The Only Way to Create the New World

It is time, My beloveds, to truly begin building the New World of Love, right here, as the world in which you live. The gateway is open. The great divide has been crossed. It is time to cease looking backwards into the past, whether it be your individual past or the history of your civilizations. It is time to begin looking forward into that which you birth from your heart now.

The only way to truly build this world of Love and freedom, peace and understanding, and the presence of the living spirit of joy is to feel My Love for you, to feel it until you believe it, until you believe it with all your heart, with all your soul - until it becomes more real to you than all your stories of the world, all the stories of pain and suffering and separation from your good.

When you truly feel My Love and understand its Reality, then I ask you to consciously create the New World, the bridge world of peace and plenty by holding every precious heart up and bathing it in that Reality, the Reality of My Love and My relationship with each one of you.

It is only when you truly allow Me to love you that you can at last truly love Me. Then your hearts can crack open and your lives become rightfully oriented so that everything flows to you from the universal good and endless joy that I Am and that we always share between us.

Until you re-establish this primary relationship, no other relationship in your life, dearest ones, is truly going to work, including your relationship with the human family and the reality that you create. You cannot create a world of peace without a peaceful heart, and you cannot have a peaceful heart until Love is your environment. Your only true environment is the spirit. Everything else flows from this.

This you already understand but putting it into practice is now what is important in order to build the bridge world of Heaven, that every human being might find their pathway Home, Home into the Light of endless freedom and joy.

It is easy to allow your little mind to spew out before you endless plans of everything it takes to bring the world to balance, including schemes of new technology, libraries full of new agreements, new possibilities for government, for countries, for relationships - when in truth, the only thing that is needed is to "right" the flow of life that originates from Me always and flows from Me to you.

It fills your heart so full that you have more Love than you need and then you have a surplus and you have Love that is available to give. Then this Love of Mine, this glorious endless Love I Am and have for you, this very same Love can overflow from your heart to bless every precious being that your life touches. You can love as Christ then. You can love with this very same Love, the Love that originates from Me and is meant to flow through you.

Only then is it the Real thing. It is not reversed or artificial and it doesn't come forth with any kind of deficit. If you love from the ego, no matter what your intentions, the origin of your Love is the reversal, the reversal of the true Reality and the flow of life that is meant to come from Me ever and always through you.

The only technology that you need to create the world of perfection is to be the conduit for the perfect Love I Am because then, the law of resonance will draw to you all good things and the Love that overflows from your heart will then fill others up, creating in them a surplus of Love that then can be passed on to fill another heart and bring it peace and plenty.

As every heart at last is full, rather than wanting Love for oneself, you will find that giving Love just becomes natural, the way of life that happens for you when you are loved by Me -- all the Love you have spent a lifetime searching for, craving and attempting to create by building all sorts of relationships and doing incredible and convoluted dances of interaction and plays of consciousness, all of which are based for all of you on getting the Love you need. Because you are seeking Love rather than giving it, and seeking it from those who are at a deficit, whose origins of Love are stinted or non-existent, you can't get enough if you are not living from Me.

Your "tanks," beloved ones, to use that analogy, are running on empty. You know this is true. You live in a culture that is filled with desperate people rushing around, attempting to fill up their lives, to fill up that empty place that comes from not having the Love they need. You cannot get it from outside and you already know this. Yet the ego convinces you to keep on trying.

You work so hard to serve Me and to serve this vision of the world that you have come here to create for Me and for humanity. Beloved, precious heart, center of All I Am... it is time at last to take a breather. Time to rest and to find the pure simplicity of the answer to every question and the power that you are seeking to build the world of which you dream.

That answer is to receive My Love, to let it finally make way into you, to crack open your heart so truly that there is no more resistance. When you at last surrender to Me and finally let Me love you, you will have the Love you seek and so much more that it will be overflowing and your every moment will be true ecstatic joy. The tone of your life will be peace and plenty.

Out of this right relationship with Me comes the technology of Light, the truth of the energy of God I Am, moved by the power of your consciousness and fueled by Love eternal. There is no greater energy in all Creation than the explosion of Love that is your very own Twin Flame heart. That power is yours to harness if you are in right relationship, if everything originates at the Moment of Creation and you are in place, surrendered as My completely open heart.

Not only new technology of consciousness and energy but right relationship, true accord with every people and country will easily come from those who are loved. This accord will be swiftly reached when each person is living from a full heart rather than an empty one. A full heart, beloved ones, a heart overflowing in giving creates the true abundance that is riches and opulence and showers on all people the symbols of this grace and endless peace and plenty that is the God I Am.

So from this right relationship of allowing Me to love you will come true abundance for every man and woman and child. Cultures based on giving, rooted in peace and plenty, holding the emotional tone of being abundantly loved can't help but treat the Earth and every life stream upon it with respect and gratitude.

The true flow of life then continues effortlessly moving from the abundance of My Love into hearts overflowing and outward as the gifts of God to all precious people -- every glorious life in a wonderful celebration of joyous Love and confidence, plenty and gratitude and wonder.

