our living breath is all of Creation revealed, revealed as the stream of living Love within Me, within the All of Love I Am, impassioned to expand in countless ways the glory of this Love, and to continue to feed the circle of this one glorious breath that we breathe.

As you receive this Love on these breath, feel how perfectly I love you. Feel this Love pouring through the center of your being and amplifying the Love in your hearts. While you breathe this breath with Me, you also feel the giving begin to overflow from your Twin Flame heart. You become the living fountain of perfect Love in service, giving Love each Now to the All in honor of each magnificent unique and glorious expression of My life, loved by you so perfectly, beloved ones. You are all together My one heart.

Each of you is a facet of the diamond of My Love, unique in your reflection of Me. Feel the way you shine and how your facets take this Love, amplify it through your Twin Flame heart and pour it now into the center of the circle of our shared breath illuminating All That Is.

Now, beloved ones, each of you, rest, rest in the rhythm of this breath that breathes the Love into and returns it home again, All I Am breathing you now, until you become vast and free and so filled with warmth. You are filled with all this Love, relaxed in the ocean of My Love for you and breathing this one shared breath deeply into the center of your being.

Now, breathing it out again back to Me, feeling yourself as the Moment of Creation and awakened all the passion of your heart, igniting Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, coming together now in a great explosion of orgasmic Love so powerful that every pulse becomes a heart beat in another stream of life within the circle.

Can you feel how you become co-creators, you Creator’s heart? How the passion of the Moment of Creation in you creates more heart to love. Now in the center of this circle that is the living breath of All I Am, I ask you to focus on the pearl in the very center that is the world of life on Earth, the pocket of reversal, the belief in separation, encapsulated and held, waiting. In this waiting you can feel that it is held in stillness, waiting to remember this breath, to be reminded that all who focus there are also in this circle of the one continual breath of the All.

So, beloved ones, My glorious heart, as you breathe this breath, breathe it now into the world. As you are My heart, you become the opening through which this breath of Love becomes available to the heart within the world. So as you breathe now, breathe in My Love and breathe out into the world and now, receive back the Love from those who are awakening, receiving and returning this shared breath we breathe together.

Your hearts can feel each precious one who begins to breathe the Love out in return. As those streams of Love come into you, My heart, you amplify them now and send them onward to Me. Then you receive My Love again, receive this breath. As you breathe in the Love from Me, you are surrendered. And now you breathe it out into the world, giving all this Love and feeling it connecting with all the hearts.

And now, the miracle occurs, the spark of life ignited and you can feel the awareness, the remembrance as the breath of life and Love is amplified and now returned. Feel the Love. Feel the breath coming into you and touching and blessing your heart. Feel the miracle, the wonder of having your Love received, acknowledged and returned to you.

Now you return that Love amplified, breathe it out to Me. And breathe in My Love for you in this holy circle and breathe it out now into the world, the world contained within the circle of the All of Love we share. Breathing out the Love into the heart remembering. As this Love makes a connection, can you see and feel the light, the vibration amplifying in the world? See the colors change and all those hearts filled with shimmering light, as they remember their place in the rhythm.

Now, once again, here comes their Love pouring upward into your heart. Feel the wonder as it touches you. Feel the joy and the tenderness. Oh, dearest ones, My heart, how tender it is. I love you and you love All That Is Within Me.

Now, amplifying the Love that you have received from the world, breathe it out, returning it now to Me. Breathing in My Love for you and with it, your whole identity, and breathing it out Now into the world in ecstasy, for every moment your Love is received is a moment of sheer bliss.

And now, the hearts on Earth remembering and awakening pour forth the Love, back to you, My glorious heart. Can you feel it returning to your center? Feel it amplify all you are and lift you up to the pinnacle of the very Moment of Creation itself. You are the living breath, all of it, perfectly, all we are together in this Now Moment until once again, I Am breathing you and you, dear ones, My heart, are receiving it. Amplifying all this Love, you pour it into the world, holding the world in perfect remembrance.

I Am One With You, With All. We are ever and always this Love together.

Feel the center of your living heart as the world now, beloved ones. When the Love is received, please remember that you are always ready to breathe in this Love and to pour it back to Me in ecstasy for the gift of life I bring you each glorious Now Moment. The one breath, this circle is aligning each and every heart with Me.

As you breathe in this Love and breathe it out into the world, every heart on Earth begins to vibrate at the vibration of perfect Love. Oh, beloved ones, thank you for holding this breath perfectly within you until the moment was ripe for the remembrance of this circle and all that we share on Earth as well as in the Real.

As you return to your focus, beloved ones, of service in the world, feeling now your body and your environment, as you feel yourself breathing, breathe into every heart on Earth and complete this circle with every one. The moment that you do this you will recognize unity, that all life breathes this breath together. Once you do, beloved ones, you are healing the separation and understanding what you are here to share.

For you are the heart of God I Am breathing Love into the world and sharing this great breath together, that the whole circle of life may be restored now here, that you might be co-creators once again, encompassing every life on Earth in the holy circle of our shared breath, until every life remembers that we are Love. One Love breathing together.



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