The Secret of “The Secret”

Rise up, beloved ones, into the Light! Let your whole being be this expansiveness, and open your heart to the glory of Love that is truly and forever unlimited. Become the breath of the living cosmos, until you feel the truth of all you are, until the joy I Am speaks to the essence of who you are in the one moment that is eternal.

When freedom becomes your name and we are singing life together, you can recognize who you really are. You can feel the power, the truth and the beauty. When your heart becomes the wings of Love's freedom and your life, the Light of the living hologram - only then can you wrap those wings around the world and love as you truly are, as the heart of Oneness.

Until this is your truth in the eternal Now, you do not know what it is to be co-creator. Nor do you understand the God I Am that is within you. This is why I keep calling you to lift up, lift up, to open your heart, to spread the wings of your Spirit - that you might truly experience your unlimited nature as the heart of God, so that the ego cannot convince you that it is God. It cannot commandeer the ship of your Spirit, and convince you that creating within the world in the dream of life on Earth can ever fulfill you or show you who you truly are.

That is the secret, beloved ones, within "The Secret." It is the question: who are you? what do you really want? For you might say that as co-creator, you want the "good life" and all the things that you deserve as an abundant life on Earth. Yet I would say to you, what is true freedom? And will you find it through getting more? or will you find it by being the heart of service, of giving, through which the abundance I Am flows?

Beloved ones, the ego mind can usurp your dreams -- the true dreams of remembering your freedom as this eternal Love. So I come to whisper deep within you in that place where we meet to tell you I will show you our co-creation as it dances through the universe, creating with atoms of Light. It shines in every dimension at once, and it comes as the wings of Love to love your human identity on Earth and through Love, to free you from the dream of limitation.

So I must ask you: would you rather create the things of the world or would you rather create in the endless realms of God? Would you rather experience the joy that the ego gives when it sees something that it wants? But let me tell you, in the next moment it will want something else.

Or shall I show you joy that is truly without end? Joy that ripples through the whole of this Creation and finds its glory, its full expression as you. As you love truly as the heart of God I Am, and you stand in the world as the power of this endless Light, then every old pattern, every identity held in the subconscious mind, every area where you limit your freedom, where you believe in Love and something else - your Real Love will free you from all that.

The question comes from Me. What do you really want? And what is this God that lives within you? Let Me bring you into the highest realms of Love and Light so that you can recognize Real joy and true freedom. This is the Real secret -- that there is a need to break free of the limited and limiting world in order to experience the truth of your infinite heart, before you say that you understand the Me in you and the power of our co-creation.

Only Real Love that is boundary-less, that is the substance of all Creation can wrap its wings around the dream of your life on Earth, reach into your heart and dissolve the veil of every old heart's belief in limited Love and darkness. And then, this Love can make its home in you. This Light can light the world from within you and show you truly Heaven where once you saw a world of strife, pain and limitation. The Light shall light the way Home to living as the heart of the eternal hologram of Love I Am.

So, yes, you are the heart of eternal Love and we are one life ever giving forth, ever multiplying the Love of which you are made. Ever and always, you are breathing relationship and Real Love. You are the heart of glory, but to be this, I must lift you into the freedom first so you can break through the ego's veil, for only thus can you reclaim this life of grace, the endless perfection as I continually feed you as you step forth as the heart of Creation.

Let the question softly sink into your heart. What do you really want? For as you answer this, the secret - the true secret - is revealed to you. The ego mind can usurp even the identity of God and limit your experiences of joy to experiences available in the world, where I, as the living glory of the Creator - when I come and truly live within you, the joy that you experience is unlimited, the Love, the substance of Creation itself, and you recognize your place as the heart of God I Am, giving Love that brings true freedom from every dream of separation.

From within the dream of life on Earth that we call duality, you cannot heal the dream of limited life. You cannot reach within your heart and transform the old identity and limiting heart's beliefs. Though you might bring yourself expanding clarity, as our dearest, the one named Einstein, always said, "You cannot solve a problem on the level of the problem."

Therefore, dearest ones, let Me lift you into the Real of Love, the truth of God, the truth of God I Am as I express within you - as Love unlimited, as true Light, that when these come together, they power the whole of Creation. Then, bring this Love, this Light back into the world. Let it wash through and light up your whole being, that you might drop the shield and be the living presence of God. Not once in a while. Not when you can reach, finally, those good feelings, but every single moment. Be alive in a world of Love that reaches forth to bless all it touches and to transform the dream of a limiting Love in every heart, until every heart is the Real truth of God I Am, the living Christ, the heart of God fully functional as the world, not living in it.

It is a huge shift from seeing God within you ensconced in the identity of a human nature -- to being the glory of the unlimited heart of God I Am and the power and Light as the movement of life itself is given as the Twin Flame heart of Creation that is you. Words can never hold this truth, beloved one, for words are part of the limited life of the ego dream. But your heart is ready for this experience. The Light already is penetrating every atom, singing as every electron, pulsing forth to ask you the question. Who are you? really? and what do you really want?

When the answer comes from deep within you and says "I AM the limitless life and Light and Love of God, and I Am giving. I Am serving Love in every precious heart, every life, everywhere..." and the winds of the living Spirit make their home in you, you know yourself as a being who is an open and endless conduit for the Spirit of truth. When Love speaks its name as it moves through you to touch every life and make it unlimited, then you know you have your answer. Not in words, but as freedom. And Real joy.

Oh, beloved ones, I call you to a greater leap. I call you to be the open heart of the living cosmos. Not God appearing as human. Rather, the Twin Flame heart of Creation loving every life perfectly and bringing the freedom of its limitless nature.

Our beloved Jeshua and his divine counterpart, the Magdalene, could stand in shimmering bodies of Light before each person and simply by the power of Love and Light moving through them, each person experienced his/her true nature as the heart of the limitless God I Am.

The bonds of an identity that sees itself as less than the open heart and consciousness of the moving cosmos would simply fall away. Each person would step free. For lack of better wording, it was named "healing," but, oh, beloved, it was freedom. It was far greater than the healing of bodies or any healing within the ego dream -- the encasement of life after life of perceiving a world that contained Love and judgment.

The moment precious ones felt that heart, they remembered their true name was freedom and they leaped into an endless realm of ecstasy of the pure Light, blessing life and feeding it, perfectly, limitlessly, abundantly, as I, beloved ones, feed you. We dance through the glory of being one shared life and also having the gift of this sweet communion of perfect relationship. For All That I Am is contained within you, just as I Am fully present in every molecule of life in the world. This blessing is like the seed your choice is meant to water. The Light shall break it free and grow it.

So, rise up. Let Me lift you into these endless realms of pure Light, of true God power and endless and perfect Love, that you might be All That I Am in the world, lighting up that perception of darkness and dissolving it simply by this presence alive within you. Be the heart of God I Am reaching forth as perfect Love, delivered in just the right way to everyone, that each heart might spread its wings and remember the truth. The All of Love is the God that lives within them and I Am freedom.


Comments 4th June 2009 8:12 am

This is absolutely GORGEOUS :thumbs: . Thank you so much!

BlueAngel 4th June 2009 11:19 am

A secret no more...many thanks for channeling such radiance and clarity through your diamond hearts!

Janette 6th June 2009 1:21 am

Thank you again,for another very beautiful message.


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