The Flow of Identity and Abundance...

The Will of Love is always perfection. It is ever and always “increase,” more, -- more of the quality of the living heart of God I Am that is, of course, your heart as well, beloved ones. So deep in your heart your awareness is infallible. That awareness is that the perfection of Love is your identity and your purpose.

Everywhere you look in every direction and all dimensions, you will always find the Twin Flame dance creating more of Love and more beauty, more grace, more ecstasy. It is always creating more of the experience of Real life singing forth as the living Spirit and more of the freedom that Love brings as it resonates its deepest notes of the power and perfection of the Moment of Creation itself.

There is no such thing as time or space. There is only the explosion of Love breathing outward in orgasmic pulses in the expansion of divine feeling and of the riches and grace that are ever a part of the hologram, the circle.
So what I want you to see, to experience now, is allowing Love to place your focus, that in every Now Moment your Twin Flame womb is truly the vehicle of Creation, and that you bring to birth even more Love, more joy and more glorious experience of the perfection, the shining awakening on every plane of being (for lack of better words), of the exuberance and grace of giving.

Therefore, I am asking you to allow this Love as it is born in you each Now Moment to be the only director of your consciousness, and to allow that direction to bring into fruition this perfection of My Love in every aspect of your being, including that which you would name “the physical.” The physical, of course, is no more solid than pure light but what I want you to understand is the Twin Flame atom. Every one of them is waiting for your direction as the living force of God I Am in your universe.

When you allow this glorious River of Life to be that which washes through your consciousness and focuses your attention, you will come to see the great expansion of Love as the truth of your inner being as well. In every moment I am asking you to allow Love to show you the greatest truth of life itself, of Twin Flame Love, of abundance, of ecstasy and of co-creation, that these pulsing waves of living Love are expressing fully as you and thus, becoming the central magnet about which circle your atoms as they take direction, identity and purpose from your shining and glorious heart.

So it is only as you reclaim your own center and accept the delivery of this Love that you will be in alignment as a part of the River of Life and the expression of Love that I Am. As you do this, then every precious atom that is drawn to your heart that is a part of your being, that is in the great dance of Twin Flame ecstasy with your divine complement – only then will the atoms of your being seem in alignment and become co-creators of more. More Love, more joy, more glorious abundance, more freedom that truly has no limits.

As your atoms remember their identity, beloved ones, then everything that they express, including your life in symbols, will be ever and always the expression of the perfect Love that we share. The Love I Am, and thus, you are.
So I come to you today to begin a great dialogue of living light, of endless Love, of co-creation that in every sense of your experience as the living heart of God, you are in alignment with the eternal Now Moment. When you can develop this deep heart communion that encompasses the whole Vertical arm of life, it shall reach through all dimensions and planes of existence and bring harmony to the whole of your being -- when all that you are is in alignment perfectly with the truth of the heart of God that you are.

Love and only Love fills all. And in this deep awareness your freedom lies. As you understand this and you feel this, it transforms all misperceptions into the pure light of living Love that I Am. So you must allow the transformation of the little self, the false identity by the Real, the identity as the heart of Love you are. As it does so, it realigns every atom and each electron until they resonate with the truth of the living spirit – the truth of unlimited and glorious joy, the truth of abundance so vast that nothing else can exist, the truth of a freedom so grand there is no opposite. All of this, then, becomes out-pictured in the symbols of the New World, the reflection of Love’s perfection.

So what I am asking of you is for your deep integrity of experience of identity of life that travels from the Real into your very atoms and creates the flow of Love that nothing can stop, and as you do so and you allow your focus to be filled with the living spirit, you become truly the awakened heart, magnetizing into alignment every atom of light, that it may know itself as the Twin Flame heart of God. As you do this, you come into alignment with the pulsing exclamation of the ecstasy and the joy that is the Moment of Creation itself. You develop a deep communion, a living experience of the community of atoms and electrons that are magnetized to your heart. Doing so, you find a harmony, a rhythm and a joy until you know with complete certainty every aspect of your being

Looking at life from the perspective of ego mind, there is so much of it that is hidden and so many experiences that seem not to make any sense. So I invite you to return to the Source for everything and allow this Source, this River of Life, to bring forth all the rest and assist each precious atom in knowing the truth of your deepest being on the level of the atomic and to know the power of your Twin Flame heart.