It is tempting to use your consciousness to create worldly things, to create the world you want with your little mind and ego, but without Real Love and the fulfillment that comes from it, I promise you the symbols will always be empty. So you might visualize world congresses creating great decrees and putting forth new attitudes of sharing and responsibility, and you might visualize your own life with all your bills already paid and all the things you've ever dreamed you wanted...

Yet, without My Love, the symbols cannot stay with you because everything flows from your heart and then comes alive around you. If your heart is at a deficit, if your tank of Love is empty, then no matter what you draw to you, if it doesn't represent this, it will not stay.

Relationships will struggle and abundance will end and hard won peace between people in relationship and between nations will break down, unless the foundation is built -- that anchor in the Real of God that is the only true fuel of life and that is My Love. That Love is the only true substance from which all things are made. It is magnetic in the greatest sense and will draw to you everything that you might want or need, and the circles spreading out from you like those ripples on a pond will be the living abundance that I Am in you and you in Me, ever going forth.

So, what I ask of you, each one of you, is to come to Me each day and to make this your highest priority. Even if it is only the briefest time, five minutes or ten, to sit and open your heart and truly feel My Love. Not as a concept or even as a movement of energy, but in an intimate communion so that you KNOW the truth of My Love as the greatest Reality.

When you feel it warm you up and open up your heart and open up your consciousness to great waves of joy and bridge for you all distances that you might have felt between us, then you can feel that you are loved beyond all imagining. Feeling this Love until it becomes truly your Reality will change your life and change the world and bring humanity Home - Home to Love at last rather than Love's reversal, and Home to a life of such abundance that in every facet of life there is more than enough. Overflowing from heart to heart, this Love goes forth as the basis of every interaction in the world.

Every creative impulse will be born of this movement of Love, dearest ones, and the height of artistic creativity will be beyond any ever experienced on Earth. For all that has been accomplished by humankind has been but a drop in the true ocean of creativity because of the creative deficit on which humanity has been running. So if you think that humanity's accomplishments have been beautiful, magnificent, you have miracles waiting in store for you.

You know that you are co-creators, that you are My creative heart, and you have done your best to imagine what this means. But only that movement of My Love holds Real creative potential and allows the spark of life to be multiplied in you. So humanity has barely begun to create, for Love is the only creative power and you can feel the truth of how little of your potential you have used, as a people and as a world.

As you sit and open your heart and allow My Love to fill you, pay attention in every possible way that you can - especially with your feelings. Let this Love fill you up. Let it blow wide open both your heart and your consciousness so that you can be made brand new in this moment by this Love that is the creative power of all life.

The center of that life is you. You are already receiving it. That great flow of abundant life that explodes at the Moment of Creation is yours right now to use, yours to receive with your heart as you are ready to take it forth, beloved ones, as My heart.

The automatic natural inborn response to feeling My Love for you, to experiencing it intimately in prayer, in meditation, in your quiet times is the opening of your heart and your powerful Love for Me pouring to Me in response and creating the awakening that is your conscious Twin Flame heart in service.

Then every moment of your life becomes conscious and you are the living Christ, eating Love and breathing it and feeling it with every beat of your heart -- knowing Love is your true name and is also the essence of your life as well as its movement. Then, you know your rightful place in Me and in the world as the living Arc of the Covenant, the very bridge of life "en-conscious-ed," brought forth into the world by your commitment to feel it and to allow My Love to live as you.

Every moment of the reversal is a lie. It is the greatest all-time pretension. It is a world full of people walking about, pretending they are okay, when in truth they have no idea of what life is meant to be. Because of the original choice, they have all lost this intimacy, this tender communion with Me that is the answer, that is your nourishment and your food and that which brings you into the center and into right relationship with life. All of this is automatic when you receive this Love from Me and let it grow in you, the responding Love in that glorious overflowing.

You become Love's generator as a conscious Twin Flame heart and the vibration of your heart and your consciousness very simply builds a world of peace, plenty, overflowing Love and joy.

I cannot tell you enough how important it is for you to truly feel My Love until it is your Reality. It is that deep feeling of this eternal continuity, this unfolding of My arms, My Love, My cherishing of you, that from this life My heart goes forth to be the peace and plenty that creates a world of Love effortlessly.

Then, the symbols of life around you, be it your health, your body, your finances, your relationships and the country in which you live, your home, your work, your social life and the outreach of your service, your diplomacy and your activity as a world citizen - all of this comes forth from your heart and will create easily Heaven on Earth.

The peace of being loved, of an overflowing heart, is the only peace that can truly be reflected as the world around you. You are ready at last to open your heart's doorway to let Beloved Jesus begin to truly lead you and to show you what it means to be My living heart, to be thus the living Christ and Love's real presence as this world of Light and joy - where the reversal of Love and the separation from me, that which you know as duality, is only a dim memory and the truth is in the experience for every human being and every life stream on Earth.

With every breath, let Me breathe you in until you feel this tender intimacy and let Me give you all My Love. Until you truly feel it, you cannot experience your Twin Flame. It must come first from Me to you and then it is reflected before you in your Twin Flame's Love and you become the breath, the life and the heart beat of God.

I shall always love through you, in joyous expression of all the Love I Am as a gift to the world, given with your heart and with your hands and with your consciousness as you become Love's co-creator Now.



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