The Power of Love: The Fiery Furnace

It is time for you to experience your own fiery heart, for you to be fully alive and nourished from the fount of all life and all blessings. It is time to take back the world, to restore the projections of the ego mind to the truth of the heart of God. It is time to re-establish your true identity.

To do this, dear ones, we must have a doorway that you can open to the glory of Real power so you can feel the divine furnace of God, so you can experience the explosion of atomic energy that you are and taste life fully. When you do you will recognize that in this world you have never yet experienced what life is. You have not glimpsed or touched the feeling of being alive.

You are standing on the bridge for changing this. This bridge, by divine decree and by the power of your intention, is to be these three words, “I love you.”

These are words which might seem upon initial observation to extend the concept of duality, to acknowledge there is an “I” and a “you.” The truth is that it is the power of Love that by the grace of your open heart takes the “I” and “you” and brings it into the middle, into the power of Love, into the acknowledgment of the one force, into the experience of the one heart. It gives you the ability to look upon the world that you’ve believed in, that you’ve experienced, that you’ve created and to take it back, to bring it home -- to give it back to Me and to reclaim for yourself the Reality of who you are as the one true power of God and the majestic and tender beauty of Love.

This is about restoring the circle and remembering that both the expressions of your creativity and the power of the unity of your heart are to be celebrated, acknowledged and fully lived in delight and gratitude. And so it is that these three words of power are to be the doorway for the restoration of true identity, for the acceptance of the atomic power of life that is to be the fuel of this new expression of the world as the heart of God makes it, the world as the expression of who you are.

To do this requires those fires of transformation that are already burning in the furnace of your heart. Let us use the words “I love you” to make it available, to bring duality into the center, into the Love and to use the fires of the Twin Flame heart of God, the energies of Creation that you are to dissolve every illusion of being separate through the power of Love.

It is the time for reclaiming, the time to look upon the world that has been made through the ego and translate it into the language of Love in the chamber of creation that is your heart. Step through this doorway as you say the words “I love you” when you look upon the world. Whatever you gaze upon is drawn instantly into the heart of God where all illusions melt away and where your heart is this story of the only life there is.

For each of you, as you look upon the world that your heart’s beliefs have created and you allow this astounding power to reclaim these things—in every moment that you do this you are consumed by the power of Love. You become the flames of this living conflagration that you might exalt as you feel the world burn, where all the lives of pain and fear dissolve and you are the experience of God, holy, whole and fully LIFE.

You have not lived until you reclaim this and you are this truth. It is waiting for you to be the power, for you to live the Love. We have often spoken of being the bridge, of your place in this world as the heart of service. As you step up now and take your place, when your heart is acknowledged and you are burning with the truth, when the divine pulsations of Creation claim you and you are the universe making more Love, in the moments of that truth, in the span between your heart beats, in the space between the words “I love you,” the reversal is reversed. The truth of Love is out-pictured at last.

If you were to simply drop into your heart, step into the experience of being fully alive, become the exhilaration of that which Creation is, you would simply drop this focal point, this body, this experience of the world. While the time will come when this is fully appropriate, it is not yet. You have come here out of such devotion, such genuine desire to serve Love and to restore to all perceptions the truth of unity that you know in your heart you don’t want to disappear, for you stand here as the entraining heart of God.

You are the expression of the divine resonance that makes this Love accessible to everyone, that allows the truth to be present in the midst of the illusion of duality, and you are needed. And so this doorway allows you to stand in both experiences -- becoming the truth of your heart on the one hand, that indescribable blast of pure life, that innate Hallelujah that opens up your consciousness that you become the song of the universe AND your experience of being human and understanding as no one can who hasn’t been here what is means to be immersed in the illusion of other than Love and all of its endless possibilities that are playing out in this field that is called life on Earth.

The potential for this slice of Creation, for this life on Earth to be the Garden of Eden, for this to be the expression of the one heart in symbols of beauty beyond the mind’s imagining – this is what is being restored as the world. You being the “I” of unique identity that always endures, not the “you” of perceiving life as separate – people as separate from each other, “not good” being possible as well as perfection…

When those two views meet in the word, then the resonance of the word of God clears the field, opens up the experience of Reality and shines the heart of God reflecting everywhere, in all directions in its fullness all at once. Thus, can all the story lines disappear when brought into the words, into the resonance of Love, when restored to the power that Creation is, and returned to the resonance of God I Am and that resonance, of course, is Love.