Beloved God, we are here tonight opening our hearts, reaching upward to You, to the Moment of Creation and saying with all of our being a deep “Yes” – “Yes,” God, we invite You to fill us in every way that we might truly know ourselves as Your heart. Let us be a functioning heart together for blessing and loving this world. So, God, join our hearts, join our Love, join our consciousness and pour through us that glorious River of Your Love. Let us amplify it always, each of us with our Twin Flame and pour it forth to bless this precious world.

Beloved God, I ask You to use my heart, my voice, my heart in service to this Love and in service to this experience that we share tonight. Thank you, God, with all my heart for spirit family and for the incredible gift of sharing this deep devotion to You. Amen.

As we begin let us open our hearts, consciously expanding into the truth of the great heart that we are , and then joining our great hearts together. We create a magnificent vortex, huge, glorious, pulsing and opening for the Love to pour through to this world. As we feel this glowing, crackling powerful energy flowing among us, we also feel the vibration rising, lifting us into the resonance of the pure Love of God. Having joined together in this Love, we also join in consciousness and we begin to share the one breath, the breathing life of All That Is as it breathes us together.

As you let your breath out, you feel the vastness. As you take a breath in, you feel God’s Love. As you breathe out, feel this Love pouring through you, through your heart, through every cell into the world. As you breathe in again, feel yourself merging with God’s glorious presence. As you breathe out, you are God’s living breathing Love. Breathing in again, your whole being is filled with light. Breathing out, the trails of light go pouring forth from you.

Breathing in again, pure Love fills you, and breathing Love out, you amplify it as it fills the world. Breathing Love in, you now become Love’s purpose. Breathing out, every atom and electron of your being is alive with Love. Breathing in you touch the Moment of Creation. Breathing out, let pure Love flow through you. Breathing in, you are one with All That Is, and breathing out, All That is lives as you.

Breathing in again, beloved ones, feel My presence as you focus your attention on your precious magnificent heart. With every breath, feel our unison as through your heart we are in Love and in the All, we are as One. You become My breath, dearest ones. Let Me breathe you. Simply release all control. Let all tension fall away and let yourselves softly fall into My waiting arms of light as you surrender your will to Me.

Now your heart is like a living sun, rays of light streaming forth from it. Place your focus on this amazing sun and let it draw you gently in. Your awareness softly floats into the great burning sun of your heart, and yet the light as it burns is gentle, luminous and holds you gently in its presence as you become merged with the awareness of your beating pulsing glorious Twin Flame heart, the heart of God I Am that is you.

You are simply given over to the beauty and magnificence of your own heart, as you find yourself in its center, and the living pulse beats through your whole being, setting a rhythm that matches the very Moment of Creation itself. Now your heart opens as a great vortex and you feel the Twin Flame Love of which you are made – great rays of living light, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine shine from the opening that is your Twin Flame womb. You, your beautiful consciousness, are in this womb of Love, for I want you to experience the coming forth of perfect life.

So, beloved, let yourself remain within this pulsing beating heart, surrounded by the energies of your great Twin Flame Love. Feel how perfectly these energies are balanced and in the center where you are is a resonance that is pure magic, so pure, so luminous, so filled with crystalline light that you can barely even comprehend anything this perfect.

This is the home of the perfect life of God I Am, coming forth each Now Moment in new flavors of perfection. Every pulse, every great explosion of the Moment of Creation is felt here as the great streams of pulsing living Love that are the waters of the River of Life – rushing now to fill this womb with perfect life again.

You find yourself being witness now to the explosion of life’s perfection, shooting forth from the center of this living Twin Flame womb, atoms of pure light dancing, each one holding the remembrance of the resonance that is held in the Moment of Creation, to be amplified here by you. Your consciousness and your living heart become Love’s awakening as that which is planted and watered in this Twin Flame womb reaches glorious perfection.

You are lifted up in a fountain of light, the movement of perfect Love from this union and you are washed forth from this womb of Love, and you are rushing, dancing, barreling forth into the world of illusion to be Love’s blessing to all that you touch. You are now the experience of your own River of Life, birthed by you, by your Twin Flame heart and given forth in blessing. Your consciousness flies, rushes, shimmers into the world of illusion and mixing with the atoms and electrons brings forth remembrance.

You find yourself switching from anti-life to life. Atom after atom after atom in the world of illusion before you. You are consciousness on the atomic level and you are washing forth in pulsing heart beats as a river, as a fountain, as the outreach of God through your Twin Flame heart.

This River of Life that you are right now is moving on the atomic level through the world easily, washing through old heart’s beliefs that have built this matrix of duality and you are switching it to Love. Switching, switching, switching it to Love, to life eternal. Switching it into remembrance of the one life in Me.

