Surrender to the Ecstasy: Communion with the Energies Within You

As I infuse your heart with waves of Love, know that as they touch you, they radiate through one and all, blessing every human being, whether they are aware of it or not. So whether you choose words that make this personal or words that make it what you would deem "out-going," it matters not, for the words of Love are simply the translation of the touch of God, and I Am touching the heart of the hologram continually.

As you open into the experience of this Love and it becomes ever more your resonance, then you become more comfortable singing this song and humming in communion with every atom and electron of life. This is where I lead you this day, this moment, into this intimate communion with life.

For as we spiral round and round again, with every touch of this Love in your heart it becomes more Real, more powerful and more personal, until you recognize yourself as the truth of God and find effortlessly that you no longer resonate with the ego. More and more you will find, dear ones, that you know instantly when you fall back into thought because it is increasingly uncomfortable and obvious.

So, as you become the shift to the heart and the vibration of Love becomes your comfort zone, what you also shall encompass is your own great communion with all the intelligent life that is a part of you, part of that circle of Love that is your being. While you may name them different things -- atoms, electrons, particles of Light, waves of this Love this is so cosmic -- your language becomes vibration. Your heart becomes your instrument through which there is ever an on-going attunement of every wave and particle within your being.

I have said for years that you are meant to live in communion with your very atoms. In earlier times this was interpreted as a journey into the body. But now you understand that you are an energy field and every precious photon, every electron, every whirling dancing Twin Flame atom is yours. Yours to love and yours to multiply that Love may ever become more of itself.

This now becomes the key to making the shift out of the view of a world of limitation and physicality, out of a dualistic experience of abundance and lack…into the living word that speaks and it is done, as Love commands it. This is where I lead you.

As you open into this experience of the endless Love we share, you recognize that your focus is your mechanism for steering the power of your heart into the work it is meant to do, and bringing into the circle of God all that assist you, including that which you call the electrons of your body, the atoms of your cells, that you had seen a part of a physical reality.

It means the integration with the field of your life that is the expression of this glorious heart you are that becomes the parable of your life meant to express the riches of God everywhere. That which you love is brought into alignment with Me and I Am Perfect. That which you love is multiplied by the law of God. That which you love is brought into the resonance of your Twin Flame heart which is the energies of Creation in all their glory.

But that which you love cannot be loved through the ego's view, the mind's perception of two possibilities. It must be loved as the experience of the inclusive heart of God I Am that is you. So, every touch, every immersion in this pure Love that we share, every complete surrender to Me in trust allows you to become a vehicle of pure communion and thus attunement of the resonance of every atom, electron, photon and quark that is part of your being.

So as you find yourself as yet experiencing fear or pain or that which is less than the perfect expression of God I Am, whether as waves of endless Love from the heart of eternity or the story in consciousness of a human life…those things are what are given to you to love as Me, and thus to realign them with their truth as the joy of the Love I Am.

Let us use the example of pain in your body. Every twinge is a call to your heart. Every signal of pain is like a prayer to God, a prayer to Love that says, "Please come and find me and bring me back Home to you." Since your experience on Earth is the expression of your consciousness, then each experience of separation -- pain or lack -- is a place in your conscious awareness that is yet separate from Me, and thus, awaiting your response as My heart, answering the call to set them free.

Now you understand that communing with your atoms, with your electrons, with the energy, the particles that appear in your life, is a perfect call to service in the field of God that now becomes a field of unity, rather than a field of fear. Fear can only be met and transformed by Love, and only from the level of the singing heart of God. To acknowledge it in any other way is to simply dance the dance of the teeter-totter of ego and duality. This you see ever more clearly for it is more powerfully visible as the Light increases and thus illuminates that which is not Love's wholeness.

The powerful waves of fear that move through the consensual dream of humanity must always be met as the heart of God in service, whether these appear as beings within yourself, within your energy field, or "out there" in the world. If you see it, it is a prayer that is being sent to you, for you to love it free, to lift it from duality that it might find itself immersed in this endless Love, that it might feel itself included in this warmth and joy, that it might know itself as part of this glorious wholeness, wrapped in Love, supported and included in endless abundant support for I Am the Source of all Good.

So, when I have asked you to open to communion with your very electrons, to develop communication with your atoms, you have approached it from the perspective of the mind, as a human being reaching inside the body. Now I lift you up, that I might infuse you with the truth of the Love that is your essence, your nature, your true being…that as this Love extending, you may enfold them and listen to the prayer…listen to the needs…let the heart decipher it and then respond by being the open heart of God, by being the conduit for this endless good, by being this Love that holds all things in it and reflects to them just what they are and that is Love.

As you feel the boundaries fade, you will feel the body knowing itself as cascades of energy and waves of Love, and when you reach this point, then you become a part of the wholeness where the focus of Love's Will brings all the energies of life into service through you.

As you experiment with this communion, with every particle…when you recognize that every wave of Love is fully conscious…every movement of life is held as part of the consciousness of God…then you realize that there can be no separate movements or separate beings, and nothing that is not My perfection. When this becomes your truth, becomes your resonance, you will feel in your heart when your atoms recognize this. You will know when the electrons that dance through the streams of your Twin Flame heart celebrate their joy in every area of your life and being, including your expression in this reality as a human being.

The Love, the waves of Love, the field of Light will become the identity of all your energies. Whether seen from the focus of being the vastness of the whole of God or seen from the focus of stepping forth to serve in the world, you will find there is no solidity to you at all, and that which you have seen as physical will be Love and Light -- pure, flexible, ever-moving, fully conscious and infused with joy.

Every moment this truth is available and the call of your heart now grows stronger and stronger until you become uncomfortable in the realms of ego, because it doesn't feel like "Home" to you any more. Rather, the joy of the heart and its upliftment, the Light of the heart's expanding consciousness of that which you are become your feeling state in every moment. Not only are you an open conduit. You are a permeable field of God with Twin Flame hearts expressing the truth of your being, those hearts being your atoms -- that your own heart's beating shines out before you, shines all around you as a glorious hologram of Love expanding.

In other words, what you would call, previously, "As above, so below," is truly about ever greater recognition of that which is the truth in all dimensions, all expressions of God at once. As your Twin Flame heart opens its wings and pumps forth Love, it is perfectly a part of Mine, as is every atom part of yours.

It is impossible to describe through mental envisioning, and words such as "omni-dimensional," "hyper-dimensionality." None of it can possibly express the endless awakening of God that happens now… everywhere through the whole of Love -- everywhere, all at once, expressed in every area…the deepest inner realms of All That I Am as Creator. It is the most far flung expanses of My awakening and every interwoven holographic expression as well, including that which you experience as you, completely in alignment, every step of the dance. Perfect.

Therefore I invite you to come and experience this. Let it be beyond your mind's comprehension. Let is be the mystery of life so full and rich that all you can do, beloved ones, is bow unto it and surrender to the waves of Love. Surrender now into this ecstasy. Surrender into this moment of orgasmic joy that sweeps your being outward, inward, everywhere, and hums within you as the singing cosmos of God I Am as you.


victor 24th February 2010 1:10 pm

Indeed, this is what I have been waiting upon, to hear. Thanks. Thanks for bringing this through Yael and Doug.
This communion is the "Mechanics of the Unexpresed Mysteries". You should see me laughing aloud like a crazy person, as I had the "light bulb' experience turned on.
Thanks... Thanks my father-mother.Blessed be thy name.



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