The more that you open this doorway, the more you will be able to hold this bridge, the more you will have the ability to stand within the furnace. Remember that story from the Bible. This is the element of truth with it…that you may stand within the fiery furnace of your own heart and extend the truth to the world. That which has been perceived as outside of Love through the power of your faith and your commitment can be brought into the furnace itself to be restored to the truth.

Because you are the bridge from having lived this Earthly life, then you are the vehicle of calibration that can take this atomic power and step it down through your intent, your dedication and your presence in the world…and offer it as resonance, as the word, as Love to that which you include in your intention.

So let your intention, beloved ones, be that whatever your eyes see, whatever memories come to call in your mind, whatever stories of the world are brought to your attention – be it the news, the internet, or others – whatever comes into your field of awareness is now brought to you by Me, that you might fulfill your commitment to Me made before you came.

You are to be this mediator of transformation, to be the one who stands within the furnace of the heart of God, of the truth of the power of Love and extends both hands – one to your own identity that you have taken on in order to live here and one to the perceptions of duality that you call the world and that are this ball of heart’s beliefs that are the consensual dream of duality.

Standing in the power of your heart, you bring your own stories into the fiery furnace and you bring the perception of duality, anything you can see other than the heart of God, other than the expression of creativity. Holding yourself in the fire of Love, let it burn. Let Love consume you. Let that essence, that core of your being re-establish what you knew in the beginning – that Love is the only power of life and that nothing that is not Love can stand before Love when it is chosen and acknowledged, when it is dedicated to service, when you are ready to surrender to the truth of your heart.

And so I give you these words with more meaning, that as you use them, our communion shall intensify. In this time of the burning of the illusion, of the fires of Love transforming all old perceptions, I ask you to stand firm in your heart, to be the vehicle of the transformation of duality that the Light of God, the power of all Creation when it comes will flow through the hearts of humanity to create the symbols of singular beauty, of astounding joy and an experience of life – pure, direct and powerful that brings the experience of what it means to truly be alive.

To live in the story of the illusion, beloved ones, is to be well separate from your own vitality. You are living in the mind almost exclusively and what little bits of life pour through are in those moments where the doorway is opened through orgasm, Love Making when your heart is engaged, through experiences of such intensity that the veil falls, and that surrender of the ego occurs.

But these times until now have been limited in number and have been seen as something extra-ordinary when in truth, they are the life you are – the very power of Creation giving life to you. Oh, beloved ones, how I rejoice for you when in your heart you are at last fully alive, astounded at the zest for life that sizzles through your consciousness and explodes through your heart, that everything you touch communicates its astonishment at the lightning bolt of God I Am sizzles through it, and as your heart remembers you are the divine.

Making Love and more and more of it, you are the cosmic orgasm now happening. If you ever have thought you had an orgasm that was amazing, be prepared to be dissolved in amazement at life and so much of it, all at once. The whole explosion of all Creation is blasting through you now, sparkling through every electron you call “the body,” as each one ignites in cosmic orgasm and your every breath draws in eternity and breathes out such a shimmering prayer of gratitude that it is heard through the whole of the cosmos.

So even those of you who have used such things as extreme sports or the experience of Love Making to open up this doorway, to feeling life…oh, dearest ones, you’ve barely had a peek at what it means to be this life in all its glory, its intensity, its magnificence and its mystery. Are you ready to find out?

To do so is going to mean giving up your lethargy, releasing all the ways that you hide, surrendering your identity that the ego has built up, being willing to be the open heart, alive, filled with power and wonder. So you must let go of even the idea of vulnerability which comes, of course, from the lie of powerlessness.

When you say the words “I love you” and feel the in-filling of the power of all Creation magnifying that resonance, you begin, then and there, to function as the open heart of the power of Love. There is no need to make this something acquiring time to accomplish. Yet, if it does, beloved ones, it doesn’t matter, for the moment that you step into your place in the fiery furnace, every perception of time is dissolved, burned up in the ecstasy.

So if right now you can only allow a glimpse, beloved ones, allow it!!

Let yourself have every taste you can of being life, being the extension of this wonder, being My indescribable and luminous heart that can hold all Creation and love it and thus can easily hold the world that the power of Love may at last reclaim it, establishing Home right here for absolutely every person.