As you rush forth, streaming in all directions, aware completely on this level, I want you to look around and see the atoms and electrons and how they feel about living this reversal. The first thing that you notice is that they are not happy. There is a density, a sadness, a depressiveness. You notice that these atoms are barely moving and their light is dim, as is their awareness of the truth of what they are and their nature as Twin Flame Love.

But you are remembering. That is the resonance that you carry. You gently reach forth to remind them again and again and again of what it is that they are longing for, what it is they dimly remember. The moment that you touch them, it all comes clear, and they are reversing the reversal with your help. They are free to carry Love forth again.

Now I want you to look with clear heart perception outward through this atomic level of the world and see the patterns of light and patterns of reversal and the matrix that they build of duality made of atoms switched to the reversal mirroring the heart’s beliefs of those whose hearts they are attuned to – beliefs in Love and something else. Love and its shadow. But you can feel the emptiness that comes from atoms searching for purpose.

So you must attune the heart that they serve to the remembrance of the Real. Meanwhile let your resonance touch each precious one and see how your resonance is contagious, is magnetic and entrains all of these atoms into alignment with Real life easily effortlessly now.

And now, beloveds of My heart, dissolved in the River of Love, I ask you to go forth exuberantly and to proclaim to every atom and electron in this world in this pocket of reversal, proclaim the truth that there is only Love and nothing else. That which Love creates is perfect. Leaving this message, turn your attention back to your Twin Flame heart and let Me lift you up once again into the Real and bathe you, bathe you in My living Love as you drink from the River of Life once again.

Now the River of Life fills your being, fills your consciousness, fills your heart and you are completely dissolved in this ecstasy of glorious Love as it pulses forth from the Moment of Creation. You recognize that it is attuning your Twin Flame heart, attuning it to the miracle of Creation and giving forth this almighty Love, that nothing can stand against -- washing your heart in perfection.

As you focus upwards to the Moment of Creation itself, as you focus on this communion with Me, let this River of living giving molten and pulsing Love create in you My perfection, perfect as I Am perfect. This is your heart. It is your truth. It is your deep essential nature. PERFECT AS I AM PERFECT.

The electrons of living Love carry their cargo of light right to your heart, and pouring them forth, your heart is attuned now, only to this perfection. Be perfect, beloved one, as I Am perfect and the River of Life brings this perfection to you each Now Moment again and again.

Deep in your being you resonate with this mantra:
I Am perfect as God Is perfect. I Am as God Is.
I Am That I Am.

I Am perfect as God Is perfect. I Am as God Is. I Am perfect Love.

This resonance that is your living heart, right now, please, attune to it, and as you feel it vibrating through your being, let it leave its imprint on all that you are and you may hold in consciousness this truth of Real Love, perfect in all dimensions, all directions, filling the hologram of your heart, of your being, of the All until the whole consciousness, your whole heart is singing together, “I Am Perfect As God Is Perfect. I Am As God Is.”

This vibration in your beautiful hearts sets up a powerful magnetic that draws to itself atoms and electrons that are ready to carry forth your cargos of light, to carry forth the message of your heart as Twin Flame Love and to deliver this message to the world. Everywhere and anywhere that your heart finds itself present, this River of Life flows through you creating resonance of glorious perfection of the resonance of Real Love That I Am.

Now beloved ones, from the Real of Love, feeling your Twin Flame heart holding this resonance of perfection and aligning with Me, place your focus ever so gently into the world and I ask you now to allow your focus to call forth the atoms and the electrons of your heart – to go forth and create perfection in the symbols of the world as well. For as far as your consciousness can see and beloved ones, this is forever, there is only this one light. It is the light of perfect Love, ever and always going forth as movement, being reflected in the symbols of the world.

Holding your perspective, your focus in the Real and connecting with your focus in the world, allow the River of Life to come rushing through your open Twin Flame heart, creating perfect Love, creating perfection in the world. You can watch it from the Real as those atoms and electrons magnetize the atoms of like resonance in the world into alignment with the perfection of God.

I Am Perfect As God Is Perfect. I Am As God Is Now.

I Am Perfect As God Is Perfect. I Am As God Is Now.

All around you in the Real are swirling dancing streams of living light, interconnected, always together, dancing the dance of perfect Love and now in the world, in the pocket of reversal, there is your heart, its focal point in the world of duality, but it is aligning now with your Love in the Real and the River of Life flows through, creates everything as perfect – a reflection of the heart of God you are. A reflection of the heart of God you are.



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