What your heart feels when you hear this is the truth. Once felt, let it resonate through the mind. Let it begin to create the images that will become your heart’s expression, a world of perfect beauty and endless riches in which every person is honored and knows the truth that they are the heart of God whole and perfect and that the power of Love is bursting forth continually carrying with it such life, such energy that all perceptions of being affected by life outside of oneself becomes impossible, and the whole field of the world is reclaimed as that which expresses the heart of Love.

But you cannot do it, beloved ones, through the mind, no matter how much time you spend visualizing or imagining. It has to come through the heart. Resonance for vibration is the word, is creativity, is that endless power of Love being expressed as the symbols which you get to play in, in great waves of cosmic creativity, until the world becomes just one area of expression of one area of agreement in consciousness of the heart that sings this song of Earth and sings it beautifully.

Let Me remind you again that you cannot do this by placing your attention, your divine creativity on the world outside of yourself and believing in it, for what you believe, you give life to. What you see and acknowledge as being real, you deliver this energy of Creation right to it that it might continue and that it might expand.

This is why it is so important to use these words, these words of power, of grace, of the intercession of God that stop the dream of the world in its tracks and literally say to you, you can only create from Love. Therefore, what your eyes rest upon…not only do you no longer believe, you don’t affirm. You don’t give this divine energy of your heart and attention to a world of duality, to the expression of limitation or fear.

For the moment that you say these three words, “I love you,” you stop the train of dualistic perception, the experiences of life and the belief in time, and re-establish the upward connection to the divine, bringing your heart on line in the Now Moment and uniting the truth of who you are with that which you had perceived as being outside of yourself. You bring it into your heart of Love and make the world whole again through the divine law of resonance—from the truth of God moving outward to create the expression in symbols of the one heart of God I Am.

Because these are times that are encouraging this change, that are born of the awareness of humanity that something is shifting, it is impossible for you to escape noticing what is happening. Beloved ones, I don’t want you to. I want you, instead, to see it all, to love it all and to say these words. Before the mind can cast any form of judgment, any evaluation at all, say the words, “I love you.”

So perhaps someone turns on the news and you see images of upheaval and hear commentaries that are fearful. Before you allow the mind to begin accessing, right there, say the words that dissolve the duality. Drop into your heart and say “I love you,” and hold firm in our agreement made before you came to be this instrument – that you would stand in this time and be the bridge in the fiery furnace of your heart, reclaiming the truth of Love as the only power of God and your true identity.

So though we are not separate, I say these words to you, “I love you,” that you might feel our communion, that the magic and mystery of Creation is that we can be one thing and have this relationship, and just so with the world, beloved ones. You can be the same Love with everything that exists in the world and you can delight in the glory of diversity, the amazing creativity of the heart of God I Am which is, of course, you.

When you return to life, oh, the joy of being fully alive and totally immersed in the gifts of the creativity of the heart of God in all of its magnificence, expressing as individuated rays and creating a world of Love. Let your every breath return you to awareness and let your heart be the place from which you enter. Using these three words of power as the doorway, enter the fiery furnace and be willing to gloriously be the fire of life.


cj 3rd November 2011 8:38 am

pow! right to the Heart. I have been reading this book entitled Real Love and this is what Spirit/God has been leading me to lately, LOVE! LOVE and more LOVE. thank you for your dedication and Love in listening and sharing. i love you too...

victor 3rd November 2011 1:45 pm

Praise be to God.
The time has come for everyone to embrace these teachings of the Heart
I recalled the time when Osho Bhagwan shree Rajneesh of Oregon USA was teaching his students this sacred method.
Somehow the news media, Royal Family, and citizens of Oregon, got hold of what this Little Man was telling his students, boy, even HELL was too good a place to send this man and his followers. The radio men had a field day with this one.The army was on standby.. Rockets and newly invented Smart guns were aimed at this commune...What was this pervert teaching our kids?.... Now even the Television Doctors are advocating this idea, although they are far away from incorporating the mystical missing pieces.
I remember sitting watching a mural of Omar Kassam with one of his concubines lying on a rug and wondered what he was teaching/telling this woman.

Blessings to you Yael and Dough

victor 3rd November 2011 3:04 pm

Oh, I made a blunder at spelling the name of OMAR KHAYYAM - not Omar Kassam. Sorry for not taking the time to put my thoughts together.



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